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Pretending I don’t have Manny Machado abandonment issues
Save water. Shower with a friend.
Starting next Wednesday y’all
“We’re comedians Taylor; we don’t do well in conventional social situations” @nikita.chaudhry
First time hosting Rosh Hashana dinner was a big success. Shana Tova! 🍯🍎
The Real Housewives of Burton Way
Dating in LA
Tequila in one hand + Mic in the other = 🙂
Beignet, done that
Celebrating the Louisiana Purchase 🍤🍻🍾🥖
Hit me up for comp tickets!! So excited to perform with such talented comedians this week
Just like the locals
Kicking off the visit!
Had the best time volunteering at Camp Summer Eagle! Go Sea Turtles🐢
Some light reading before I Smash the Patriarchy . . “Just the Funny Parts” by Nell Scovell
Friday night y’all! Link in bio #FenityFriday
When you find out your friend has portrait mode
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