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HAPPY MONDAY❗️ Ciera and I have a very busy schedule today, but we made it to the gym in between a few things for a quick 30 minute workout. Swipe➡️➡️ to see what we did (also on our story)
We are getting sample of new merch so soon!! We are so excited to show you guys our new designs, we think you will love them! Throwback to a shoot we did with some of our older merch (which by the way is still available)
Hey guys!!! It’s Maggie, and I posted for the 3rd time this week (; Haha I actually just had something wrong with my video I uploaded this morning so I had to reupload 🙄 my luck... BUT GO WATCH!!! And smash the like button, and while you’re at it go watch Megan and Ciera’s recent video and this TC2uesdays video! SOOOO MANY VIDEOS!!!! Enjoys (: 🎊
NEW VIDEO IS UP! We had so much fun trying out different ninja warrior obstacles (if you guys like our obstacle course vids, you’ll love the one else just posted!) ps the obstacles require so much upper body and hand strength, like it already looks hard, but it is even harder than you expect😅
NEW VIDEO IS NOW UP!🎉🎉 have you guys ever tried gymnastics in a bounce house?
Nothing like a good old rivalry🏈 anyone wanna tell maggie she picked the wrong school?
Wow it has been a hot second since we posted, we kind of neglect this Instagram and classes just started for all of us which makes it even more difficult😂 anyways... we just uploaded a gymnastics as the pool video! (Link in story) ps if you want to keep up with all of us follow our personal instagrams and go check out our individual YouTube channels. Ciera and I have been posting pretty frequently on ours and maggie just uploaded a video of her getting her tattoo!
Two years ago we had our meet and greet at the Iowa State Fair! Can’t believe it’s been that long. To be honest we had absolutely no idea how many people would show up, but we were blown away any how well it went! Always so fun meeting you guys in person. (PS in case people ask, no we are not doing a meet up at the fair this year. We’re all busy moving into college!)
We tested out gymnastics trends in today’s new video! It is linked on our story!
We made our very own leotard (or did we?) watch our newest video to see us struggle to make a leotard from scratch in 2.5 hours!⏱
@ciera_jo is a big mood on how I feel packing for college. Anyway I was going to ask this on an Instagram poll but idk how to word it in 5 words. But for our personal accounts, mostly mine cuz m&c got their own thing going on. Would you rather have more posts or less posts that make for a good IG theme? Comment and lmk your thoughts (:
@ciera_jo and I just moved into our first apartment! We vlogged the whole thing and now it’s up on Megan and Ciera! Comment 📦 if you’ve seen it!
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