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God. ✝️ Improving Credit Scores📑Increase Your Income

Tune in to Tonight's Call! Executive Sales Director Imani Abdul-Aziz will be sharing.... The myths about credit. How You Can Increase your credit score. How Your Credit Score is Calculated. And how you can earn significant weekly income by helping others restore their credit. DIAL IN #: (515) 604-9038 ACCESS CODE: 530394 ***SHARE THIS POST***
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🗣🗣#Warning #Warning • Credit In The City has been moved to Wednesday this week & it is going to be #lit 🔥🔥🔥 We got the #7figure man himself Mr. Ashton Henry coming into town 🤑 all the way from the MI yayo!!! Reserve your seat TODAY by texting "VIP" & your name to me at 202-725-9325. This will be a #getmoney event to not miss!!! #trustme #tellafriend #bringafriend #bethere #makenewfriends #securethebag #moneymoves 💰
Did you know 35% of your credit repost is payment history! So why not put your most expensive bill that you pay every month faithfully on your credit report ?
You learn that your network is your net worth so allow yourself to be surrounded by other successful people and it’s not hate it’s all love and education! 😘😘💰💰📊📊 Moments end up becoming priceless rather than pricey! #tiarra #approved I NEVER PUT A PRICE TAG ON NOTHING MY INVESTMENTS HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO WORK IN MY FAVOR AND IF THEY DONT IM NOT WORKING IN THEIR FAVOR! #entrepreneurship at its finest! #thebestisyettocome #facts #nationwide #tiredofbeingbroke #clientresults #joinmyteam #creditspecialist #bossbabe #timessquare
GOOD MORNING IG FAMILY, make a INVESTMENT within yourself and let's get you RIGHT IMMEDIATELY .. 📌Accept the good, Imagine the best, & Find purpose in restoring your credit 🏡🏢🚘, no need to keep #PROCRASTINATING and putting it off, I call that putting yourself last.. You damaged your credit for your own reasons (Ladies and gents) & IM HERE to help u get it back together or better then EVER ... IM HERE to give you the GAME 📌 START supporting YOURSELF and getting your LIFE IN ORDER TODAY .. IM UP PREPARING FOR SUCCESS AND U SHOULD TOO 📌To sign up Today as my CLIENT OR TO BE A AGENT Text or Call (202)725-9325 trust the process with ME and i can promise you, YOU won't be let down ..
What’s stopping you? Many of you have inquired several times & have yet to get started? Comment below what’s really going on I may be help
This could be you! I’m always open to connect and build with other people who want more for themselves, their family, and future! If this is you comment “Let’s Build” below ☺️💜
#Results ! :🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 ——————— Customer Credit Score Increased 155 points from our Protection Plan Membership! We have an A+ rating with the better business bureau because we've earned it! :🙌🏽We get great results! Would you like your credit score Increased by receiving DELETIONS off your credit report? 💎Start increasing your credit score! Text “Credit” to (202) 725-9325 STUDENT LOANS➡️DELETED COLLECTIONS➡️DELETED LATE PAYMENTS➡️DELETED BANKRUPTCY➡️DELETED MEDICAL BILLS➡️DELETED JUDGMENTS➡️DELETED REPOSSESSIONS➡️DELETED AND MORE! #creditspecialist #bossbabe #joinmyteam #june #client #clientresults #team
If you’re interested in coming out DM me for the location ・・・ TOMORROW it's going down! #perusual #usualsuspects #squadgoals BE MY GUEST! Doors open at 7pm #Showtime 715ish Text #VIP by clicking the text link in my Bio📲to #reserve your seat. Wine & knowledge served cold 🌬 See you there #knowledgeispower #creditispower #cantstop #workfromhome #evolution #opportunityknocks #comeonin #openarms #welcome #securethebag #summer18 #letsgo #gotime #pullup #DMVevents #creditadvisor #travel
A little Friday Fun 😂😂😂😂 Don’t let this be you!
STOP procrastinating, get the credit you deserve TODAY! BECOME a protection plan member.——————————————————————————— By becoming a protection plan member with me you will be able to repair your credit, protect your identity from identity theft (fastest growing crime) , have access to a credit attorney to stop harassing phone calls and take legal action against debt collection agencies . But keep in mind u get all that plus way more While REBUILDING YOUR CREDIT.——————————————————————————— YOUR CREDIT SCORE DETERMINES WAY TOO MUCH TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY. To enroll call 202.725.9325
In order to be successful you must be willing to do what most wont
Things happen to good people it’s your choice to pick it up & turn it around!
When I saw this I didn’t just see working smart. We have to be willing to cut off things that mean us no good #worksmarternotharder #worksmart #bossbabe #joinmyteam #nationwide #business
You gotta stop saying that word "Can't" b/c you CAN. You can do anything! I show others everyday how they CAN afford my service so they can have better credit which helps them to save even more money #longtermthinking Here are a few scenerios: • 1. Stop buying #coffee everyday! 2. Stop buying #cocktails everyday! 3. Stop eating out everyday! • Thats called #sacrifice . If you cut out the things you want to achieve getting the things you need then everything becomes affordable. Change your #mindset change your life! - LR
Love yourself enough to say I want more I deserve more
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