Aliya Janell

Dancer/Choreographer Creator/ Owner of Queens N' Lettos👑👠 Business inquiries: YouTube: Aliya Janell 👻: aliya.janell

Are you awaiting your QNL order from our first collection!?!? If you are, you have automatically been entered in this special raffle/giveaway I’m doing for one special Queen/King! In order for you to enter you must have ordered at least one item from our STORE. Prizes are listed above and I’m choosing one of you March 1st! Help me continue to celebrate our first QNL collection!! Go to to shop now!!
TOMORROW IS GONNA BE THE ONE. I can feel it. Come through QUEENS & KINGS👑👠 @11theeleven 8:30PM | Sign up @ @remixgodsuede 👶🏽🦈
| @fashionnova | #CHICHI YT video is live NOW
Post Valentine’s Day trip to DisneyWorld🏰🎠💕 our lil LA land got nothin on y’all Orlando😂 @fashionnova
Appreciation post to my road dawg queen @aryandavenport ❤️ Thank you for making every trip we take a memorable one, and standing with me for all this time👑👠 We have to start collecting these so we have one in every country! QNL takes the world baby!!!! Luhh you! 🦈 Zdoo zdoo Jacket: @awrawomen 📷 @djerraldogoedhart
To whom ever this may concern and the queens & Kings who needed someone to keep it real. I’ve come across too many of these stories this week for some reason, and felt like I needed to speak on it. If you “owe” anything to anyone it’s RESPECT and GRATITUDE. Not your fricken life. Get outta here with that bull 💩
| @fashionnova | Anytime anyone asks me to explain how much I love my fiancé, I just get too emotional. But to sum it all up, he is my universe✨ in physical human form. He is everything I need to live this life with passion, confidence, and love. Ask me how I’m making it? This guy right here. Happy “everyday” honey @thetallieleon 💙
HAPPIEST OF VALENTINES DAY to my Queens & Kings!! Everything is officially available for you!!!! Go ham go ham go ham!!!!!! @ QUEENSNLETTOS.COM ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👑👠 Wouldn’t have made it this far without you. Love y’all to the moon and back🙏🏽 Thanks for waiting on me😫 - You’re Queen AJ #alwaysalwaysrep #ReptheQueen #queensnlettos
Happy double Valentine’s Day!! My @awrawomen collection is available NOW! Visit !! ✨ 📷 @digital.creations
It’s finally here!!!! Y’all are all my Valentine! The first official QNL collection will be available tomorrow on QUEENSNLETTOS.COM including these comfortable ass joggers👑👠👑👠👑👠 Reposting all my Queens & Kings who reps! #polaroid
@fashionnova | See y’all tonight at 830PM for #ChiChi round 2 🍼
Valentines Day❤️ can’t wait to see y’all rep👑👠 it will be available on QUEENSNLETTOS.COM
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