➳ one #travelcouple 's adventure around the planet ♡ ⚐ now: manchester ✈ next: it’s a secret ☆ make sure to follow the adventure↑

• sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful too☀️ As we approach the end of 2018 we have to say this year kicked 2017’s ass! We hope you guys all had a fantastic year too... What has been your highlight of 2018?! #sunsetlover #ilovesunsets #sunsetsunday #majorca
•bright lights, big city 💡 did you know around 340,000 people pass through #timessquare every single day! Isn’t that crazy? Tell us guys have you ever been one of those 340,000 people? And if so, when? ✌🏼 #newyorkexplored #timessquarenyc #ilovenyc
• what’s up beaches 🌴 it’s super chilly in europe now so we’re just dreaming about island time in Fiji! Who would you want to be stranded here with?! Tag them below 👇🏽
• a mind stretched by new experiences can never go back to it’s old dimensions 💭 One of the reasons we love to travel is to see, experience and learn new things. I don’t think we could ever get bored of learning about new places and cultures. What about you? What is your motive for travel?! 🌍
• happy sun-dae! 🍦 We hope you’ve all had an awesome weekend! Tell us if you where an ice cream what flavour would you be?! 😋
• a basic b*tch would write something about ‘swinging into the weekend’ but im not basic so... happy friday everyone😂 What are your plans for this weekend?! We’ll be daydreaming about beaches like this in one Thailand ✌🏼
• actually the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures 💫 thank you for always being wild enough to explore this planet with me even when everyone else think’s we’re mad, all the best people are 💕 who is your travel mad partner?!
• concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do ⚡️ Happy sunday guys - what are your goals for this week?! we’re going to try and meal prep so we don’t eat 💩 every night like we did last week!
•wanderlust & city dust ✨ NY was definitely up there with one of our favourite cities but we also love Sydney & Kuala Lumpur! Which has been your favourite city so far?🏙
• life was never meant to be lived in one place 🌏 Halloween & Bonfire night are over so now we are ready to admit it is winter! That’s not always a bad thing because there are some ah-ma-zing cold weather destinations just waiting to be explored! Next up we have Prague & Dublin but we would love to visit somewhere snowy! Do you have any winter trips planned? ☃️
• blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures 💫 our greatest adventure to date was probably going to NZ and then SE Asia together for over a year after we had only known each other a few months! tell us, what has been your greatest adventure so far?!
• did you know every day 43 children are diagnosed with cancer? Heartbreaking 💔Did also you know that 50% of all profits from the @loveyourmelon hat I'm wearing here will be donated to Children's Cancer charities? Amazing💫 A winter hat is something we all need at this time of year so why not make sure your's is also making a difference for good? #loveyourmelon has donated over $4.5m and 134k hats to date but with your help they can do even more! Use the link in our bio and on our stories for free shipping! & Make sure to tag us in all of your pictures with your hat on too!
• places that remind you just how tiny you are 💫 The lake district national park is so vast and beautiful - do you have a favourite national park?! 🍃
• have you ever been to Morocco?! We haven’t! But this photo got us thinking about how you can portray any truth you want through social media. Always remember that not everything is at seems online ✌🏼 P.s. we had the most fun ever at Epcot! 🌏
• hold my hand & i will go anywhere with you 🌏 tag the person who’s hand you want to hold below👇🏽
• hands up if you're sad that summer is over for another year 🙋🏼🙋🏼‍♂️ Fear not adventurers there are still some great weekend city breaks (if like us you've used all of your holiday allowance) to be had... to celebrate the launch of their new journey card @tandem_money asked us to name one of our favourite summer extending breaks and this is where we picked - Milano! We loved exploring this city and taking in the atmosphere whilst enjoying an espresso - and by espresso we mean spritz😜 We're so happy we still have Prague and Dublin to look forward to but what trips do you guys have planned for the rest of the year?! 🌏 #tandem_money #wheretonext #journeymakers #summersnotover #ad
• It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live 💭 We’re not big Harry Potter fans but our friend who is thinks Ash would be in Gryffindor and Hannah would be in Slytherin 😂 Not sure that makes us very well suited!? Which #HarryPotter house would you be in?!
• twenty years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the things you did 🌏 What mantras do you guys live by?!
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