Michèle Krüsi

Zurich | next: Ischgl, LA, NYC ↡ GET MY FILTERS @tffpresets

Always remember: before every sunrise, there‘s been a dark night. // Location: @zherohotelischgl
Would you believe I told you it wasn‘t cold? 😛 Thank you for spoiling us @zherohotelischgl
Good morning from the mountains ❄️
Looking cooler than I am
Happy girls are the prettiest
Feeling my outfit. Obviously.
Taking a seat wherever I can... because lazy
Not sure whether it was the rebel or child inside of me who made me do this 😈👼🏼
Ready for Berlin Fashion Week as my @dysonhair #dysonairwrap is already packed. By the way, there’s a tutorial about how to create this hairstyle on IGTV.
what I call breakfast with a view
Always rushing
Success story of the day: Went skiing without hugging the floor (because it probably got hugged by others and I‘m not sure if it can handle so much love 😄)
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