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Not posting much these days. Here's an update!
This is tank! Ultimate big car!
So I was talking to this person on a game chat. And we started talking about @therock . So I told her I had a selfie with him. So this is what I sent her! Lol this made my day!
Getting up their with some great techniques from @taylorshadgett
When you're doing some abs!
Doing low numbers on squats! Going up slowly!
Never say you can't! David Copperfield made the statue of liberty disappear. So everything is possible someway or the other!
Jeep squad! @mj_jeepgirl
I finally started growing again. Surprisingly doing a different technique this time and eating close to 5000 calories a day. I started powerlifting with @taylorshadgett last Monday and already seeing some changes. After 10 years of bodybuilding I decided to make a change and be stronger. Time to lift heavy!
A little side chest! I'm trying to lose my abs now. Eating over 5000 calories a day (well I'm trying)
I am well equipped for a zombie apocalypse!
A quick elevator selfie!
Love is a fantastic feeling!
Focusing on every lift. Keeping the contraction real!
Everyday is a new day. Every moment is a new moment. Go out there and get it done!
The after effects of taking supplements that are recommended at @bulldognutrition are phenomenal. You get lean,gain muscle mass and your body stays healthy.
Success comes with hard work. Go past your goals. Set stakes higher. And succeed
Be different!
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