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Ready for the 🆑 @jamesrodriguez10
I believe in you and I know, that you one again will prove on Wednesday, that you should be in the Starting-11 and not on the bench.
James is expected to start against Benfica on Wednesday.
You are and will always be my number 1 and the best for me! No matter what happens. You will always have my full support ❤️
Best Midfield duo? 😏
I believe that James will get his chances now, he need to get his chances. It’s not fair at all, sure he was injured and he had fitness problems, but you saw yesterday, that he played good and he hadn’t any problems. I don’t want him to leave the club, because he’s unhappy.. I don’t want him to leave at all, but if Koavc keeps letting him on the bench, he will and that would be a huge mistake for the club. Keep your head up, idol! You will get your chances, I believe in it and i hope that you will! I will always be behind you, no matter what happens in the next months! 🙏🏻
Stay strong, Coco! You will come back stronger, I believe in it! Now I hope that James gets more opportunities, because it could be the last season for Bayern if he’s not getting his chances.
I‘m so proud of you, because you played 3 good Matches, even with the fact that you only came from the bench. I hope that Kovac now saw that you are at 100%. I know that he only was careful with you, because we have more than 5 Matches in the next 2-3 weeks, but every time you got subbed on, you’ve proven that you’re one of the best on the field! I couldn’t be more proud of you, than I am and i will always be proud of you! Best idol i could have ever imagined ❤️
Yeeees, im so proud of you 🙏🏻 James scored the deciding Goal and nearly scored a second! That’s how how show everyone how important you are 🔥
James will start from the bench again.
Bayern is playing against Leverkusen tomorrow. James has a good history against them, as he scored the best goal for Bayern against them 😏
Getting ready for tomorrow 🔴⚪️
Kovac about James: „James had fitness problems after the World cup. He is catching up with the rest now. I told him I was happy that he stayed here. He wants to play and he will certainly play in the next games, we will see if this starts tomorrow" -⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Now the Media’s need to search for other rumors, but you won’t achieve anything with rumors about James leaving Bayern, after the loan or something like this. He will get the Game time he deserves and Kovac has full faith in him.
Rock, paper scissors ✂️ #jamendowski
There are currently rumors, that Bayern is considering a deal, where James could go back to Real Madrid, because he fears lack of playing Time. In that deal Bayern would pull the buy option and then sell him back to Real Madrid. ⠀ ⠀⠀ - ⠀ ⠀⠀ We all know that it’s not gonna happen, because James will get the playing time he deserves. Some media’s are using the last two Matches where he was on the bench for those rumors, which is disrespectful in my opinion. James had a injury and Kovac is just very careful with him, because he is a important player for us.. it makes no sense to not let him play, because he was one of the best last season.
Happy Birthday, Thomas! Enjoy your day 🔥
Finally Bundesliga weekend is back 🙏🏻
According to Media reports: Despite Zidane‘s interest in James when he replaces Mourinho at Manchester United, James is not interested in moving to Manchester United. @jamesrodriguez10
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