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Alright Friday, what you got for me??? See you babes at #SexCells 2 year anniversary 😘
Love the Spice Girls??? Not gonna be able to make it to the UK for the reunion tour? Join us for a trip down memory lane. I'm not a performer, but when one of your favorite Drag Queens asks you to put on a wig and lipsynch to all your favorite Spice Girls tracks, you don't say no. Catch me playing Posh Spice February 23rd at Precint in DTLA for You've Got Male 90s and Y2K dance party from 9pm-2am.
Over the moon to be back as one of your guest hosts for the Sex Cells two year anniversary this Friday! Catch me alongside LA's finest as we celebrate and enjoy none other than @marcalmondofficial (of Soft Cell) @herculesandloveaffair (DJ Set) The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black @kembrapfahler_ @sateenmusic (Live) @plasm1c. (Live) @theneonmusic (Live) @parma.ham (DJ Set) Resident Djs: @djmatthewpernicano and @dannylethal138 And guest DJs: @richiepanic of @lights_down_low and @rose.knows of @sado_maso_disco See you babes there! 😘
It was a wig. I do plan on cutting my hair but am trying out different lengths before I get the chop. Sorry I didn't say anything sooner, I got drunk and forgot to update everyone lol
New year. New job. New crib. New do. New boo(?). . .
Waiting for the weekend. . .
Happy pre-birthday Chloe! πŸ’–
Do you even mask bro???
Felt cute, might delete you later. . .
I feel really lucky to have solid guys in my life πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– #sundayfunday #dads #RedDahlia
Did a fresh coat of polish on my toes, deep conditioned my hair, and now listening to one of my favorite albums while wearing a hydrogel face mask waiting for my wine to chill. #loveyourself #billyforever Btw, it feels exactly what it looks like 😹
Back to work after a fun little holiday break. I got to ring in the New Year with people I love. It really set a standard for how I want to live this year and how I choose to invest my time. Real connections, genuine love, good vibes only. If you see me a little less this year, you didn't make the cut 😘 #friends #love #newyearnoyou
Wishing everyone a kick-ass 2019. Happy New Year loves πŸ’‹β€πŸ’‹
2018. What a year. So many ups, so many downs. I feel so lucky to be able to say that the good has far outweighed the bad this year. I lost the tips of my two front teeth in an accident this year that at the time seemed absolutely detrimental. What it actually did was center my mind and made me realize what is actually important and what really matters in life. I learned to appreciate myself more as a person rather than an image, and that allowed me to cut off the weak, poisonous, and draining entities in my life. In love I gained courage to tell people what I expect in exchange for what I give and that I won't settle for less. I left the fashion world for uncharted territories all thanks to two wonderful angels whom entered my life and let me know I didn't need to put up with what I was dealing with and that I had the talent to enter a new industry. I made new friends. I grew more patient. All in all I'm growing into a better version of me, respecting and valuing myself as a whole. I love who I am, it was a long road to get to her. . .
It's only my second day, but I still love a Friday! ❀
Ladies and gentleman, I'm over the moon to share that you are looking at the new junior copywriter/project manager for The Crème Shop. It's bittersweet to leave the fashion world behind, but I am absolutely thrilled to be pursuing another passion of mine and look forward to establishing myself within the beauty community. It was a nice vacation, but I'm back on my grind. You can't keep a bad bitch down. #redhair #redhead #RedDahlia
Out with The Bear for #thesoftmoon
Cause the haters gonna hate-hate-hate-hate-hate. . . #friends #baes #cuties #redhair #redhead #RedDahlia
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