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Facebook is under fire by human right activists after the platform was used to auction a 16 year old south-sudanese girl for marriage. Reports reveal that the platform was notified about the auction two weeks before it was carried, yet the post was only deleted after the childbride had been sold off. The winning bid in the auction was for 500 cows, three cars and $10,000, and the girl was married off at a ceremony on Nov. 3 in the country’s Eastern Lakes State, according to Plan International, a humanitarian organisation focused on children's rights. Calls have been made by the technology universe for platforms to prioritise research and innovation preventing the violation of human rights and other atrocious acts that can be perpetrated through digital media. How do you think Facebook can prevent the platform being used as a modern day slave market?
In a bid to help users make proper use of their time and battle digital addiction, time management/monitoring features are becoming widely adopted by apps. We recently reported Instagram's addition of the feature that let's users see their time usage of the app. It's the turn of its parent company, Facebook, as "Time-Spent" feature is announced. The feature does not only help you monitor how much time you spend using the app, but also allows you to set a limit to it. Once you reach the specified time limit, you're sent a reminder that you've reached your selected limit. Do you think this feature will play a role in curbing addiction?
Accounts using third-party services to improve engagements are about to feel the heat as Instagram's policy change means fake activity will actively be hunted and removed. Instagram says it has built machine learning-powered moderation tools that will help identify which accounts use these services and automatically remove the likes, follows, and comments. Accounts identified to be in violation of the new policy will be notified when fake likes, follows, and comments are removed. These accounts will also be prompted to change their passwords to block access by third-party applications/services What do you think this means for influencers and businesses on instagram?
An effective way to improve your results and potential is by forming strategic partnerships. Make the most of your relationships and be intentional about building new ones
Today's Tech term is IPv4. Each computer or device connected to the Internet must have a unique IP address in order to communicate with other systems on the Internet. Because the number of systems connected to the Internet is quickly approaching the number of available IP addresses, IPv4 addresses are predicted to run out soon. To solve this problem, a new 128-bit IP system, called IPv6, has been developed and is in the process of replacing the current IPv4 system. During this transitional process from IPv4 to IPv6, systems connected to the Internet may be assigned both an IPv4 and IPv6 address. Credit: Tech Terms.
See this five storey building being transported by water in China... Do you see technology like this implemented in Nigeria soon? . . . . Via @walkwithengineers
What marvel superhero are you most grateful to Stan Lee for creating?
Have you listened to our latest 'disqussion'? In the latest episode Techcity Disqus, we talk about Google immortalizing Dr. Stella Adadevoh with a doodle. Dr. Adadevoh is the physician who limited the spread of Ebola at the cost of her own life. There's some insight into our exclusive chat with Samsung Electronic Africa's CEO/President, Sung Yoon, on the company's future plans. We also discuss celebrity fashion stylist, Jane Michael Ekanem's criticism of the picture quality of a certain smartphone brand, emphasising the role quality camera shots play in brand reputation. Other topics include: Will and Jada Smith's publishing content on Facebook and YouTube, blogger Sisi Yemmie's viral picture shot on a #SamsungS9 Visit our YouTube page for the full gist. Click the link on our bio!
There are fewer things worth celebrating than charity and today is the day set aside for celebrating charitable deeds done by individuals and organisations all over the world. One of the organisations that has been a major torchbearer for charity is @microsoft , contributing immensely to making lives better through a variety of projects Microsoft has invested over $32 million to bettering the life of over 8 million youths and the company states that it is committed to empowering 15 million youths and creating economic opportunities for 200,000 by 2020. Microsoft has also partnerd with the UNHCR in the past, providing aid to victims alienated by violence, conflict or presecution. The company, in partnership with African Development Bank has launched the "Coding For Employment" Initiative to create 25 million jobs in Africa and equip over 50 million youth with digital skills relevant to the current job opportunities. A big shout also goes out to every individual and every organisation contributing towards making the lives of others better, yall are the real MVPs.
Late investors to cryptocurrency are having a hard time recouping their investments, not to mention making returns as the value of cryptocurrency has been on a decline this year. Bitcoin's market cap dropped to less $100 billion in the past 24 hours for the first time in over a year. It appears that an immediate resurgence, as on the past occurrence, will not be replicated as the value of cryptocurrency seems to be on a constant decline. Swipe left to show the latest market valuation of the top cryptocurrencies
It's really difficult to track how much time you spend on social media and that is why Instagram's new feature is so handy. Instagram has rolled out a new feature that allows you track how much time you spend using the social platform. To use the feature, once you've updated the app click the hamburger icon on the upper right corner of your profile page then select "Your Activity" on the menu. Instagram's parent company, Facebook, will soon break out a similar feature labelled; "your time on Facebook". What do you think about this new feature?
It's been two years of impacting lives positively. Happy 2nd anniversary @farmcrowdyng We look forward to you making greater strides and we're here to document the journey as always! #farmcrowdyat2 #agrotech #TechCityNG
In 2018, RED announced the ongoing development of an holographic phone to be released in 2019. The product was expected to revolutionize mobile technology. The phone has received a negative reaction since it's market debut on November 2nd at around $1300, with users complaining about its "holographic" display. Most users and reviewers have labelled the display as blurry with the holographic effect very barely noticeable, complaining that the display is 'hard to look at". Almost everyone agrees that while RED deserves some credit for trying something new, the Hydrogen One Is a letdown based on all the hype and expectation that preceeded it's release.
According to Rob Shuter, the CEO at MTN Group, the organisation will acquire an independent banking license in Nigeria by 2019. Speaking at a conference in SA, the CEO of the group stated that the bank should be launched in the second quarter of 2019 with the application being prepared to be submitted in December The banking license will be exclusively for a Payment Service Bank (PSB), a result of a CBN initiative to drive financial inclusion in the country. It is yet to be seen if other telecommunication companies will follow suit? Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section!
Stan Lee, the comic book legend and creator of iconic superheroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Hulk, and the Fantastic Four, has died at the age of 95 on Monday, November 12 2018. While Stan Lee was easily the world’s most famous comic book writer and editor, he might not be as rich as you’d imagine. Much is unknown about his finances, but Stan Lee’s net worth is often estimated at $50 million to $80 million. But Stan Lee himself said he made many unwise business decisions over the years that resulted in him leaving plenty of money on the table. Source: Time We can't decide what we will miss more about Stan Lee. His characters or cameos. Which is your favorite Marvel character? #TechCity #StanLee
Stan Lee, comic book legend and creator of iconic superheroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Hulk, and the Fantastic Four, has died at the age of 95. #TechCity #StanLee
What do you know, robots have history 😀
Last week we reported the Walkout protest organised by Google employees in reaction to the company's policies concerning sexual misconduct. Now the company has responded by agreeing to some of the changes proposed by the protest organisers. In an email sent to employees Thursday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google was making changes to the way that it handled sexual misconduct complaints. The company has agreed to put an end to forced arbitration, and employees are now permitted to directly sue other staff within the organisation on grounds of sexual harassment. The other demands of the walkouts also included: A commitment to end pay and opportunity inequity; A publicly disclosed sexual harassment transparency report; A clear, uniform, globally inclusive process for reporting sexual misconduct; A Promotion for the Chief Diversity Officer to answer directly to the CEO.
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