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• we like to do adventures our own way.. by that we mean we’re not really into guided tours or recommended spots we’re more hire a scooter and see where we end up kinda people🛵 Thats how we ended up coming across this waterfall in Koh Samui! We had it all to ourselves which was awesome🍃 and i’d say this day ended up being one of our favourite memories from the first time we went to Thailand🇹🇭 What kind of traveller are you? Do you like to go and do your own thing or do you prefer group tours?!🌏 TRAVEL TIP: you can rent scooters from near enough anywhere in Thailand if you’re planning on visiting and you know how to drive one we highly recommend it! Tours (especially if booked before you get there) tend to be a much more expensive way of exploring!
• hands up if you love a lazy river 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️ we LOVE a lazy river😂 in fact we love a water park in general. If theres one around wherever we are on our trip WE ARE THERE💦 it might not be the most cultural or the most enlightening day out but you cannot deny it is heaps of fun! Do you guys like waterparks?! If so, which one was your fave?💧
• a real image of Hannah running into the long weekend🏃🏼‍♀️ It’s a 4 day weekend here in the UK for Easter🐰 and the sun is shining for a change so we’re very excited! Have you got a long weekend where you are?! If so how are you spending it?!☀️
• for a long time on this instagram journey we avoided ever showing our faces😊 We where too shy and embarrassed, afraid people who would judge our page! In January this year we started posting our faces and since then we’ve got to a place where we couldn’t give a 💩 about it😂 How can we not post 8 years of pictures of us just because of what others might think? & besides everyones just looking at the EPIC New York skyline between us in this one anyway right?😂🏙 Tell us if you’ve ever felt this way and if you’ve managed to overcome it yet or not?! Social Media is a strange world!
• Cathedral of the Assumption, Gozo⛪️ Although we’re not religious there’s something about big beautiful churches, like this one in Malta, that we’re always drawn to! We’ve visited some of the iconics like La Sagrada Familia, Westminster Abbey, St Pauls Cathedral & St Marks Basilica to name just a few ✝️ Like the rest of the world we sat and watched in horror yesterday as the Notre-Dame in Paris was up in flames, a truly heart breaking sight💔 we’ve never been to the Notre-Dame but would love to and hopefully in the future we still can.. Have you ever been to the Notre-Dame? If not, what are some of the beautiful churches you have been to?!❤️
• the ‘Hell Hole of the Pacific’ - Russell, NZ🇳🇿 It doesn’t look like much of a ‘hell hole’ looking at this picture with the calm blue water and little boats floating on top of it but until 1840 Russell was a trading port and the capital of Aotearoa. It was lawless and rife with prostitution earning the title ‘hell hole of the pacific’😱 These days it’s an adorable little town in the Bay of Islands with a population of only 800 people and well well worth a visit if you’re in the area! Have you ever visited Russell or the Bay of Islands?!🌊
• when the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie, that’s amore❤️ Who’s the person you want to share a Pizza in Pisa with?! Tag them if they’re on IG🍕
• beautiful boracay island🏝 Of all the countries we have visited on our travels we both agree the Philippines is the one that has left the biggest lasting impression on us💞 Not because of this amazing blue water or it’s white sandy beaches (although they’re definitely a bonus) but because of the PEOPLE! The people of the Philippines are some of the loveliest people we have ever met and really made us realise that it’s the people that make the place👫 So if you where thinking of visiting the Philippines here’s whats on offer; - Amazing beaches✔️ - Amazing People✔️ - Amazing diving✔️ - All the Karaoke you could ever want✔️ Whats not to love?!❤️ & if you’ve already visited the Philippines you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about with that last one😂🎶
• we didn’t even know seeing the tulips in Amsterdam was on our bucket list until we saw them and thought “OMG how was this not on our bucket list”🌷 Pictures will never do Keukenhof justice it is THAT beautiful & there’s no one I’d rather explore it with than you💞 Has a place ever blown you away like this before?!💐 P.s. swipe right if you want to see a picture of Ash in a giant clog😂
• on top of the world at mt. manganui🇳🇿 Or at the bottom depending on how you look at the map?! We took a day trip from Auckland to Mt Manganui and it was well worth it a beautiful beach, awesome coffee shops and if you’re feeling energetic an epic look out from the top⛰ Have you ever visited NZ? If so, where?!🥝
• sunday bluesssss💙 how do these sunday afternoons keep coming around so quick?! If anyone could let us know that would be great👍🏼 This week Hannah is off to Berlin with friends... what are you up to this week?!
• who else could just sit and watch the waves for hours?!🌊 ⠀⠀ We definitely could theres something about the ocean that hypnotises us! ⠀⠀ This weekend we are having a quiet one before Hannah heads off to Berlin on Thursday and Ash off to Prague the weekend after✈️ ⠀⠀ What are you doing this weekend? & when is your next trip?🌏
• a dream is a wish your heart makes...💞 Fun Fact: the night we met we watched sleeping beauty😴 Since then we’ve visited both Hong Kong disney and Florida Disney together🎢 If you could be any disney character who would you be?! 💫
• it might look like he’s a pro skier but really he has absolutely no idea what he is doing😂 We’ve only ever been skiing for one day whilst we where in NZ we didn’t want to wast a second of it so we decided to just dive straight in and have a go instead of getting an instructor... HOW STUPID ARE WE?! 🙈 Skiing is seriously hard! Ash fell over the second we got off the drag lift and didn’t know how to get back up and Hannah smashed into at least 5 wooden fences because she didn’t know how to stop😂⛷ We decided we are much better (and more experienced) at Apres Ski🍷 but we would love to give it another go! Are you a skier?! If so, wheres the best place you’ve been skiing?!❄️
• Italy was our big trip of 2017🇮🇹 We visited Milan, Florence, Naples, Sorrento & Rome. In 2018 we went East Coast USA New York, Orlando, Miami✌🏼Both where awesome trips... This year our big trip is Montenegro, Dubrovnik & Brac - what are your big trip plans for 2019? ✈️
• ocean blues 💙 Malta really pleasantly surprised us with how turquoise and blue the waters surrounding the island where! Which was perfect because we where there diving🐠 We saw heaps of awesome fish and a couple of shipwrecks too! Which places have you been where the water has been this amazing turquoise colour?!🏝
• World Famous in New Zealand - Lemon & Paeroa🍋 For those of you that don’t know L&P is a deeelicious lemon flavoured soft drink that sadly can only be found in NZ☹️ I say sadly because Hannah absolutely loved it and is so sad we can’t get it here in the UK! Don’t you hate it when that happens? What food or drink items have you loved from your trips that you can’t get at home? 💔 Between @lemonandpaeroa @salspizza_ and @fergburger_queenstown we’re thinking we need to go back to NZ ASAP🇳🇿
• feeling tropical🏝 Fiji is somewhere we only scratched the surface of so we’d love to go back and see more☀️ although we normally try not to go to places more than once there are 330 islands that make up Fiji and we have only explored 3! What about you? Do you go back to the same places or are you a one visit kinda person?🌏
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