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Today I want to share a real personal achievement! I debated whether or not to even post about it because at the same time it is not a easy subject to talk about for me but I feel proud of myself for it. . . Over the years I struggled with alcoholism and everything that came with it. Although I was not one to drink every day or every chance I could, when I did drink on the weekends, it was to black out. Living in a city where beer and alcohol are somehow always mixed in, has made this a very tough journey! I’ve made so many mistakes throughout my short life due to my drinking. I’ve lost soo much time, lost relationships, taken financial hits and even Caused problems at work and home. . . Today marks 365 days since I said no to alcohol and I know it was the best decision I could’ve made! Since last October I’ve lost 30 pounds, I’ve learned to have fun and go out without having to drink, I’ve probably saved a ton of money, and most importantly I have felt so much better (physically/ mentally.) it’s been a rough ass journey and I just want to let you know that if any of you who read this are going through this same struggle, it’s going to be alright YOU CAN DO IT! If you need someone to talk to I’m here! I can tell you about the numerous times I’ve almost failed but how and why I managed to keep my head up and keep going! This is the first of many many years of my life without alcohol and I am very excited to keep growing and keeping the negative things out of my life! I want to give a huge shout out to my wife @thetaylorherrada for always being soo supportive and understanding and most importantly loving! Thank you amor For pushing me to live a better healthier life and being the best me I can ever be! I couldn’t have accomplished this without you! . . Thanks to @andrewfeller from @414photography for this awesome headshot. I couldn’t have found a better picture to capture how happy and good I feel!
A lot of people already know the big news that my wife @thetaylorherrada is retiring from the corporate world at the end of the month and is pursuing our art career! While I’m excited as f*** for what she will be doing for us... I am also disappointed that I myself am too scared to take the leap with her! . . For those who don’t know, I am a union insulator by day and an artist by night. My life is kind of hectic trying to balance what I have to do with what I love to do. In doing soo, I miss out on a lot, like making it to all the events my friends host or even networking events. I have a decent client base to say screw it, but, I have a really good paying job, amazing benefits, and best of all, I am a year away from receiving my Journeyman Card. My 2 biggest worries are not having steady income, and not having health care. While we don’t go to the doctor as often, I believe it’s necessary to have health care(not to mention illegal to not have it.) so for all my followers who have taken the leap of faith, how have you dealt with those issues and what do you recommend? Rolling around on top of dusty ducts , or army crawling through underground tunnels is cool and all, but waking up next to my love, making breakfast and enjoying a good cup of coffee while I whip out designs sounds better to me! Let’s talk!
Last week taylor and I went to the store to purchase a new @apple IPad. Since we have been running into all this cool work people have been doing with the new stylus and stuff, we decided that it would be a good investment for @h2collaborative . . While at the store, the sales guy goes for the pitch and tells us that he just bought a new iPad like the one we were about to purchase. He goes on to tell us that his daughter is an aspiring graphic designer and she’s learning all the programs and tricks on the tablet. Like any proud father, he goes on to tell us all the cool things she has created and all the cool projects she’s been part of. As the conversation goes on, he tells us that she was going to be part of a really cool community mural but she had been out of town and didn’t get a chance to do it! We asked him what the project was and to our surprise, he was talking about our very own mural down at Allen-Field Elementary! I was super excited to hear we were inspiring other younger artist in our community like we said we would! . . Leading community based murals has been such a rewarding experience! If We were given another court today, even with the crazy amount of hours put into this project and all the physical labor under the sun that it took, the excitement that it brought all of us would make me want to jump right in! So what court are we painting next and who’s helping? . . . . . #h2collaborative #milwaukee #mke #mkehome #milwaukeehome #mkemycity #mkecreatives #basketball #justdoit #mural #colors #streetart #community #communityovercompetition #lacomunidadprimero #courtmural #muraloftheday
