Jesse Lapointe

💪fitness 💊@bulldogaurora 🏋️‍♂️lifting heavy 🌍traveling! 💓@Rachjonk 😻😻

Near super Saiyin mode
Been doing some powerlifting and still trying to stay big and lean!
My two babies!
This is my little dog spyke!
Doing some work! Gotta get stuff ready! Jeep will be in garage for a couple of days!
Got these from @4wheelpartsofficial in burlington for an awesome price and delivered to my doorstep! Amazing people and customer service! It was an hour away from me and the pieces were to big to put in my jeep so they found a way to get it to me. Now that's good service! Now I have to get those piece on and my roof off. Than I'm going to @musclemouseautospa for some good detailing!
Best thing to do is the stay onto your goals. Giving up just pushes you back
After bei g sick almost all winter, I'm getting back on track!
Some good lateral action!
No parking downtown Toronto yesterday... well for a normal vehicle. Jeep parking are made of snow. Even if there was a few parkings left I would park on a snow bank to leave other parkings to other people. In a parking theres often a handicap parking, normal parking and jeep parking. Picture says it all
Some throwback today at my photoshoot with @luisrafaelphotography
Thoughts on these doors for the summer. Looking into buying them!
Drinking some healthy juice
Unleash the demon!
Lost my balance on this deadlift. Big boom!
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