Michael Crash Kash

Do it....... don't talk about doing it.

I am walking the fine line tonight. I dunno what will happen.. Might be off the hook... I just ate and got into the hot tub. Living life like a stuntman. 😃
Think ya got a big yard.. 1/3 of my clippings lol.
I ain't fuckin old yet.
He's back and I think he wants to mow my lawn. Goofy fella.
Goofy cats
So this was my get soaked Saturday project. Redid all the electrical at the gate adding camera placements along with more plug locations. Kicker was this was not only tricky but being dead scared of heights I am pretty sure I was white as a ghost a number of times lol.
The weird guy is back.. He's looking for eggnog.
So the only single issue I have with my new security camera setup are the plugins for the cameras. I went and modified them and now peeeerrrrrrfect
Time to get the camera system setup...
Just another awsome day in the office at.
Winner winner chicken dinner
The 6.4.... The battle is real.. lol.
New sign...
Much improvement... Even got all the chargers mounted....
Why hello there..
Time to redo this area....
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