Taylor LaPorte

and she was

Breaking the insta format and posting a selfie w this badass bbq. She a rad babe, bub.
best season.
Lovelies in Peru πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ͺ
Moved to NS 4 months ago, finally got to the beach πŸ–
Apparently it’s World Lion Day 🦁 throwback to the Serengeti
cheers 🍻 to toes bloodied by adventure .
@graceonabike was here: 🚲
throwback to the dreamiest place on earth.
Throwback to the beautiful 10 days this spring where every afternoon began and ended with aperol spritzes 🍊 🍊
Miss these people and this place every goddamned day ❀️
moved to a new place full of ocean and boats | photo of the same ocean, different boats, different continent, different sea.
🏠 ❀️
Happy Earth Day 🌏 ft. my fav photo from my time in Tanzania
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