Love T So So Much; FAN ACCOUNT

Adam Tay liked #1 !!!! 💕 It’s Delicate Dublin n 2 She wants to meet all of us, so just sit down keep calm and wait for the best day of ur life

Guys I think it’s safe to say now, that she’s doing better than she ever was #ts7 #taylorswift
Very really getting some speak Now vibes omg, but this time maybe with more happy and love songs #taylorswift #ts7 (Stole this from: @tswiftnz )
Guys, y’all not ready for this Time Gala performance, I literally can’t wait omg #taylorswift #ts7
Well, I can’t name a better album than 1989 #taylorswift
Let’s not forget one of the best looks she’s ever served it was the forerunner of a new era and we didn’t even realize that back then #taylorswift #ts7
I’m honestly really tired of these mysterious posts or idk what to call them but at the same time I can’t be be mad at her and stop waiting for 4.26 like a maniac #taylorswift #ts7
Honestly I love how smart and mysterious Taylor is but these cryptic posts trigger the hell out of me omg so I guess we just have to wait and rage #taylorswift #ts7
Guys fckn MTV tweeted this, wth is happening omg #taylorswift #ts7
Honestly omg, maybe we will get another self-written masterpiece, omg I honestly can’t wait #taylorswift #ts7
I’m really trying no to be biased, but I can’t see the half of the music industry, I can only see THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, and some celebs who needed some clout, basically that’s all what I see #taylorswift
Kind of a glow up, don’t you think ? #taylorswift
She’s now I have to say bigger and more powerful than anyone in the industry and I the fact that I can call this person my idol, my role-model, my icon is the dearest feeling ever #taylorswift #ts7
This’s the prettiest and the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen #taylorswift
A drunk Taylor ballad omg I’d die I need this to happen #taylorswift
Beychella who? #taylorswift
Tbh I’m not going to school on the 26th I need time to stream, y’all should do the same #taylorswift
I think she’s finally clean, lol #taylorswift
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