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Part 3/9 - I think the thing I love the most about Fall is the colours that come with it. Fun fact is that orange used to be my LEAST favourite colour in the world! . . Growing up In Revelstoke (as I've touched up a few times on now) Fall was just Fall. It happened every year, around the same time, and would last for X amount of weeks. It was predictable. Still beautiful but predictable. I think that's what makes Alberta a little more unique. Sometimes (like this year) we don't even get Fall! Summer directly into Winter! If we do get a Fall it only lasts so long! It can sometimes come and go in a weekend! . . I think that's what has made me appreciate the season more. You have to live in the moment because after that moment is over, you won't get another chance for a long time! It's like life, part of my #FallRevival series is to really try and live in the moment more. Often times my best memories and adventures had the least amount of planning for they were in the moment. . . Cody . . #towerlake #travelalberta #explorealberta #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 2/9 - like I said, I am going to move this #FallRevival series along as it's not really relatable anymore. This post is one I HAVE to share with you though... . . Have any of you been out to Burstall Pass? Well I have... three times! Successfully completed it once though and this is that time! . . This hike was the Third hike I had ever attempted in Alberta back in the day. Well needless to say we underestimated winter, and the knowledge of route finding. We set out on the right path but ended up climbing the wrong mountain! Ever since that fateful day I had this mountain burning in the back of my mind to do. Like you know that feeling when you start something but didn't complete it? Well that feeling is gone now! Couldn't have picked a better time of year to do it! . . Side note - the first pic almost didn't make the cut because I fell in mud and it looks like a giant bird took a dookie on me... as part of my revival I decided to post it because who cares what it looks like.. it's me out in the mountains covered in mud. Clearly it was worth it! . . Cody . . #larchvalley #travelalberta #explorealberta #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 1/9 - I feel like I'm a little late to the party. We are in the middle of December and I'm going to be starting a new series called the #FallRevival series! Basically I know I missed fall but I still wanted to showcase some of my favourite fall hikes in Alberta! I didn't feel right jumping into a Winter series so soon! . . Why not start it off with a bang and feature the infamous Larch Valley? I swear everyone I know has done this hike. I love when October hits because my feed literally turns orange with how many photos I see of this hike! For good reason though, it's crazy beautiful! . . I promise to not drag this series out as I've done the last few weeks. I've been enjoying my little social media breaks and using the time off to reflect on stuff. With 2019 around the corner, reflection is key for my new years revival. . . . Cody . . #larchvalley #travelalberta #explorealberta #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 9/9 - Goodbye Wyoming. Until next time as I guarantee you there will be a next time! . . This #WildInWyoming series was super fun to share with you all. I got to share the highs and lows that came with it. All your love and positivity didn't go unnoticed. . . Honestly, if there is anything I can say after doing this trip... if you have a goal or dream that seems impossible- get out of your head and make each day count towards it no matter how big or how little you do. . . Cody was incredible to explore, but the drive home through Yellowstone was unreal. The animals, geysers, land scapes... such an amazing experience. This whole series was packed into 3 days. 3 AWESOME days that I will cherish forever. Thank you @coyhair for taking the time to do this with me and pushing me to take the chance! . . I don't know what I'm doing for my next series yet, but I'm hoping to start it on Monday.. I promise you it will be Alberta themed though! . . Cody . . #codyincody #travelwyoming #explorewyoming #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 8/9 - When we first started planning this trip I had three goals... one was to obviously do the hike, but the other two were to see wild buffalo and a rattle snake! Dreams DO come true haha. . . Yellowstone is filled with all sorts of wildlife. I can't even begin to tell you how many creatures we came across! We saw TWO species of snake, deer, bears, herds of buffalo and even a Moose! Such an unreal experience. I was so close to the buffalo (in the car of course) that I could have spanked it... . . I remember turning to @coyhair after seeing the buffalo and being like "I'm okay to go home now, life is complete" haha. What a perfect addition to share with you in the #WildInWyoming series! Only one more post left! . . . Cody . . #codyincody #travelwyoming #explorewyoming #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 7/9 - I love that you guys are into this random #WildInWyoming series! It's been so fun to share a few more personal details into my life. Adventure and exploration has always been a huge part of my life, dreams and goals so to be able to have experiences like these really make life worth it for me. . . This post ties up my short visit in Cody Wyoming before heading deeper into Yellowstone National Park. After our hike, it was only fitting to go back to where this whole journey began. We were able to catch the sunset out at Dead Indian Summit! For those of you who have been following this series since the first post you know that we arrived in some pretty crappy weather where we were unable to get any views of the canyon below... well returning to this spot we were both amazed at what we go to see this time around! Consider this my LAST filler post of this