Michael Crash Kash

Do it....... don't talk about doing it.

All new seals on the door. That's a wrap..
Almost there
Party liej a roick start
Gotta thank my brother in law and awesome son for getting this done. After years the fridge is back where it belongs. Tomorrow will get the back of the house done and hopefully the porch and both sheds back in place.
And the reason for tear down
Ready for tomorrow
I was not expecting to find that under the porch.
Found the original porch. Shame this was all caused by the porch extension and water running towards the house.
Time for demo work to prepare for this weekend
Happy shop dog
After multiple runs and quite a few hours of runtime zero heat issues and still looks like new.
I am going to trump it and make it great again 😂😂😂🤣😁🤣🤣
Now that's how you end a week.
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