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Kyle doesn’t officially work at our Workington branch, but this season he had our most important job: the coveted switching on of the Christmas music! It’s been a great pleasure to have him and his mum Wendy coming in for the last 20 years.
Pop! Christmas truly is the fizziest time of the year. Here’s a mixer of both classic and slightly more out-there ideas (Guinness and champagne anyone?) that prove a little bit of bubbly can go a long way! Float on over to our Insta story. However you do bubbly this Christmas #EveryonesWelcome at Tesco.
A shower, a good sleep and the perfect Christmas dinner. @tofftalks @adamthomas21 @msmelaniesykes and #LarryLamb debate what celebs can look forward to after #imaceleb However you do Christmas #EveryonesWelcome at Tesco. 18+. For the facts see drinkaware.co.uk
So who’s going to make the gravy this Christmas? With porcini, cider and even a cracking #Vegan recipe, you’ll be overflowing with ideas! Check out our Insta story for the full scoop! However you do gravy #EveryonesWelcome at Tesco.
Planning on taking this Christmas reeeeal easy? Enjoy a full Christmas dinner for two with all the trimmings, dessert and bubbly - and none of the hassle. We'll prepare everything for delivery or pick-up, you just pop it in the oven. Take a peek at the menu and the rest of the Festive Food to Order range, search ‘Christmas dinner for two’ on tesco.com (orders close 14/12). However you do Christmas #EveryonesWelcome at Tesco.
It’s an age-old Christmas debate. Are sprouts the ultimate side... or should they be left waaaay to the side? However you do Christmas #EveryonesWelcome at Tesco.
With veggie sausage and butternut squash traybake you’re practically cooking from the couch. As easy as sliding rosemary, garlic, chunky veg and our #MeatFree sausages into the oven and putting your feet up… well, almost. Search ‘veggie sausage’ on Tesco Real Food for this recipe and more, link in bio.
Are Yorkshire puddings Christmas-appropriate? Our #imaceleb guests want to know. It’s a big yes from @ToffTalks but @adamthomas21 @MsMelanieSykes and #LarryLamb might need some convincing... However you do Christmas #EveryonesWelcome at Tesco.
Sweet, sour cherries. Chewy, dark brownies. Billowing whipped cream... Hear the room suddenly go quiet? The most impressive part of this Christmassy black forest trifle is that it’s not even difficult to make. Just don’t tell anyone. Search ‘black forest trifle’ for this showstopper and more on Tesco Real Food, link in bio. However you do dessert this Christmas #EveryonesWelcome at Tesco.
Which tipple is the most traditional? #LarryLamb , @ToffTalks @adamthomas21 and @MsMelanieSykes try to get to the bottom of it at our #imaceleb Christmas dinner. However you do Christmas #EveryonesWelcome at Tesco. 18+. For the facts see drinkware.co.uk
Ready or not, party season is here. So we’ve put together a one-two punch so you can start entertaining, no matter who’s on the guestlist. Search ‘festive drinks’ for this and more on Tesco Real Food, link in bio. However you do cocktails this Christmas #EveryonesWelcome at Tesco
Traditionalist or chocoholic - the Christmas pudding has split our #imaceleb dinner in two. But between @ToffTalks @adamthomas21 @MsMelanieSykes and #LarryLamb , who falls into which camp? However you do Christmas #EveryonesWelcome at Tesco.
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