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Which character had the best upgrade??
On a scale of 1-10, how hyped are you for Elseworlds??
Top or bottom?
Which Flash suit is your favourite?? ⚡️ - New series I’m gonna start, inspired by a post of @realworldofflash - Comment below who’s suit you want me to compare next
Thoughts? 😶
Which Wells has been your favourite so far??
Barry’s gonna be pissed.. 🤭
Which duo is better? ⚡️
Which season did it better?
Upgrade or downgrade?? ⚡️
Cisco’s hands can hardly get a break 😓 - Inspired by @that_flash_guy
The CW be gettin sued 😶
Then or Now?
I wonder where Nora learnt this handy little trick.. 🤔
Ralph finally got his own criminal-friend 😂
Just a cool similarity I noticed 😶
Everything we’ve seen in during the season 1 time travel scene has officially become a reality 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Some things never change... @grantgust
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