AcresHome made❤️ Aspiring Actress & Model🎬🇨🇴🏆📷 that motivational love feel✊🏾❤️👸🏽

Why play tag when I been it baby 🎯
A lil sum with my date🌹💕✨
U know we get together to show out #prom2018 #bestfriendgoals
Positivity is everything without it your stuck right where u started 🌖
Wit a pinch of spice🌶
A lil sum✨
Good ole times😅☺️🍀
Messing round forgot to lock sis out the car
Ppl that stick round wit u when u at yo low point usually be round for a long time . Most ppl cant handle that cuz They ain’t been in those circumstances .💯❤️🤦🏽‍♀️
My late night remedy and early morning smiles 🤫
Who’s that👸🏽🌸✨
Every queen has to make their own crown 👸🏽✨🌹
Caramel n chocolate ya favorite mix💋 #Melanin #melaninpoppin #melaninshoot
have an eye for art💛
Earlier to day in 🎭
Anotha one🤫
“No time fa the shenanigans”
Never heard this on the album but I’m feelin it
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