The other day @thetaylorherrada And I went out on a double date with my sister @adyyy_hervi and her husband Gus! We had such a great time at the @nomad_nacional @jackdaniels_us event that we wanted to continue the fun and what better place than @updownmke . . Updown is a bar on the East side of Milwaukee with a ton of awesome old school arcade games. Playing some of these games brought back soo many memories. Like playing “the Simpson’s “ at Chuck E. Cheese and hoping that I could make it to the end with the handful of tokens that my parents gave me! Lucky for us now... we all make our own money and now you don’t have a limit on how much to play! On top of that, now you get to enjoy a cold beer with your friends! Stop by and enjoy some of their token specials like the 2-4-1 deal they had the Saturday we stopped by! @updownmke is a MUST. And a new favorite for @thetaylorherrada and I. Just look at her face! . . . . . #milwaukee #mke #mkehome #mkemycity #milwaukeehome #arcade #arcadegames #updownmke #retro #thearcade #thesimpsons
Anoche celebramos la independencia Mexicana! What an amazing event put on by our very own @browns_crew at @cactusclubmke ! Amazing performances by both Martians on rooftops as well as @mariachi.monarcas ! @djloopmke killed her set and had us dancing while waiting for the main event! Las aguas de @algodulce.mke kept me refreshed while enjoying delicious tacos! To everyone who helped in someway to put this together.. you the real #MVP . . Shout out @decaliforniala for keeping me looking smooth with this west coast shirt! They got a bunch of dope gear as well as music so make sure to check em out!
Over the weekend, my wife and I had the opportunity of showcasing 1 of 4 elements of Hip-Hop! I have been doing this for years and in fact, graffiti was my door to street art and all the art stuff I do today! . . BUT, I hadn’t painted in a while due to lack of space and lack of motivation to find a space to do it! Going into this piece I was a bit nervous because I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be! But I am pretty happy with what @thetaylorherrada and I produced! We were rusty but we went out had fun and that’s all that matters! . . Shout out to @walkerspointart for putting on this great event for @hiphopweekmke414 and to Xela and @browns_crew for bringing us on to this event! Shout out to @djloopmke for putting on a class for the people attending, I was too busy outside painting I didn’t get a chance to learn but one of these days I’ll have to stop by the new Mitchell Street Library where she dedicates some of her time teaching our youth a little bit about Hip Hip and the art of DJing! Make sure to check out all these guys out as well as our new handle @h2collaborative where we will be showcasing all our art! . . . . . #H2collaborative #milwaukee #mke #mkemycity #mkehome #milwaukeeart #graffiti #graffitiart #hiphop #elementsofhiphop #taggin #hiphopweek #coupleswhopainttogether #coupleswhopaint
Every year @thetaylorherrada look forward to the @wistatefair ! Even though we end up Sun burnt, bloated, feet so dead we can barely walk, and smelling like a high school boys locker room after a hot summer game , it is all worth the experience and the amazing food! . . This year one of the new items at the fair that we were fortunate enough to catch was this delicious bacon wrapped pork on a stick which you can find in the east side of the park near the race track at The Pork Schoppe. Add a little bit of sweet BBQ and BAM 💥 #FOODGASM What is/was your favorite food to try at the fair? . . . . . #milwaukee #mke #mkehome #mkemycity #statefair #wisconsin #wisco #wisconsinstatefair #pork #porkonastick #bacon
I love your smile. I love your eyes. I love your hair. I love your nose. I love everything about you, but most importantly, I love that you are caring. I love that you are intelligent. I love the way you carry your self. I love the way you treat others. I love that you are creative. I love that you are hilarious. I love how honest you are. I love that you are a chingona no matter what you take on. I love that you are understanding. I love that you are supportive. I love that you are sincere. I love that you are tough. I love that you always stand up for others who can’t or won’t . I love that you always seek what is right. I love that you are my best friend. I love that you are my wife. I love that you are my partner for life. @thetaylorherrada you make me the happiest man on earth and I love that you’ll be by my side forever!
