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Working towards becoming the best version of myself - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually because the better I take care of myself, the more I can help others. The more love I feel towards myself, the more love I can give others. Took me a long time to realize that it's all connected... Your body, mind, soul, emotions. I feel so motivated, and to be honest, I've never felt better.
There's something so special about sunrises and sunsets. They make you feel so grateful, so inspired, so at peace. They make you realize how tiny you and your problems are... How temporary life is, how important it is to live in the moment, and how much beauty there is in both new beginnings and painful endings. Take the moment to not only see it, but FEEL it and appreciate it. 💙
When you're craving a BLT but you're also trying to eat healthy... @jimmyjohns FTW! 🙌🏼 Lettuce sandwich! #Unwich #JimmyJohns
I was in such a funky mood today, everyone and everything was pissing me off. I wanted to deal with things my old way - by drinking or smoking, by eating something I shouldn't have and then feel guilty, by having negative thoughts in my head and making myself the victim I could make it temporarily ok but not really deal with the situation. I wanted to feel comfort but being comfortable doesn't solve my problems. Instead I made the decision to go to the gym and really really push it and I'm so glad I did. My mind is clear, my emotions are better, my body is sore and tired but feels accomplished and proud. See, life doesn't improve suddenly... It's the little choices you make daily that improve your life. It's choosing to deal with your shit proactively instead of self-destructively. You are in control of your mind, body, and emotions more than you think you are.
Do you realize that you could be your own best friend or your worst enemy? Ultimately that choice is entirely up to you.
Life is about balance. Mind, body, spirit, soul. Take care of you! 💙
Not gonna lie, I've been slacking on my routine lately. With my family coming back from Bulgaria, friends visiting, celebrating birthdays and holidays, dealing with stress at work, I haven't been as careful with what I eat and I am definitely feeling it. The truth is when you treat your body like crap, you will also feel like crap... It's not rocket science. So today I'm going back on the routine I've had and that has worked for me. High protein, high fiber, low calories... Had a great homemade brunch with 2 eggs, spinach, salsa, sriracha and corn tortilla (way better than flour in terms of health). So filling and so good! 😍
Beautiful day in Fort Pierce spent with some amazing humans. Surround yourself with people that are good for your soul! 💙
It's all in the attitude ❤
Crazy to think how much you can change not only physically but emotionally and mentally. Working towards becoming the best version of myself. 💙
Sometimes you feel like you're on top of the world and at other times you have zero motivation...but you know what helps??? Seeing progress! Realizing that you're not who you want to be yet but you're definitely not the person you used to be. Being aware that little things make the big difference. Noticing that mentally you're stronger and emotionally you're happier. Knowing that spiritually you're aligned with the universe and physically you've never felt better. Lifting weights has been the most rewarding challenge I've ever had it has truly changed me as a person...So much progress in the past 5 months and I can't wait to see where I'll be in the next year. 💪🏼
Meal prepping for the week is done. 😜 Shrimp with garlic, beef-less ground beef from @traderjoes (when you add taco seasoning it tastes just like ground beef), sweet peppers and broccoli sprinkles with chili and lime seasoning, portabello mushrooms with garlic, and paprika zucchini + squash. Not pictured are quinoa and brown rice. 💪🏼
Holy crap, @wholefoods for the win... Poke salad (no rice) & lettuce wrapped sushi. Soooo good and low on calories! 😝
My legs are like jello right now and I almost threw up 😂 #stairmaster
I've always been the kind of person that feeds of other people's energy (for good or for bad). If I'm near positive, happy, open minded people - I am high on life and even bad situations can't make me frown. However, if I am near negative people who are always complaining and find a problem with every solution, it sucks the life out of me and I shut down. It took me a looooong time to realize I'm not a bad person for not wanting to allow certain people close to me... I hate drama and negativity so when I see that someone is trying to bring that in my life, I stay away. We are in control of who and what we want in our life. We are in control of our emotions and mentality. We know what triggers us and we know what brings us peace. Energy really is contagious, so make sure you are aware of what and who you bring into your world because it truly affects your well-being and state of mind more than you think. 💙
Work hard and be yourself. 👌🏼
Cauliflower gnocchi 😍😋
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