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Here for your hardcore love story 〰️ Photobooth @theboothamericana Either binge watching Buffy or at Olive Garden Probably wearing a Mickey Sweater

Anyone else out there still struggling to buy Christmas gifts? Every year I swear I’m going to be more on top of things and start shopping after thanksgiving.. BUT NOPE. It’s always going to me paying an obscene amount for overnight shipping and stressing about if someone else has already bought a Fitbit for grandma. Hoping I’m not the only one here 😂
Literally obsessed with this picture I took of my cousin and her honey this past weekend while we were in Nashville. I wish I could reset the weekend and do it all over again! . Getting organized and set for 2019 today! Currently I am all booked up for spring and fall which is amazing. Normally I would feel super overwhelmed except for I’m going to have some help next year with emails, editing, and operations. It makes me feel happy to solely focus on just being creative and finding new ways to better my galleries for you guys. I’m going to be honest and say that I felt like I was drowning this past year with trying to shoot 35+ weddings while also trying to stay on top of email, inquires, workshops, managing finances, marketing etc. . Even though I am coming out of this year after a lot of tears and mental break downs I feel like I have a lot to be proud of. I learned a lot about business this year. How to say no, be professional, and how to protect my business. I leaned how to better my work, my process, and how to save money which if you knew me at all before this year you would know that I was horrible at saving money. This year I knew I wanted my business to grow and in order to do that I had to learn how to save no less than 50% of what I earned. It taught me so much about what I need and didn’t need which is a fascinating topic if you ever wanna talk to me about how toxic consumerism is😂😝 . I have TWO more weddings this year. One in Kansas City this weekend and one in Puerto Rico the 28-30th. After that I am saving January and February for education, organization, and growth✨ Thanks so much for coming on this journey with me guys! You’ve always cheered me on for that I am grateful for this past year!
Thinking about all the rad weddings I have next year gets me so giddy! Seriously, I’m sitting over here thinking about how blessed I am to not only have the most badass couples with the coolest ideas for their weddings, but the most kind people who I know value what I have to offer. . I get it, the investment for a good wedding photographer is daunting. But that money is something you will never regret when you look at your photos. Last year I bought my first car. It was way over my budget, but the car I bought was seriously the best car I saw so I made it work. When I was picking a color there was one color that I wanted but the guy at the dealership said to have these certain colors it was going to cost like $900 extra dollars. I immediately was like HELL NO. But I was so bummed because the other colors I wasn’t as stoked on. Garrett’s dad was the one who told me, “when you’re spending that much money already you might as well get what you want, because at the end of the day you won’t even think about that extra $900 when paying the whole car in full.” So you bet your ass I got that fancy grey color that I wanted, and guess what.. I don’t regret spending the extra $900 because what’s $900 to the costs of a new car? . I’m not sure how many people will be able to relate to this, but my point in telling that story is that you are already planning on spending money to make your wedding day special. There are obviously places to cut costs and places you shouldn’t, but I can tell you from hearing countless horror stories that paying extra for the coverage of your day that you want will not be something you regret. . So! Imagine wedding photography is that fancy paint color for that new car you’re gonna drive. Sure it’s a bit extra, but it’s exactly what you want and exactly how you want your car to look. . I’m curious what y’all think when it comes to expensive wedding day coverage? Did anyone have a bad experience? I wanna know and I want to use your comments as a learning / growing experience! . Also I’m in Nashville this weekend and I would love any recs on any new places that opened! I went to @theflamingonashville the last two times and was obsessed✨
I just wanted to take the time to tell all my 2018 couples thank you. The fact that you trusted me to document one of the most important moments of your life honestly leaves me speechless. It’s crazy thinking of where I started years ago and where I am now. When I first started shooting weddings all I needed was for a few people to trust that I will give them my all from start to finish after booking me. From there I moved up and kept my motto of doing the best I can to make your wedding one of the best days of your life. Through out the process I have made so many friends and that is probably the best part of my job. . I hope so much that each and every one of you who have booked me this past year has LOVED your experience with me. I want so much for everything to be personal and fun so that I’m the end you not only remember the day through my photos, but you remember the experience. Every day I wake up and I try to find better ways to serve you because I truly care so much about your wedding and making sure your images are better than you could ever dream of. . For my 2019 couples, please know that I appreciate you so much and that through out the year I am doing everything I can to better my craft and to better my business. I have my workshops planned out, my new gear in my shopping cart, and more help coming in on my back end to really help my brand grow. I love you guys and I will go hard for you guys on your day. I will be an honorary member of your wedding party. I’ll be there when you need someone to hand you tissues, grab you water, give you pep talks, or whatever you need to get through the day. You guys are my rock and I truly truly mean that✨
I gained some new followers this past week so I thought it was time for an introduction. My name is Emma and I am born and raised in Las Vegas. I moved to Kansas City here officially from Los Angeles three years ago and KC has been more like home to me than anything. I’m obsessed with the community here in KC and find that it’s what make Kansas City solid gold! Honestly, not being biased, but if you’ve never been here then you should vacation here ASAP. . One thing that has been hard for me since moving has been being so far away from the beach and from Disneyland. I swear to god I a not lying when I say my family and I went to Disneyland once every two weeks growing up. It’s literally my happy place and still to this day I beg my fam to take me there for my birthday. My mom and dad got engaged there and ever since I could remember our house has been decked out with dozens of framed pieces of Disney art my parents have collected through out the years. Now I have carried on that tradition somehow because I can’t stop buying vintage Mickey sweaters. . I have been obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer since it’s premiere in 1997. I have an older sister who had friends that would come over to watch it religiously. It was a way for me to bond with my older sister and still to this day I cry at the end of season 2 when Angel gets his soul back but Buffy has to send him to hell in order to save the world. If you don’t understand then watch the show and text me after you watch season 2. . @Olive garden is my favorite restaurant... whatever, judge me. . I have the Harry Potter audio books on repeat in my car que and re listen to the books when ever I go on long road trips. I’ve been a huge fan since 98’ and remember reading the books for my accelerated reading class in elementary school. For any of you dying to know, I’m a hufflepuff and I’m very huffle-proud of that. . Young Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood are my Hollywood dream boat crushes. Josie Wales is tattoo’d on my arm as an ode’ to young Clint. . K I’m done. Double tap if you love Olive Garden breadsticks or comment if you wanna go on an OG date with me😝💋
So get this... I just edited a wedding IN ONE DAY. Not kidding, I legit just took down 1200 images. Don’t ask me how...