Willst du dieses Wochenende kostenlose Tickets für ein deutsches Fest? Excuse my German(google translate😂) Thanks to @visitmilwaukee , @happybellytravelers is giving away 4 free tickets to @germanfest this weekend! . . ✨🎉 To win: 1. Must follow @visitmilwaukee and @happybellytravelers 2. Like this post on @happybellytravelers 3. Tag a friend on the @happybellytravelers post❤️ . . 2 winners will be randomly selected for (2) tickets each tomorrow at 8am and the tickets will be available for pick up between noon-1pm at @lafincacoffeehouse 🎉✨ . . . . . #happybellytravelers #thisismilwaukee #milwaukee #mke #ig_milwaukee #mkemycity #visitmilwaukee #dearmke #summerfest #miltography #themidwestival #midwest #discoverwisconsin #travelwisconsin #ilovemke #mkecreative #mkefoodie #milwaukeecreative #milwaukeeblogger #mkeblogger #milwaukeephotographer #milwaukeehome #milwaukeeeats
The 2018 World Cup is done and @nomad_nacional is almost gone but the memories we made will live forever! If you checked out the #fanzone what was your favorite thing about it? I loved the shipping container idea . it was a cool new spin to the “VIP AREA.” . . Today is the last day of the #fanzonephotocontest #nomadfanzone #nomadfanzonecontest with awesome prizes so don’t forget to post your best picture! This is my submission of one of the first games! The Mexican crowd that day was out of this world! I wish the word cup was forever! Jk😂 . . . .#mke #milwaukee #milwaukeehome #mkehome #mkemycity #worldcup2018 #worldcup #photocontest #mexico #labanda #squadgoals #squad
It’s game day here at #millerpark The @brewers face the @dodgers in a pretty intense match up! . . @thetaylorherrada is having a hard time rooting for the @brewers ! Only because #losangeles is where she was born! She knows she’s a brewer at heart though! Let’s go brew crew! . . . . . #brewers #milwaukeebrewers #milwaukee #mke #mkemycity #mkehome #baseball #majorleaguebaseball #mlb #wisconsin #food #travel #foodandtravel #blogger #ballgame
@thetaylorherrada and I can’t wait to go back to #Atlixco #Puebla ! Rich with culture, finger licking food, hospitality, and natural beauty, Atlixco is one of many “Pueblos Mágicos” in Mexico! Atlixco is a small town in the state of Puebla with lots to see and do! . . Fun fact about Puebla, and a small history lesson for a lot of people, “5 de mayo” or “5 de DRINK-o” as I like to call it, is not the Mexican Independence day. It is the day General Ignacio Zaragoza led an army to a battle in Puebla on May 5th 1862 againts the French empire. A reason why this battle is so celebrated is because the Mexican army stood no chance against a French army in its prime and defeated them! Today, the celebration still continues in Puebla and now in the US as well, with lots of drink specials😂 . . So who’s coming to Atlixco with us? . . . . . #mexico #mexicocity #mexico 🇲🇽 #Mx #mex #pueblomagico #pueblosmagicos #travel #lblogger #lifestyleblog #blogger #bloggingtips #bloggersgetsocial #ontheblog #bloggerlife #livecolorfully #theblogissue #itsthelittlethings #thatsdarling #liveauthentic
Stopped by @nomad_nacional the other day to have some drinks and checked out @mauriciopaints mural! This guy is crazy talented with work throughout the city! Check him out! #. . . This city is so beautiful in the summer! I love how alive it is! How do you spend your summer nights? 👕@Cuatrounocuatro 🖍@mauriciopaints . . . #summer2018 #summer #summernights #cuatrounocuatro #mkehome #mkemycity #mke #milwaukee #milwaukeehome #commonplaceshop #selena
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Wisconsin?” I always think cheese and beers! . . While at the @milwaukeecozoo , @thetaylorherrada and I stumbled upon this cool looking food truck! One look at the menu and my mouth watered! Out of all the items on the menus I chose the Mac n cheese pulled pork sandwich! It was an explosion of awesomeness with each bite I took! Next time you are at the @milwaukeecozoo make sure to stop by! . . On top of all the great food truck options available to us, the Zoo has added a new entrance a long with a new otter exhibit! A day at the zoo is always a good time so grab your family and head down to the @milwaukeecozoo ! . . . . . . . #happybellytravelers #hbtravelers #milwaukee #mke #mkemycity #mkehome #zoo #zookeeper #macncheese #macncheeseburger #animals #pulledpork #pulledporksandwich
