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Kansas City based wedding photographer Either binge watching Buffy or at Disneyland I eat a lot of s’mores pop tarts

Looking at flights to Morocco in February and I am literally on cloud 9 thinking how I get to knock this off my bucket list! @annigraham @maeandco_creative I am soooo ready for this workshop✨
Waking up this morning grateful that I have a career that takes me places, gives me new friendships, and keeps my life exciting and beautiful! . I have 4 weddings and an engagement session in the que... I need podcast recommendations ASAP to get me through all the time I’m spending in front of my computer. I recently started listening to Dirty John and I binged it in two days!
Haley and Sam’s wedding last night was one for the freaking books! Like holy freaking shizzz y’all, this was a party. Also; laurdd halp me as I embark on my second wedding of the weekend today at noon. . First pic: Everybody hump haley. Haley, make it rain! Second pic: Everybody hump Sam. Third pic: everybody dance to this trap music while Sam and Haley make out. Fourth pic: Freaking WORK that @bettyraes ice cream gurlllll!
Low key trying to find ways to become bff’s with all my couples because I luv y’all so much.
Bubbles and fireball: WHAT A COMBINATION 🔥 . #kansascityweddingphotographer
@ggaarrrreetttt and I’s photo booth is done and I’m so pumped to use it this weekend! My weddings are about the get next freaking level with this bad boy. Check my highlights / story for pics 🔥
When you have so many feelings about your best friend getting married
Am I considered a workaholic if I’m at orange theory and can’t wait to get home so I can edit my last wedding? . Shot this cute pic for back in August✨
I wish I could just create a wedding business where I could just shoot weddings with my friends all day because the last two times I second shot with my peoples it was rad. This pic is from a wedding in Sonoma CA that I shot with @itsmelissaatle . She is seriously the shit, and I adore her so much. So couples... please hire us to shoot your wedding so we can be together again and make cool things!
Still pumped about this wedding I shot two weeks ago. @hooliabarnett , you’re gonna freak out when you see your gallery later this week!
I just booked my ticket to shoot with again in Seattle in November and I couldn’t be happier. So let me tell you about Rach for a second. She reminds me so much of my best friend @alliekurcz ; they sort of look a like and I am convinced they have the same sass that keeps my stomach in knots from laughing so hard. I met Rachel early this year and I just freaking adore her. So follow her work, she’s amazing at what she does, and I’m so so excited to shoot more beautiful PNW weddings with her. Also, this is a pic I snapped from the most beautiful wedding in Roche Harbor in San Juan Island. It was dreamy AF and I still feel so blessed to have been apart of this weekend✨
Yesterday’s hearing has left me so drained. But I’m positive knowing that victims around the world were heard yesterday. Thank you Dr. Ford❤️
I miss Summer already. Please come back, I’m not ready to be cold...
I can’t get that new Calvin Harris / Sam Smith song out of my head! But I mean, not mad because that song is the freaking Jam right now. Anyways, here are two good humans looking hot and in love ❤️
Right before Katrina walked down the aisle with her wonderful mum and dad by her side
I’ve been really working on embracing the weird in my work. Not all couples are these stoic, y’all, hot models that hold each other in the most Nicholas spark-esq way. Sometimes love is annoying your SO because you love to get a rise out of them. Sometimes love is awkwardly dancing around a Field because why the hell not. For these guys, who have been together for 11 years, their kind of love is the kind where you get so aggravated by each other that you accidentally punch each other in the face. But after you say sorry and laugh because you just got punched in the face.
I am extremely thankful and stoked on how fast my weddings have been booking for 2019. I woke up this morning just thinking that I was the luckiest human in the whole world to get to do something I love and document your hard core love story. So thank you to all my 2018/2019 brides that trust me with your most important day✨ . (Also still so stoked that I got to shoot this wedding with @belleandepic 😘 loved this adventure with you)
Yesterday I shot such an amazing wedding. Everyone was so kind, chill, and so giving. But most of all the couple was so trusting of me. I usually have a quick phone chat with my brides to go over things before the wedding so that they feel like they can trust that I know what I’m doing and that I’m on top of it. With Julia and Daniel they literally said, “We know you can do your job well so just do what you want/need for our Wedding.” Yesterday during couples portraits after the ceremony they literally let me direct the trolly driver around the weirder parts of the west bottoms to spots most people would find ugly or unusual. They 100% knew that I saw something at those spots and to me that is all I can ever ask for from my clients. Their photos from their couples portraits are probably some of my favorite that I have ever taken during a wedding. It was in the moment, it was real, and there was no fuss about us shooting in an empty parking lot. I.Love.My.Job✨
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