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It doesn't look like it, but I'm feeling better. I've been completely overwhelmed by all the texts, phone calls, DMs, and words of love and support I have received since the accident. Flabbergasted to be honest. I've heard from friends I haven't spoken to in months and I got so many kind words from people I didn't even think ever even thought of me. I've been practicing being more appreciative and greatful for the things I have in my life, and having such a strong and caring group of people has made me feel so blessed and humbled, truly. I still have bad days, but reminding myself how much more tragic this could have been makes me thankful to be alive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has been there for me. Your belief in me to get through this has inspired me to handle this with strength and grace. My recovery will take longer than I would like, but I will see it through. You can't keep a bad bitch down. -B❤
Sundays with boys that love you. . .#family #daddys #daddyslittlegirl #mytwodads
Broken smile, broken spirit. . .I was on my way to Mexico a week ago for a much needed getaway when we got into an accident on the 91 freeway. The traffic was stop and go for quite a while. It opened up into a clear patch and came to a halt again, we stopped behind the car in front of us and the car behind us never breaked. He hit us, we hit the car in front of us, and they hit the car in front of them. I never saw it coming and my seatbelt didn't hold me back, I had it on with my seat reclined and it never locked. Upon impact my body shifted forward slamming my face into the dashboard causing my two front teeth to break. The bottoms of my top incissors broke off in an arch shape taking along the back parts of each tooth leaving jagged edges. The top back part of my neck strained when I hit the dash with my teeth pushing my head back while my torso was in a downward position, and I have muscle strain on my right shoulder extending from my neck down to under my pit. The doctors keep telling me how lucky I am. I realize this and know how much worse this could have been, but I still feel like shit. I never had the best smile, I've never had the best anything, but I've managed to appreciate what I have and make it work for me. I feel completely self conscious now, vulnerable, and unbeffiting. I'm happy to be alive, but I'm trapped between feelings of anger, sadness, appreciation, gratefulness, and anxiety. I haven't had my vanity confront me so head on in years, and I feel disappointed in myself for regressing into feelings of insecurity when I'm trying to be this person whom is always preaching about self acceptance. I'm having difficulty navigating my emotions, I want to cry and bitch and be miserable. Everyone keeps telling me to count my blessings, which I'm doing, but I hate feeling forced to bypass the naturally occurring feelings this situation has stirred up. I went to my first dentist appointment yesterday and they assured me that they can fix my smile, but I have to be patient as it is going to be a lengthy process. My plan was to lay low until it was all resolved, but finding out how long it will take is longer than I'm willing to hide.
Happy Birthday to my greatest supporter, my confidante, my inspiration, my best friend. It warms my heart to see the woman you have become. You are every aspect of the Leo woman and I find it inspiring and intimidating 😂 I love you so so much. I will always be there for you when you need me, but you are someone who has always been able to take care of themselves. I envy your courage and strength and am ever so proud of you. I love you ❤ #sistersbeforemisters #hoesbeforebros #chicksbeforedicks #girlsthatsticktogetherreigntogether #girlsthatplaytogetherslaytogether #thickasthieves #moderngirls #chingonastogetherchingonasforever
My hair isn't cooperating today, but who gives a fuck when you've got a weekend in Mexico for your best friends birthday on the horizon. 5pm can't get here quick enough. #redhair #redhead #RedDahlia
Remember when I used to take #selfies while peeing and send them to friends??? Thank God I'm much more mature now. . .#throwbackthursday
"You smile way more in real life than you do in pictures." Yo bitachass talks way more in real life than you do in photos. #sundayfunday
Your shadow could never. . .#shadybitch
Me being a Bitch in the morning before coffee. I'm still a Bitch after coffee, but at a quicker pace. #throwbackthursday #livingdeadgirl #fashionzombie #livingdead #zombie #deadontheinside
"Hold company with yourself so sacred that even when you are alone, you are whole" -Ava #throwbackthursday #redhair #redhead #RedDahlia
Me on weekends VS me on weekdays. You can't tell by my expression, but I'm actually happier in the first shot. #makeover #beforeandafter #magicisinthemakep #makeunder #catfish #redhair #redhead #RedDahlia
Walk tall but not too proud. Have opinions but don't be too loud. Be attractive and enticing but don't look like a whore. Intimidate him. School his ass on things he knows nothing about. Wear your hoe dress. Its Friday and the weekend awaits, get paid get laid ladies, there's plenty of dick in the sea. #redhair #redhead #RedDahlia
Took my kid to his first concert #years &years #coolmom #milf
Guess who's back at it??? #blessed #happy #redhair #redhead #RedDahlia
Happy Birthday @kult_citizen
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