The Hoan bridge, which runs 1.9 miles long is part of I-794 and runs along Beautiful Lake Michigan. It’s original name , The Harbor Bridge , was later renamed after Daniel Hoan, a Socialist, and one of the longest serving mayors of Milwaukee. . . Today an organization named @lightthehoan has created a concept using lightbulbs to illuminate and beautify our bridge. The goal of each light bulb is to tell a story! Together we can help by donating to this project which is set to be done by 2019. . . My brother @mke_my_city is part of the project and has recently partnered up to create a #lightthehoan #mkemycity photo contest and this is my submission! Today is the last day for your chance to win $200! Go follow and submit your best #hoanbridge picture and who knows maybe you’ll even buy a lightbulb! . . . . . . #milwaukee #mke #mkemycity #mkehome #architecture #bridges #photochallenge #photooftheday #picoftheday
Have you guys been to @oscarsonpierce new “Oscar’s Winners circle” located on the corner of 38th and Burnham in the south side of Milwaukee? If you haven’t, get there! . . My burger was the “Winner’s Burger” which comes filled with tons of goodies! Ham, bacon, and chorizo to name a few things on that bad boy. This burger was perfection, but if you are like me, you’ll add an egg on top! 🤤 . . . . . . . #milwaukee #mke #mkemycity #mkehome #milwaukeehome #oscars #foodporn #wisconsin #wisconsinlife #burgers #visualsoflife #lblogger #lifestyleblog #blogger #bloggingtips #bloggersgetsocial #ontheblog #bloggerlife #livecolorfully #theblogissue
Ever since I can remember I’ve had a passion for art! Growing up, graffiti was my outlet, and eventually I grew as an artist expanding my mediums and styles. I’ve been commissioned to create pieces and I am beyond blessed to have been able to create street art legally and get paid! . . A few years ago my younger brother @ivan_hc and I started painting murals and were known as Army of 2. We had the privilege to leave our mark in what went down in history as the Graffiti Mecca of the world! Artist from around the globe traveled to “5Pointz” everyday just to leave their mark! . . A building that once belonged to a water meter company in 1982 in Queens NY, later was bought by a developer in the early 70’s who leased the space to artist for studio space. Eventually the building’s exterior was covered from top to bottom in amazing murals! The factory building gained the name "5 Pointz" name in 2002 when an artist named Jonathan Cohen started calling it “5Pointz” in reference to the five boroughs of New York City. . . In 2014 the same developer that opened the building’s doors to artist had a change of heart and demolished the building to build a condominium complex. The only thing I have left of that building is my memory and I’m just glad I was able to witness such a beauty! . . . . . . . . #milwaukee #newyork #newyorkcity #5pointz #5pointznyc #graffiti #streetart #banksy #agameoftones #ig_masterpiece #main_vision #icatching #featurepalette #montana #graffitiart #graffitiporn #queens #visualsoflife
@thetaylorherrada and I decided to go out for some exploring down by the east side the other day. We stumbled upon @lamasaempanadas on Brady! I tried a black bean and chorizo, japalapeno cheddar and the Cuban empanada! The portions were a little small at first but after my second one I wasn’t sure if I could kill the last one! The flavors were amazing and if I had to choose my favorite it would be hands down the black bean and chorizo! . 📷 @happybellytravelers . . Shout out to @commonplaceshop for creating this dope #mke hat! It looks soo good with my @cuatrounocuatro shirt! . . . #milwaukee #mkemycity #cuatrounocuatro #lblogger #lifestyleblog #blogger #bloggingtips #bloggersgetsocial #ontheblog #bloggerlife #livecolorfully #theblogissue #itsthelittlethings #thatsdarling #liveauthentic #liveunscripted #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #bloggervibes #peoplescreative #darlingmovement #livethelittlethings #holdthemoments #feelfreefeed #nothingisordinary #livecolourfully #thesparklediaries #thehappynow
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