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Pocatello Community Charter School students find a winter wonderland at Taggart Lake last week.
Twenty-two teachers from Laramie, Rock Springs, and Casper, Wyoming at the Kelly Campus over the weekend for a workshop on Place-Based Education. The participants deepened their learning about place-based education and collaborated on ways extend place-based education to connect with the Wyoming Science Standards. . The program was co-hosted by the TSS Teacher Learning Center and a team from the University of Wyoming. . . PC: Clare Gunshenan (@claresguns )
A cow and calf moose mosey through the Jackson Campus two weeks ago, during Salt Lake Arts Academy’s visit to TSS. The landscape’s a bit whiter now, but we’re still seeing moose out foraging, especially at the Kelly Campus. . . VC: Emily Batdorf
Last week, Teton Valley Community School 2nd and 3rd graders hiked to Phelps Lake during their visit to the Jackson Campus. In a bit of cross-program collaboration, TVCS faculty and Jackson Campus field educators worked together to provide a 3-day experience on the Wyoming side of the Tetons. . . PC: Julie Thomsen
Pocatello Community Charter students aren't letting a little snow slow them down this week! Groups are finding time to work snow angels and snowman construction into their field days. . . PC: Holly Gordon and Maddie Taylor
Snow in the Valley this weekend has us dreaming about #winterYellowstone snow coach trips. Snow coaches start running in December, check out the link in our bio for more info. . . PC: @orijinmedia
As we move firmly into the shoulder season between fall and winter, slope aspect plays a crucial role in determining what terrain holds its snow and what doesn’t. Take a look at the Jackson Campus earlier this week. The aspect difference between the two sides of Coyote Canyon is minor (one slope is slightly south-facing, one is slightly north-facing), but the difference in snow retention is profound and noticible. . . PC: Reid Bauer
Snow, melt, repeat...November is upon us. . . PC: Dylan Kinesteker
Happy Halloween from @journeysschool ! . . PC: Kevin Krasnow
The Teton Park Road closes for the season on Thursday. We won’t be seeing any more String and Jenny Lake pictures until May, so enjoy this view (taken last week) while you can! . . PC: Reid Bauer
One team of TSS graduate students spent last week doing outreach education in central Wyoming. Here, Jimel Lopez Montoya works with a class of students at Aspen Early Learning Center in Riverton. The team also taught students at Wyoming Indian Elementary School in Ethete. PC: Ben Rossetter
Salt Lake Arts Academy students left campus today after experiencing a week of exploration in the Tetons. The mountains showed off just about every type of October weather possible in the last four days: sun, clouds, warm, cold, rain, and everything in between. PC: Emily Batdorf
Salt Lake Arts Academy students seek symmetry on the Doug Walker Challenge Course. . . PC: Kelsey Eibler
To be clear: this is NOT the scene in the Tetons today. This sweet video of a marching moose was recorded on an earlier Wildlife Expeditions tour. Watch it again and notice how the moose doesn’t drag its legs through the snow; it lifts them straight up, then plants them straight down, which provides less drag and conserves energy. . . VC: Sarah Ernst
A fall sunrise on the commute to the Kelly Campus. . . PC: Leslie Cook
A McGillis (@themcgillisschool ) student soaks in the solitude at Jenny Lake this week. Only a week and a half left before the Teton Park Road closes for the season! . . PC: Scott Whisler and Maddie Taylor
A bull elk and harem, photographed in Mammoth. Harems (groups of female elk associated with one or two males) like this only form during the rut. After the rut, female elk congregate in larger herds while bulls often form bachelor groups. #PhenologyFriday . . PC: Dylan Klinesteker
Eighth graders from TVCS and Journeys School enjoy a snowy afternoon on Teton Pass last week. . . PC: @orijinmedia
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