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The #ThaiTest is done and dusted and now we’re on the first part of the trip back to Europe. Apparently “Nok” means “Bird” in Thai, but we think the plane looks more like a duck!
Franco Morbidelli: 1'30.648 "I'm really happy with this test, which we finished well today. We've worked hard trying to understand better how to get the best from the bike and tyres and finally we found a good direction, we improved and I managed to post a decent lap time to end the test. We went forward, which is the most important thing, because this is my main objective; to always move forward. I have to say thank you to my crew, because they have helped me a lot and we are working well together. Now we need to continue in the same way in Qatar, increasing even more our understanding of the bike, the tyres and the set up."
Tom Lüthi: 1'31.354 "We saw progression on each of the three days here in Thailand and I think that's the most important thing. It was quite tough at the start today because our progress seemed to stall; we were looking for better lap times but they didn't come. We decided to make a step back with the bike, trying to get a feel for some changes to the set up and this was quite interesting. Towards the end of the day I started to get a better feeling with the front and this helped me a lot, allowing me to go a little bit faster and close the gap a little more to the guys at the front. Now we need to continue in the same way in Qatar if we're to be ready for the first race of the season."
@tomluethi12 gets in some practice starts during the second day of the #MotoGP #ThaiTest #TeamEG00
@tomluethi12 : 1'32.716 "Not too bad overall today, but I still have so much to learn. When I jumped on the bike this morning it was still all new to me, despite this being my second test. The track is new, the bike still feels new, so I really needed to do as many laps as possible today. Lap by lap the feeling was coming better but I still have to remind myself to be patient as I learn the bike, as this is something you can't do overnight but have to do step by step. Sometimes it's difficult to be so patient, but this is definitely the right way to work with the MotoGP bike."
@frankymorbido : 1'31.729 "Our first day here in Buriram went well. We are still trying to adapt, making changes on the bike to suit better this circuit and, already, we are seeing some improvements. I am just 0.9s off the top, which isn't too much and it's the closest we've been to the frontrunners so far, which is also good. Now we have to keep improving and working to better understand that bike. I like the track here in Thailand; not so many corners but quite tricky to master. The only downside today was a low speed crash at turn seven when I was heading out for the practice starts. I'm not sure exactly what caused the crash, but we will check the data tonight to see if that reveals anything."
Not that we’re expecting crashes, but we’re well prepared if it happens #ThaiTest #TeamEG00 📷 by @mattlloyd23
And we thought it would be impossible for Stefan Prein (winner of the 1990 Yugoslavian 125GP) to improve upon his Sepang hat!
In, out, in, out, shake it all about… @frankymorbido heads out again on the opening day of the #Thaitest #MotoGP #TeamEG00
Due to a logistical oversight we have arrived in Thailand with no coffee. Fortunately we have been able to arrange a barter deal with our good friends at @pramacracing. Thanks chaps 👍🏻
Mechanics Achim Kariger (GER), Naoki Komoto (JPN) and Daniele Grelli (ITA) prepare the bike for @tomluethi12 (SUI) and the next run at the #ThaiTest . We're a multinational team! #TeamEG00
It’s a little bit warm out there! @frankymorbido heads out at the #ThaiTest while the mechanics retire to the pit box to stand in front of the fans! #TeamEG00
Boom! @alexmarquez73 tops the time sheet at the #Moto2 test in Jerez with a 1’40.926 #TeamEG00
Big improvement for @mir36official at the Jerez #Moto2 test, which he finished P12 with a 1’42.209 (+1.283) #TeamEG00
Combined standings after 2 days of the #Moto2 test at @circuito_de_jerez. P14 @mir36official - 1’42.491 (+0.853) #TeamEG00
Combined standings after 2 days of the #Moto2 test at @circuito_de_jerez P2 @alexmarquez73 - 1’41.848 (+0.210) #TeamEG00
P2 for @alexmarquez73 on the opening day of the @circuito_de_jerez #Moto2 test - 1’42.496 (+0.166) #TeamEG00
P15 for @mir36official on the opening day of the @circuito_de_jerez #Moto2 test - 1’43.317 (+0.987) #TeamEG00
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