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God. ✝️ Improving Credit Scores📨📑Increase Your Income 💰

Happy Friday! Don’t get caught up on partying this weekend let’s crush these goals. One of my goals (Tripling my income and quitting my job before I’m 35) Comment below👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 a goal you want to crush BIG or SMALL #realtor #goaldigger #entrepreneur #faith #fallbutnotfail #keepgoing #DMV #naturephotography #nationwide #Newyork #stylist
Stepped out on faith cause the only shots you miss are the ones you don’t take 💜
I can go alone but I rather have my team with me! Congratulations to my newest business partner on her journey to credit repair & financial stability!
If your score start with 6 or less you need to call me
So excited to have a few of the TOP LEADERS to include Ms. @_the_creditqueen herself in town today!!! If you want to know how to get to the #money you better follow the people who are getting it babes!!! • Be my guest TONIGHT at 7pm & hear how you can #workfromhome , get paid weekly to do it all while getting your credit fixed for FREE!! Your #blessing has arrived. Come out & receive it: • 1320 Caraway Court, Largo, MD near Jaspers restaurant #DMV • Seating is limited so I need you to comment "Save My Seat" below 👇🏽 or DM me directly!!! I promise you'll learn something. Get with #TMT !!! #turnup #womeninbusiness #bossbabes #fashionistas #highenergy #guccigang #girlpower #whoruntheworld #chanel #topflight #wholeteamwinning #catchit #letsgo
It’s a beautiful Saturday!
Are you ready to make money not only helping yourself but others? Let’s be honest you’re not rich enough to let this opportunity pass you by! Text “business partner” to 202.725.9325
Can you make a couple hundreds before you even open your eyes? Find something to do that doesn’t require your presence to make you money!!!
Are you looking to earn an additional stream of income?! Join us Tonight to learn about an opportunity where you can build a business from home! This opportunity has allowed me to quit my 9-5 job right along with many others! You may not have a 9-5 you’d like to quit, but I’m pretty sure you’d probably like to earn an additional income and build residual income too! Gaining financial freedom doesn’t hurt anybody! So tune in tonight to hear more! #residualincome #404040 #dmv #nationwide #stayathomemom #dad #blacklove
My Goals 🙌🏽🙌🏽 And don’t stop until it does! You can do it! Why only work hard for someone else and not work hard for YOURSELF?! Build your own empire or you’ll always be hired by someone who built theirs! 😩🙈 #RealTalk #MondayMotivation
I’m just a girl who decided my dreams are bigger than my fear
Couldn’t have done it without my amazing team @faithtogoodcredit 😉 I love when people take control over their life. Congratulations to my newest business partner @cherrybrandy03 ☺️on starting her home based business helping others improve their credit! #welcomewelcomewelcome #residualincome #makemoneywhileyousleep #👑 #shesignedupwhileiwasgivingmysonabath #boss #beyourownboss #womenempowerment #girlboss
My team have all the funnies!
I don’t care what you did last night what you woke up doing this morning, how you grew up, what jobs you lost, what friends & family walked out on you, if you graduated college, if you got married, divorced, quit, got back up quit again, had kids, felt alone, thought of suicide & more YOU ARE ENOUGH
Your Credit is your reputation 🔹Cell Phones 🔹Insurance Premiums 🔹Jobs 🔹Utilities 🔹Apartments/Rentals 🔹Business Loans 🔹Home Loans 🔹Auto Loans 🔹Student Loans
Baby you have to let some people off, be lonely for awhile, get focused, sacrifice a little & be rewarded a lot #Repost @sarahjakesroberts (@get_repost ) ・・・ The #wcw I admire the most are the women who didn’t mind paying the #priceofadmission to pursue their purpose, heal their heart, and become whole. The women who knew that going hungry so that they could grow would help them in the long run. Sometimes moving forward means starving your fears and insecurities so that you can awaken your strength, worship, and confidence. _ Sunday was a special tIme for us in LA. You can catch the full message on the podcast or on YouTube. #priceofadmission
Each & every Wednesday we are there with a room full of people who want to repair their credit & OR make extra income if you have an inch of Curiosity about the business or what I do come out TONIGHT
This is what happy looks like 🌸💞💕
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