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You may have already seen this on my (@ciera_jo ) story a couple days ago, but I figured I’d post the full vid here. I may be retired but i still got it (kinda haha)
Remember when we were on the SAKS channels 5 years ago? Lol we just posted a storytime about it. Let us know if you’ve already watched the video!
Comment what videos you guys want to see! We have a lot of recording we have to do before winter break is over
If you wanna see how we created these makeup masterpieces watch our new video. We tried a @jamescharles makeup look!
Wow, it’s TC2SDAY and it’s one of the last days that our merch will be available for pre-order! Thanks so much to everyone who has already preordered, they are still available through tomorrow! So excited to get them shipped out to guys❗️❗️
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TC2 SWEATSHIRTS available on for preorder until December 12th, then they’re gone!
Happy TC2SDAY! New obstacle course video is linked in our story, we also talked about merch, and tried to give as much info as possible, so if you missed the Q&A on our story yesterday, check out today’s video! Reminder: December 12th is the cutoff!!
Did you guys know that all of our new designs are available in youth and adult sizes? Go pre-order🛍 your favorite designs on (link in bio) BEFORE December 12th!
While you guys are doing your Christmas shopping today, make sure you check out to preorder our merch for Christmas! Available ONLY until December 12th, order before they are gone!
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