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me brain: dontdoitdontdoitdontdoit me: *throws peace sign*
When your kindle dies 💀
My creative director told me to post this
When the WiFi password is 12345678
Before and after hearing the phrase “moons haunted”
Too cute to spook! 👻 basic af caption, but my handlers told me “every day is Halloween when you’re completely dead inside and your costume is a barely functioning member of the fringe of society” was a bit heavy for the gram
As I post yet another photo of the back of my head it got me thinking: I could so easily be in my parents basement rn posting pics of random blonde chicks with geotags throughout Asia. I wonder how many travel bloggers just get on upwork & pay random freelancers to take anonymous pics for them to use. Also, I finally almost have hips after 3 years of concentrated effort 🤪
Montane mansion, otherwise known as the monster building. This iconic HK building was constructed in the 60s for public housing and movies such as Ghost in the Shell and Transformers were filmed here (though rumored the locals weren’t too happy about it and would push out air conditioning units onto the crew). It had an eerie, dystopian feel... swipe for video
Living an LTE life on a WiFi budget
“You’d have to have been in that room. A photograph wouldn’t do it, I know. I take them in my travels, look at them later - and they’re inevitably, woefully flat, a poor substitute for the smell of a place, the feeling of being there. Videotape? It’s another language altogether. You’ve turned what was experienced in Greek into Latin, edited places and people into something else, and however beautiful or dramatic or funny, it’s also... different. Maybe only music has the power to bring a place or a person back, so close that you can smell them in the air. And I can’t play guitar.” If you had told me a month ago that four weeks would create a family out of strangers, I never would have believed it, and yet here I am, on the other side of September with 25 people that made the other side of the world feel like home. Going to miss this place and these people... and as always, 👉🏼 for reality ♥️
Thinking bout the fact that my next destination has spray tans and I won’t have to edit my tan on anymore 😋😋#MaybeShesBornWithIt #MaybeSheTurnedTheOrangeSaturationTo27
“There is a force of exultation, a celebration of luck, when a writer finds himself a witness to the early morning of a culture that is defining itself, branch by branch, leaf by leaf, in that self-defining dawn, which is why, especially at the edge of the sea, it is good to make a ritual of the sunrise.” Summiting this mountain to celebrate dawn with amazing humans was a fulfilling and life changing event ♥️ - - Reality: you know how we all have those uncomfortable truths that we hate to admit to ourselves? Maybe you can’t hold your liquor, despise pizza, secretly hate dogs - whatever it is, it isolates you from something that all of humanity seems to collectively love. Well, for me, my truth is... I hate hiking. There. I said it. I don’t feel like I’m exulting in nature. I don’t feel awe inspired or incredibly small, humbled by nature’s splendor. I don’t feel invigorated and serene, or connected to the indelible energy of our tiny blue dot or what have you. I mostly feel irritated. And hot. And thirsty. And there’s no bathrooms. It took me years to accept this about myself. I LOVE hiking! I’d say. I even hiked for 3 days in the jungle of Thailand during rainy season. Would a hike hater do that?? But alas, with age comes wisdom, and that is my truth. My psyche was in complete crisis over the prospect of this hike: we have to get up at 2am?? To??? Hike????? I canceled and recommitted a half dozen times, & bitched loudly the entire way up. It’s hard to feel much of anything, let alone divine wisdom, when your dragging yourself up the side of a volcano at 3:30am in a human traffic jam of hundreds of other tourists in the pitch black. That being said, the sunrise was green-screen level gorgeous, and I hate to admit that I actually rather enjoyed myself. Oh... and these humans are amazing. That’s just a fact. ♥️
Spent the day exploring this magical city by motorbike ✨ - - Reality: this was last week. Or maybe two weeks ago. I’ve lost pretty much all concept of time. I did do a motorbike tour, but my lymph nodes were swollen & painful so I was too flipped out to properly enjoy. Today was spent learning, chatting, chilling - a whole host of ordinary yet extraordinary moments that a picture will never capture with people I’m mad about! ♥️
👄Instagram👄: serenely contemplating the wonderful beauty of this magical world & enjoying an invigorating hike after a morning of yoga and vegan eats. - - 🤪Reality🤪: the yoga was bizarre, our instructor looked like Bradley Cooper with a rug tied around his head. We had to grip our big toes while hyperventilating. I felt like I was in a @ifcportlandia skit. The vegan food was actually super dope, this random woman overheard us trying to decide where to eat and took us to a cafe. She’s a chef from Detroit living in Maui. She left us to go listen to gongs at a pyramid. We biked to see this ridge but it was miserably hot so we made it 10m before giving up and just standing there & waiting for the tourists to pass so we could 📷 the best bit & played with the drone. The second pic is my new fave thing of lurking in the background of iconic scenery, inspired by @mcopley08 . Then I laid in the dirt trying to conserve energy as the hot jungle sun beat down on me and ants ate me. A thousand more stories than the SERENEry can portray
The moments I’ll take with me: spending the weekend alone in a random city diving in the pacific learning a little and laughing a lot with people I’ll never see again, staring at the sunset after a day of doing what I love most in the world. The first time I dove it was in a public pool and it was all at once immensely exhilarating and incredibly meditative, a melding of matter and mind that brought to me a soul deep peace and clarity that I had not and undoubtedly will never experience again. In a public pool! This dive was bittersweet. Miles of dead coral, lack of respect for sea life from dive masters and divers alike, the ocean floor turned into a tourist trap with tires and statues littered about to photograph - it was heartbreaking to see firsthand the devastation pollution and human activity are causing. I was so happy to see the sea yesterday I teared up with joy, a few hours later I did again, behind my mask as I surveyed the devastation we’ve done. We’ve condemned our earth and it’s easy to ignore but the reality is that with global warming my children and children’s children will have nothing left to see. I don’t love much but I love the ocean, and it seems there’s no stopping this crash course 😢
I’m in love, I’m alive, I belong to the stars and sky ✨
Ubud pro tip: Head out at 6am to see the waterfalls - you’ll get them all to yourself and see the sun rise ♥️ #ItIsWhatItLizBali
I didn’t know there would be themed parties in Bali - luckily I already had all of this with me 🦄 big thank you to @cake.eyewear and @thesilkpatch for these beauties - keeping my accessory game strong 🙌🏼
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