1968 Camaro RS/SS

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For me it’s the Bullitt bc it was a real model and trim level you could buy in 1968. I respect the Elanor but it’s a full one off custom car they made for the movie. What say you? Or if there’s a better car what would it be? Maybe a 69 ZL1? 69 Yenko SYC? Cuda? Super bird? Super bird would be cool as shit with the wing.
Another repost of my profile picture. Still one of my favorite pics on my page
Who would want prints of some of my pictures? Comment if you would. Thinking of making some high end prints and selling them for a couple bucks. Nothing too expensive.
Wow! 🤦‍♂️ your thoughts? Tag the owner
68 Camaro parking only
LOL!!! Tag a friend!
Here’s the cool thing about the 68. When you roll the back windows down. It makes all the difference. Give them a like and follow if you love cool cars
Edit: What’s your pick? I don’t want to hear “where’s the Bullitt or Eleanor?” Then just say none of these, I’d choose the Elanor. Anyways Name the movie and the car. For me it’s the DeLoreon, Back to the Future
What’s a good name for my car? It’s red and white. I know it looks orange in this lighting but it’s not. Red and white
Snuck in a ride the other night. I like driving in the afternoon or at night when there’s no sun (less sun damage to the paint), the air is cooler (engine breathes better), and less traffic.
Need to go for a ride soon! How often do you guys take your classics or hot rods out?
Congrats to Darth Vader on his 69 Camaro build. #starwars #makethedeathstargreatagain
Identical 68 Camaro but with different wheels than mine. What do we think?
Got her washed up and polished the chrome. How often do you guys wash your classic car and what products do you use?
Another day in Paradise
Garage goals minus the car up top. How much does a lift like this cost?
What’s on his mind?! Caption this meme
Thank you @camaro_rs_ss for the post! Now that the weather is clearing it i should be able to take the 68 out more!
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