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💨💨💨 missing it already 😂
Not a shabby place to ride at all 😁 I can’t thank @enduromalagamtb enough for showing @kelangrant @p_grizzles and myself around this week. It’s been unreal getting so much mtb time before Christmas 🎄
Another cracking day in Malaga thanks to @enduromalagamtb @nathanmtb94 @the_blonde_on_tour for the amazing hospitality
Giving it full pull 💪🏼Absolutely sick day on the bikes with the lads. We had to take the scariest gondola to the top of the mountain but it was worth it. @p_grizzles 📹
Kick in and ride 😁 There’s always time for a bit of messing about between beast climbs.
Made it to Malaga. Had such an unreal day getting shown around by @enduromalagamtb & @nathanmtb94 with @p_grizzles & @kelangrant. To busy lapping to get any clips. #malaga #mtbmalaga #enduromalaga
Definitely not going to start calling @chrisakrigg out on technical rocky stuff just yet 😂 Its just a liaison across the mountain but I love it this time of year, full of ponds and streams. It’s great craic trying to get flow through all the jank and of course not puncture 🙅‍♂️
Waiting for entries to open for the 2019 @world_enduro season next Monday 🤤 I’m really excited to share some big news with everyone in a few weeks time. I’m stoked 🙌🏼 Sebastian Schieck 📸 from this years very first stage
More progress made today with a few black, pink and oranges completed. I may look like an ⚓️ as @botsyphillips says 😂 but anchors are important. Big shout to @thewalldublin for helping me out with shoes too 😁 @almaxwell01 📹
For those of you asking how the @wildernesstrailbikes Judge faired up front, it was unreal. It’s definitely staying on this winter 😁 It led to a very predictable ride, I guess that’s to be expected when you have the same tires on front and rear. ✅
You know it’s gone full blown Winter when your mates are dunking their bikes in fireroad ponds mid ride. I’m not jealous of the Aussie’s and Kiwi’s summer at all 🤔 featuring @nickassaf 🍑
Tight trees and lots of moguls 🤤 ‘Twas a fun day out with great people
I decided it’s about time I tested the @wildernesstrailbikes new Judge 👨🏻‍⚖️ tire up front. It has been insanely grippy in the rear and it’s had the best braking I’ve ever experienced from a tire. Could it challenge the Vigilante?! I’ll find out tomorrow morning 🤗 #ridewtb #wtb #judge #vigilante
Basically the only time riding a tinted lense is a necessity 🤩 @seaotterclassic #longliveslalom
Sometimes you just need to use your 🍑 to make it happen 😂 Climbing has been great rehab for my elbow strength and to be honest my confidence in what I can do with it 🧗🏻‍♂️ climbing bud @almaxwell01 📹
Very similar to Irish mountains 🤔 😂Sebastian Schieck 📸
When it pisses rain like f@#k as it did today, I just think back to happier times 😂 #dirtmerchant #merchantofhappiness
Looking forward to the weekend 🤗
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