Love T So So Much, Adam

Album 2 track 2 Dublin n 2 She wants to meet all of us, so just sit down keep calm and wait for the best day of ur life

Honestly I’m kinda scared of the Cats film, I really hope it will be cool, fun and a quality thing, but I just feel like... u know, she’s not an actor and I don’t want her the fail or stuff like that #taylorswift
I can do that, I mean I need a drink first pksoansp omg I love her so much #taylorswift #reputation #delicate
Ugh her mind #taylorswift
The Getaway Car visuals were prob my faves from the tour #taylorswift #reputationstadiumtour #reputation
I feel like I only live for her dance moves awww #taylorswift
The fact that Matty sang fallingforyou to Taylor is so cool and cute, also don’t talk abt their kinda interesting affair, and go stream Rep and ABIIOR #taylorswift #reputation
I’m actually hate school so much, I’m just waiting for the Winter break but ugh I have to survive more than a week #taylorswift
Ufghgbf I just miss the tour so frrrrkn much #taylorswift #reputationstadiumtour #reputation
I just wanna hug her so bad ufff it actually hurts #taylorswift #reputation (Cr.: carlylala tumblr)
Taylor’s birthday is in 4 days, ahhh I don’t want her to grow up #taylorswift #reputation
I don’t wanna rant, but f I feel like I have to. The NYTimes says that it was a huge mistake to snub Taylor and the chief of this whole Grammy stuff is just saying that they’re totally relatable, in what world do you live @recordingacademy ? #taylorswift #reputation
Ik we all are just so pissed off of this Grammy’s trash, but guys just calm down and watch this beautiful vid and cry together #taylorswift
Omg she’s so stunning #taylorswift
I expected that I listened to Taylor’s music for many time this year, but 712 hrs wth it’s more than a month I’m such a maniac but I love it #taylorswift #delicate #reputation
I’m not crying you are #taylorswift #delicate
Omg I’m in tears tho, wow she’s such a liberal queen #taylorswift
She’s just precious awwwwe what a cutie #taylorswift
Guys, Fearless and 1989 won the AOTY at the Grammy’s, when they were the best albums on the billboard year-end chart and Rep is the best album on the chart this year, so maybe it will win AOTY at Grammy’s ahh I can’t wait #taylorswift #reputation #grammys
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