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📚Author of SHACKLED: A Journey From Political Imprisonment To Freedom 🇦🇫 🥇Best-Seller & Multi-Award-Winner 👇🏽 Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

We are just travelers of this world. Home is where the Heart is.
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Realize your potential, Humanity’s potential, Earth’s potential, Consciousness potential.
Lovers pitch tents under the stars and stay up all night rhapsodizing in awe about the Soul of the Universe. One lover begins their tale, "This Mysterious Presence, this Illuminating Essence, lifts my soul with Transcendence! All illusions dissipate into the light. All that's real shines so bright!" Another lover shares their tale, "The Miracle Maker, the Heart's Waker, Love's Caretaker, the Divine Matchmaker, whispered to my soul a million love poems in one silent breath. Ever since, I remain wakeful, ever-present, in my patient waiting, ever-yearning, for another moment of Love's euphoric kiss." A third lover shares their tale, "I used to look above from below feeling so separate from all I wish to know, until... one night, as I stared into the moonlight the moon whispered to my heart, 'The brilliance you seek is what you are.' My timid soul asked the moon, 'Dear moon, how do you know this to be true? You hover above and shine such beautiful light on all of us below. Your brilliance is beyond anything I can ever imagine to be and anything I can ever aspire to be. I am nothing. You are something phenomenal.' The moon smiled. 'Dear soul, is it not my light. It is not my brilliance. I am only a reflection of the Brilliance that you are. I am only a reflection of the Light that you are. You are no-thing. You are the Delight that makes the Galaxies swirl. You are the Infatuation that inspires Creation to passionately manifest chaos into order... some-thing from no-thing.' The moonlight filled the windows of my mind and I lost my-self. Doubts turned to smiles, fears turned to joys, as I became the Celestial Tune that makes Constellations sing as One." - @theadamsiddiq
In a world of endless noise, of endless distraction, I seek for that sweet silence that calls the hummingbirds to flowers, the ocean waves to shore, the rain water to the planted seed, the summer breeze to my cheek. This sweet silence sings thousands of melodies with a chorus of angels to my heart and to my entire beingness. The silent music takes over me and I become part of the Song. I was never separate from it. I am the note and the entire song. I am the audience and the ensemble. I am the percussions and the strings. I move to the beat of life and I am the Rhythm that beats. To all those who haven’t heard this song yet, I tell them, “It’s the very song that you were born of. Lose yourself in the Glorious sounds of that sweet silence.” -Adam Siddiq
Light, Brightness, Vividness, Richness, Luminosity, Radiance, Brilliance, All guides you in Union with others for purposeful magic and a new destiny for more.
The magic of creation happens between the moments, Between the gap of existence and non-existence. Bless every blank canvas with the vision of what’s possible, of what’s beyond.
The true essence of love is this.
Home is not the box you live in. Home is not where you grew up. Home is where the heart is. And your heart is a holographic piece of the Divine Heart. Do not feel your heart beat in your chest. Feel that you are beating within The One Heart, Along with The One Heart, As The One Heart. Life is ever unfolding magic when we beat to the beat of the Uni-Verse.
When Love authors your life, All you see, All you do, All you are, All all is, Is a reflection of Love.
Your environment influences you more than you think, so better to be impacting your environment to support a higher foundation of growth and possibilities than.
Everything. Everyone. Every one we meet. Every Union, Is made for a purpose. Every Union is a moment of atonement, That we are all connected. That we all are One. Be extra curious for everyone you meet. Be extra curious, with the curiosity of the soul, for everyone you sit besides, for you have been seated by them for a grander purpose. It may be a conversation. It may be a glance. It may be some chemistry. It may be a miracle. It may be one word that impacts them and you in a novel way. Curiosity to know why we are united is mandatory for unveiling and living on purpose. Stay curious.
Know your uniqueness. Be it. Live it. Give it. We’re not meant to fit a mold. We’re meant to mold the world to be a greater place by adding our unique genius to the mix.
Every-thing comes from no-thing. We are light and sound, Energy and frequency. From the infinite nothingness comes infinite potential, the origin of our beingness. What potential will you bring to life today from this infinite place?
I’m grateful to be honored with another award for my book, SHACKLED: A Journey From Political Imprisonment To Freedom. Link in bio.
Illuminate what’s real.
Love without expectations and you are in heaven. Fight and hate and you’re in hell. Shams Tabrizi was a mysterious mystic and wanderer. He was wandering one day when he called out to the sky, “Where can I find someone to bear my company.” He heard a voice answer, “What price are you willing to pay?” “My head!” He said. “Then the one you seek is Jalaluddin in Konya,” the voice replied. He set out for Konya and waited at an inn until this Jalaluddin would appear. One day, while Jalaluddin “Rumi” was on his donkey speaking to students and townspeople, Shams approached him and asked him one question. Taken aback by the profundity of that question, Jalaluddin fell off his horse, and when he awoke, from that moment on, “Rumi” was born.
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