Taylor Miller

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Come see this hot duo every Wednesday at 9:30
Lunch Break
Case of the Mondays
🎃 I can’t resist a tacky accessory 🎃
He legit never asks me to take a picture. Dylan loves the Joshua Trees!!
Be glad you can’t smell us through these pictures
I like my margs like I like my boyfriends...flaming
Just a casual half marathon
Portrait of a girl seeking validation
We faught over the crown
@tenerrime ’s first dab. Happy Birthday lady
Pretending I don’t have Manny Machado abandonment issues
Save water. Shower with a friend.
Starting next Wednesday y’all
“We’re comedians Taylor; we don’t do well in conventional social situations” @nikita.chaudhry
First time hosting Rosh Hashana dinner was a big success. Shana Tova! 🍯🍎
The Real Housewives of Burton Way
Dating in LA
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