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I am so excited to be setting up tonight for my week at the beautiful @saltandhoneymarket . They have a whole new space (and it's stunning!) at the @shopthegateway so you can do all your shopping in one place. I'm going to be featuring work that's perfect for Christmas gifts all next week so come by!
This hoop is always one of my favorites to do, but adding color was a new fun thing. Cute right? I've got stickers of this design coming next week too. #Murderinos you ready?
I love these little ornaments. @meredith__23 this is on its way to you!
Happy #wipwednesday y'all. I'm making a bunch of these hoops and I'm a happy lady. 😍😍😍
It's #tiptuesday and today I'm talking about how I back hoops. Now, I do have a video already on the grid that goes through how I back my hoops, and I'll share that again in my stories today. I wanted to show this that backing your hoop can be done in a variety of ways. I typically use fabric to keep my threads from being exposed, but for lots of the holiday pieces I do (like this cutie I'll be sharing this week) I'll stitch on the backside as well! It's just something to keep in mind.
Closed - Winner is @jrandquist Today I'm collaborating with the lovely @kervology (an amazing plus size boutique) for her day 3 of giveaways! I will be giving a personalized handmade embroidered ornament that will be ready for you in time for Christmas! To enter: Share with is your favorite holiday tradition Follow @kervology & @cheekychica_etsy Like both posts Winner will be announced tomorrow morning!
Y'all it's finally Friday and I'm in love with this recent Maybe Swearing hoop. Lots of these are in the works, so you'll see some soon.
All setup for @beehivebazaar and so excited! Come check out my work today, tomorrow and Saturday at The Bright Building in Provo. There are lots of goodies from myself and other super talented makers.
It's #wipwednesday and I'm showing off my cute sign that I made for my display at @beehivebazaar . So excited to see you there
It's Tip Tuesday and I thought I would share some insight on my packaging. There's a couple of things I do when shipping to set myself apart as a seller. First, I write thank you notes for every single order I do. It is a bit time consuming, but I think it's a personal touch that matters. And with sticker orders like these, having a cardstock item helps keep the stickers protected. I love using fun washi tape and stickers in my packaging, with cute polymailers. I think it makes the package look complete. Those little touches make a difference. What packaging do you do?
Today your last chance to get in on my last sale of the year. 30% off custom orders (this is a STEAL), 40% off ready to ship hoops, and 50% off stickers. Order today!
Guys I'm so excited to be a vendor this Thursday through Saturday at @beehivebazaar . I have so many things I've been stitching up. Come check it out!
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas... 🎢🎢🎢 . . Just got back into town today, safely through all the snow and slick roads. I had the best time visiting family, but man it's good to be home. I can't wait to show you guys all the fun things I stitched for @beehivebazaar which I'll be showing at NEXT WEEK! It's going to be so fun! . . Also thank you everyone who has supported my Black Friday weekend sale. I've never had this many orders at once! Remember, the sale goes through Monday, and is your perfect opportunity to pick up a hoop, an ornament, or a sticker (or all three!) if you haven't already.
It's 3:44AM this morning, and I am headed off to Utah. As much as I'm excited to go home, I'm more excited about this Black Friday Weekend sale. This is killer, and you will not find a better deal on my work. Go snag your favorites now!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My black Friday weekend sale will start tonight, so keep an eye out in the stories today for that.
I'm in KS, hanging out with family and getting allllll the sale stuff ready. Now is the time to order Christmas gifts.
So, did not get to go to Mt. Rushmore (thanks snow) but I did get a ton of stitching done yesterday. Look at all those finished hoops! Today we head down to Denver, then over to Kansas! Since we skipped South Dakota we get one more day with family, which is awesome. . . New patterns will be coming out this week, so keep an eye out in the stories for that. Also, maybe some sales? 😘😘😘
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