series! The next two posts coming are my Absolute favourite posts this series has to offer! . . Cody . . #codyincody #travelwyoming #explorewyoming #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 6/9 - I hope you guys are enjoying this really random series I put together. I know it's VERY different from what I normally post and I promise I'll start posting about Alberta again soon! Not much left of the #WildInWyoming series though! . . Last post I shared with you how I failed reaching the mystery waterfall I set out to capture. I took it quite hard. Honestly I know to most of you it's not a big deal and I sound like I am being a baby with a bad attitude haha. Life can't always be accomplishments, sometimes it has to be set backs with lessons. . . After a little pity party, I knew I wouldn't feel complete unless I saw some sort of waterfall. On the way back from our end point we added a little more distance to our day and hiked into Bridal Veil Falls! . . I kid you not guys, this was the longest day of my life. Started at sunrise and left at sunset... 100% worth it though. See for yourself! Had I not seen this waterfall I don't know if I would have ever felt like we accomplished something that day. . . Cody . . #codyincody #travelwyoming #explorewyoming #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 5/9 - I failed (sort of). For those of you that have been following along with my #WildInWyoming series you know that I set out on a mission to document an undocumented area. Not only was that a difficult task on its own with things like planning and route finding but there were even more difficult factors involved. . . Last post I showed you how the hike began starting at the Morrison Jeep Trail. I showed you as far as 10 pictures would let me, to the end of the known trail. Every photo in this post today are shots you can't find anywhere online or in books. This is one of those things that unless you were there you would never see it, until now. . . Our goal with this was to head into the Canyon. Canyons are fun and all, but the real end game was to photograph a specific waterfall. An unnamed mystery waterfall that no matter what satellite imagery you look at, only shows up half the time. This waterfall is located at a three way cross-over between Sunlight Creek, Clarks Fork and Dead Indian Creek. It had the potential to be VERY dangerous as there was no knowing what to expect or if we could even do it. . . Well it turns out we could make it to about 500 meters away from it. I never got to even see if the waterfall was there or not! We made this journey at the time we knew the river would be at its lowest and that still wasn't good enough. Nothing like setting yourself up, and then having to admit defeat... had I had one more day in the area, I would have been able to problem solve. . . Next post I will explain a little more about how we took our failures and made them accomplishements. This post took me a long time before I was ready to post it. Nothing like admitting you failed to almost 10,000 people. . . Cody . . #codyincody #travelwyoming #explorewyoming #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 4/9 - So it begins! This hike was sooo awesome that I had to split it up into three posts! So part one of the hike portion of the #WildInWyoming series is of the more known portion. . . A lot of you followed along in my Instagram stories when I was uploading live feeds from this day. I first explained that I was going to be heading into an undocumented area. This is something I've ALWAYS wanted to do. Be the FIRST person to document an area in the world. Why did it have to be Wyoming? Good question- there is a little known legend stating there might be hidden treasure there. Before you guys get excited... no we didn't find any HIDDEN treasure but we found a few other things haha. . . After some EXTENSIVE route planning on how we were going to get into the canyon I finally decided on a starting point that I felt would be the easiest. We would have to come in from behind which added distance but took away the wall scaling aspect. This was about 40 mins away from the place I had originally wanted to drop down from. Scoping It out the day before really made me put some more thought into it. We began at the Morrison Jeep Trail which is known worldwide! Check it out on YouTube if you ever get the chance! . . From the Morrison Jeep Trail we would have to follow the trail for about 13km before we made it to the end of the path. The end is where this journey really took a turn and I'm saving that for tomorrow's post... . . This area is stupid beautiful. I couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear. My childlike dreams of being a modern explorer were coming true! Move over Indiana Jones! . . . Cody . . #codyincody #travelwyoming #explorewyoming #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 3/9 - finishing off my last filler post before we get to the hike reveal! This post of the #WildInWyoming series is of a completely unplanned tourist destination we hit after our trip out to Sunlight Bridge. . . I know it seems planned but visiting Cody was never on my list to do! The fact that I share the same name of the town made me want to see what else the town had to offer! It's pretty funny checking into a hotel when you say your name is Cody and the town is Cody... anyway you get the point! We did a little research at the visitor info center to see what we could do but being that it wasn't tourist season anymore, most of the attractions were closing up for the year! We managed to catch this attraction right before it closed and I am sooo glad we did! . . Old Town Trail was literally like walking into a movie set except everything is genuine and not replicas! It was definetly one of our highlights for sure! I love random adventures! I mean, if it isn't obvious already haha. . . Picking ten photos was nearly impossible but I think I picked the right ones for you to truly get a feel for What we did! . . Cody . . #codyincody #travelwyoming #explorewyoming #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 2/9 - for those of you that are just jumping into this series now, I want to do a little explaining on how this will play out. This is the FIRST time I am building a series where it doesn't jump around in timeline. Every post is a continuation of the post prior adding more and more onto this adventurous weekend that took place Sept 29- Oct 1st this year! This series is called the #WildInWyoming series! It's super sentimental and real. I'm not holding anything back. Last post opened up this series... this post takes place 20 minutes more into the day. . . Post number two features Dead Indian Creek, Sunlight Bridge and Sunlight Canyon from a view. When I started planning this epic adventure I knew we were going into an undocumented area. How do you plan a route into something that doesn't exist online or in books? I had to find something that I could use as a point of reference. Sunlight Bridge was my reference. Google Earth doesn't go down far enough where you can actually see into the canyon, so route planning was VERY difficult. I would use Google Earth and start at Sunlight Bridge and work my way into the canyon following Dead Indian Creek beginning at the nearby campground. . . Little did I know at the time we wouldn't be entering the canyon from this angle but instead from a location 40 minutes away from the other side! . . This post is dedicated to everyone who thinks they don't have time or is scared to take a chance... 9 days prior to this adventurous weekend I was using google earth pinpoint to stand on the bridge and get a feel for this area... 9 days later I am standing in the exact same spot in person. . . Cody . . #codyincody #travelwyoming #explorewyoming #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 1/9 - On September 29th, @coyhair and I embarked on an adventure like we had never done before. I have gotten very comfortable over the last couple years exploring Alberta and only recently started going out of province as you saw with my Revelstoke series. . . This series is not only out of province it's out of country as well. The trip from beginning to end was planned in 9 days. As I shared recently in one of my Canmore posts, I feel very overwhelmed in my life. I feel overwhelmed by my job, my side businesses, my social groups, family and just outright struggle with how to be myself and not who people want me to be. I've always been a people pleaser. I hate using that word but it's true. I don't really know how to say no. I end up taking on waaay to much because I feel like it's helping people but the effect it has on me is brutal. I'm tired, cranky, overworked, over stressed and rarely get any time to just chill and do things I want to do... . . That was until I finally cracked nine days before this adventure started. I saw a slight opening in my jam packed schedule and I took it. We did everything we could from rearranging schedules, delaying projects, canceling meetings... whatever it took because our sanity depended on it. . . This series is extremely special to me. I debated even sharing it with you guys because sharing it means I need to explain why I did this and what was the purpose behind it. That means I would have to be real and not sugar coat anything. After taking a week to think about it and plan how it would look, I decided I was up for the challenge. This series took three days to put together, it's nine posts long and is made up of 71 photos! I call it the #WildInWyoming series! It's going to be quite the story from beginning to end so you are going to want to follow along haha. . . Cody . . #codyincody #travelwyoming #explorewyoming #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 6/6 - Okay you guys had to have seen this one coming haha... the FINAL post of the #ExploringExshaw series is none other than the Heart Mountain scramble! . . This week we talked about the abandoned cold war bunker, the popular trail along the creek and now it's time to feature the mountain itself  bringing this series to a close... (for now) . . I'm just going to throw this out there, I HATE this mountain. I've done it twice now and hated it both times. I feel like it's a fair amount of effort for very little reward haha. I like the hands on aspect near the top but the overall grind of it is just annoying and it seems never ending. I mean, you could rip up it relatively quickly but it feels like it takes a while haha. . . I know the commenters and DM'ers are going to have a lot of mixed opinions on this mountain. Overall I think anyone who wants to give scrambling a go, start here and see if you like it afterward. I would never say DON'T do a hike but... . . I had so much fun throwing this small 6 post series together last minute! It's such a neat area and so convenient for those that live in Calgary like myself! Next series is something VERY different from what I normally post and I'm hoping you guys like it! . . . Cody . . #heartmountain #travelalberta #explorealberta #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 5/6 - In order for me to get this #ExploringExshaw series done by the end of the week that meant I had to do three posts in two days! Bonus! 2 posts today! . . So just to bring up Grotto Canyon again for the 10,000,000th time... I thought it was the best canyon I had explored in this area until Jura Creek came into the picture! This one is much shorter distance wise and although the canyon wall aspect isn't as long and grand, I think this adventure beats Grotto by a long shot. It's a little less known but it's still super popular! . . Have any of you guys been out to Jura Canyon before? . . . Cody . . #juracreek #travelalberta #explorealberta #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 4/6 - I'm back to strictly talking about nature unless something else arises that I feel the need to point out haha. . . 