The Standard Sausage

🐾 Beni, Standard Long-Haired Dachshund 🇬🇧 Rescued in 2016

Baby it’s cold outside... so I’ve got myself an @equafleece to keep my bits warm! ❄️
Happy 1st of December! Couldn’t wait to get my paws on the first door 🤤 #followyournose
When your alarm goes off at 6:30am but it’s a Saturday so you can go back to sleep! 😏
When you were meant to have a 20min nap but wake up 4 hours later and have no idea where you are! #wheredidthetimego ?
Don’t worry mum, we’re just plotting our revenge after you kicked us off that sofa! #thelittleonehasattitude 👀
Ready... Set... GO! 🚦#alreadygone
Mum caught me roasting my chestnuts by an open fire 🔥😳 !
Unbeleafable! 🍂
Lest we forget. #armistice100
These are my best puppy dog eyes, what do you think?
What’s everyone’s weekend plans? Me and my girl are going for a long winters walk and a roast by the fire! 🐾
Some may call me spoiled but I would say well loved 💛
Anyone else excited that it’s FRIDAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY! 🙌🏻
I just like to run, running is my favourite!
We see you have a sandwich, but we don’t have a sandwich?? #whatsgoingon ? 🤤
Got myself a beanbag and its changed my life! You guys need to try it!
Got some lamb juices on my head whilst helping dad with the cooking. Mum washed my hair and now I look like this 🤤🙄 #totallyworthit #forthelamb #sunday #sundayroast
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