✨GIVEAWAY✨ My girl @emilycoxwellness have decided to play Santa and give out gifts to one lucky person (must be on the nice list tho). ‘Tis this season, amiright? 😏 . Christmas is a time of engagements and health resolutions. So we wanted to giveaway a free engagement session, couples session, or family session by yours truly, and a free wellness consultation with the KC health guru her self @emilycoxwellness . AND because we are feeling pretty jolly this season, we wanted to give out three 20% off coupons to any of our individual services’s. . Why should you enter? Well, you want good photos for your walls right? You want dope pics to show your future or current children one day... RIGHT?! Need I say more? And Most people struggle with figuring out what direction they need to go in for the ultimate healthy weight loss success! It’s why most people fail at their New Years resolutions within the first 3 months. Even if you’re not trying to lose weight, Emily can help you understand what your body needs in order to achieve any desired results you may want. She’s been my go to lady for understand how to live my best life through nutrition and I will never go back! You wanna be the superhero version of yourself? Then you need Emily in your life, mkayyyyy! . Here’s how you enter: first of all, you gotta follow me and Emily. Then like dis photo and tag your frands (each tag counts for 1 entry). * Repost = 5 entries * Story Post = 3 entries Giveaway closes December 20th at 8pm and the winner will be announced December 21st! What you waiting for?! Get chu some free shit yo! . First pic by @indiaearl second pic by muah!
Raise your hand if you struggle with anxiety 🙋🏻‍♀️ Being a full time business owner is probably one of the more stressful things I have had to endure. You spend a lot of time perfecting things, worrying about what your clients think of you and your photos, how you compare to other people, and how your business looks from an outsiders point of view. Most days I have panic attacks looking at the long list of things I have to get done or at the things I need to change in order to get better. It’s an insane amount of pressure that I feel like most people don’t see since social media only shows the glamorous parts of every and all business’s. . I am extremely thankful that I have a job where I can travel and be home on the weekdays, but understand that each day I wake up I’m on a grind that’s longer than 9 to 5. For business owners you are always on the clock. I say this because I never want people to compare their lives to others because you don’t see what’s behind closed doors. I fall victim to this so much in my life; comparing myself, my work, and my life to other people. It’s an extremely dark place that apart of me blames this crazy little app for. . Live your life. Do what makes you happy. Don’t compare your mile one to some else’s mile 30. Know that if you struggle with anxiety like me that you are not alone and that being aware of it is your first step towards curing it. We got this, yo! . Last month I shot this beautiful wedding with and I’m still so thankful that I have such amazing friends that I get to work along side with. She is someone who is always encouraging and all way there and doesn’t expect anything in return. I love you, Rach!💋
I haven’t picked up my camera in a week and I’m having separation anxiety.
Sunday in Brooklyn 💋 . w/ @ggaarrrreetttt
How I feel walking into Harry Potter and the Cursed Child part 2 last night✨ . Feeling super blessed that everything that I am doing I personally worked for. It’s honestly magical to say that you paved the way for yourself and to see your hard work pay off.
currently eating at a random Italian restaurant recommended by our bell man who legit hooked us up with some of the BEST Italian food ever. Gonna eat my heart out before I take a cat nap before Garrett and I see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child part 1 tonight✨ I’ve never felt so happy in my life than I do now. . Also, I love this wedding and wish I could post every photo from it. It’s on my blog now if you wanna peep some major wedding inspiration.
Cuz I’m in new yorrrrrkkk. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There’s nothing we can’t do🗽 . Yes I’m a tourist, and yes this song is on repeat in my head. Whatever, fight me.
5 years and 3 kids later✨
Last day in Vegas today and I’m pretty sad to be leaving my family and friends. I spent almost every single day with my sister and cousins, and last night I was with friends I never see since I moved to KC almost 4 years ago. I am extremely blessed beyond measure, and thankful for this life✨
Fresher than a peppermint 🍬
This groom’s style is definitely one of the more underrated things in life.. I mean, look at it! That shit is velvet! Go on with your bad self, Daniel!
“Thank you, next” is truly the theme song of my 2019 thanksgiving dinner. Like hey Susan, pass the stuffing (que Ariana Grande; ....Thank you, next)🍗 . @bethanyandcamera has taken some of my fav photos of me
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