3 days ago I posted about Heart Bunker. A lot of people were confused why they hadn't come across it while doing Heart Creek Trail. I don't blame you! Unfortunately Instagram didn't have a location tag for the bunker so I just tagged it as the creek which is kind of misleading. They both start off at the same parking lot but they both lead different ways. . . Today's post of the #ExploringExshaw series is of Heart Creek Trail itself which is a super popular meander leading into the canyon. Heart Bunker goes the opposite way from the parking lot. It's not an official trail but it's pretty packed down enough where once you are on it you won't get lost haha. Both trails are very short and won't take you very long to do! You could do them both in an afternoon! Just shows you how versatile this area can be! . . . Cody . . #heartcreektrail #travelalberta #explorealberta #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 3/6 - I want to clarify on my last post. I had a few people message me wondering why they weren't approached by me to receive a gift because they have been long time supporters of my page too. People, if I had the finances and resources I would give each and every one of you gifts because I appreciate you all but it's just not feasible for me. It doesn't mean I don't notice you though! . . Originally these gifts were going to be giveaways while I was posting my ConqueringCanmore series but due to scheduling and just overall being busy I didn't have time to sit down and plan a proper giveaway. I already had these items though... only 9 to be exact! So instead of sitting on them I went through my comments, likes and DMs throughout the series to pick who I could give them to instead. There are sooooo many of you who have made an impact on me that I don't think this is the last time I'm going to do this sort of random act of kindness. I think I might make it a monthly thing. It doesn't hurt to add a little positivity and generosity in the world nowadays haha. I guess you can officially call me the Hiking Santa Clause now haha. Except I'm going to be visiting some people's DMs once a month instead of once a year lol. . . Anyways- if you are upset I didn't reach out to you this month, you might be picked for next month! I have a long list of accounts that I think deserve something nice! . . Now back to what this series is all about... #ExploringExshaw was made to feature hikes in Exshaw... Today's post Doorjamb is probably one of my least favourite hikes in the area. First time I did it, I couldn't summit due to weather, second time I took a swing at it, I almost had to fight a heard of goats just to get off of it hahaha. I don't think I will be going back. I don't think this mountain likes me... . . . Cody . . #doorjamb #travelalberta #explorealberta #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 2/6 -  This past weekend I tried something different. I find this app has the ability to give so much positivity but every once in a while someone has to be a bugger and spread negativity. I never understood how my posts could ever trigger someone to leave a negative comment or DM but every once in a while they do! I mean come on guys, I post nature photos... it's not like I'm posting political rants or religious beliefs... I barely even post photos that showcase my face as I try to focus most of my shots on the actual hike and not draw attention to myself haha. . . This past weekend I decided I was going to put myself out there and reach out to a few accounts who have been long time supporters of my page or accounts that seem to always leave positive comments that brighten my day when I see them! It didn't matter if we talk a lot or not at all. I wanted to show some of these accounts that I notice them and it means a lot to me to have positive people like them support my page! . . Accounts like these are the reason I continue to post on this app! For these accounts I decided to send them individual gifts to showcase my appreciation, no questions asked, no requirements. I won't even tell you who they are because they know and that's all that matters to me. . . I want this post of the #ExploringExshaw series to be targeted towards all of you to let you know kindness and positivity can really make a difference in someone's day! If you have hateful comments , please send them elsewhere or unfollow me. I don't need any of that in my life hahaha. . . Anyways- here's a fun little trek from this summer! Have any of you been out to the abandoned bunker just off of Heart Creek Trail? . . Cody . . #heartbunker #travelalberta #explorealberta #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
Part 1/6 -  I had so much fun sharing with you some of my favourite Canmore Adventures this past month. I was really looking forward to sharing my Wyoming series with you but something kind of nipped me in the butt and I decided to start a different series instead! I don't think you will mind though haha . . Last month I did three individual posts about Grotto Canyon which I will admit is a little overkill but I wanted to do it anyway. Someone DM'd me trying to put me in my place saying that Grotto Canyon isn't a part of Canmore as it is closer to Exshaw... At first I was taken by surprise as it is advertised as a Canmore hike but then I was surprised to find out that the distance from exshaw to the hike and canmore to the hike is equal distance so we were both right! . . It made me think that maybe Exshaw deserved it's own series as a few of my favourite hikes are actually in that area haha. So starting today we are going to do a short 6 post series called #ExploringExshaw ! . . Starting it off is the infamous Yamnuska! A hike that (At the time) pushed me to my limits! . . Cody . . #yamnuska #travelalberta #explorealberta #thecluelessguide #naturephotography #naturephoto #instagood #instagram #hiking #hikingadventures #likeforlikes #outdooradventures #hikinglife #travel #travelgram #yyc #calgaryliving #abparks #travelphotography #travelandlife
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