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Tag a friend and hit save to stay informed on the calorie and sugar quantities within this extensive list of fruits. - - Most fruit proposes a plethora of vitamins and minerals to it’s consumer. And whilst the cringeworthy term, ‘nature’s candy’ is descriptively tragic, fruit is a source of sweet tasting whole food than offers micronutrients for overall health, fibre for satiety and water for hydration. - - As you can see, each fruit has a different macro-nutritional make up. Some have more sugar, others have less. Some have more calories, others have less. And (not displayed here), some have more fibre, whilst others have less. - - It is worth noting that sugar extracted from fruit will have the exact same metabolic result as sugar extracted from a snickers. But the combination of sugar and fibre consumed via a whole food (in this case fruit) makes it more likely to satisfy one’s hunger more than food comprising of sugar and minimal fibre. However, one’s attainment of satiety will differ from another’s. - - Fruit is a more nutritious, calorie sparse source of energy than confectionary. But it is important to realise that caloric values of any food count towards overall energy balance. Fibre density per calories consumed may make one ‘feel fuller’ and therefore aid adherence to overall energy targets - especially calorie deficits. - - Thus, consuming any item of ‘sweet’ tasting food is a valid option, but those which provide more satiety after consumption may support one’s energy balance more, whilst also delivering a host of nutritious advantages at the same time. 🔥 - - P.s. which is your favourite fruit? 🍓 - - #thefitnesschef #fruit #sugar #calories #berries #nutrients #snacktime #snack #vegan #caloriescount #eatsmart #flexiblediet #fruitsalad #micronutrients #avocado #fatlosstips #dieting #lowcaloriesnack #fruitbowl
An evening/night out would be fairly mundane if did not involve some degree of indulgent food and/or alcohol. - - But problems may arise if one meticulously tracks calories in accordance with a fat loss target, only to lose awareness of energy intake on occasions when excessive calories are consumed. - - If the frequency of calorie excessive nights out is low, the caloric impact on body composition will follow suit. But regularity of such short term occasions can heavily influence one’s long term body composition. - - Whilst a night out is there to be enjoyed, one will likely spend the subsequent 24 hours in a state of fatigue and reduced motivation to move and/or adhere to eating patterns which support their goal. This can extend the unsupportive period. - - If one had a fat loss calorie target of 1800 calories per day (12600 per week), the above night out calories (consumed in 4-6 hours) accumulates to around 1/3 of total weekly calories. Even if one began meticulously adhering to their 1800 calorie target the next week, they would still be consuming significantly more weekly calories than required. The more this patterns repeats, the more likely that fat loss becomes much harder and fat gain becomes much easier. - - As with any change, the key is awareness of action. Changing state is as much about recognising critical stages and acting upon them. Instead of wondering why no progress is being made, one can become aware of the reason why. Then that individual can make sensible adjustments that have the smallest impact on enjoyment, but the biggest impact on progression. - - Nights out should not be spent in misery, worrying about nutritional values of food/drinks. Already being aware of more supportive choices means that regular fun can be had at less detriment to the goal. - - Thus, fewer sides, lower calorie mixers and orgasms may be a better idea than mindless eating, animalistic drinking and 2am kebabs. 🙂 - - #thefitnesschef #nightout #alcohol #wine #dinnerout #eatingout #fatlosshelp #losefat #dieting #nutritioncoach #lowcalorie #fatlosscoach #caloriedeficit #portioncontrol #drunk #diettips #energybalance #fatlosstips
Janice, Alice, Petunia, Karen and Sally have just finished their group fitness session and arrive at a cafe for some brunch. - - Jostling to impose their fat loss tips (read in a blog), the waiter arrives. Janice, Alice, Petunia and Karen choose the avocado & mixed seed toast with a smug health-righteous expression (it’s what their favourite wellness blogger posts for their breakfast each day on instagram). - - Then the waiter turns to Sally. She asks for bacon & eggs on toast. The musical ambience stops. Jaws drop and necks coil among Sally’s friends. Eyes bulge with horror. Forehead veins surface. The waiter offers Sally an expression of reassurance amidst the venomous outrage. - - Janice (disgusted), genuinely believes bacon is ‘fattening’ because it’s mildly processed. She sarcastically assures Sally that she’ll only make her ‘thunder thighs’ bigger by eating it. Alice reacts appallingly to look good in front of Janice. Petunia is in a loveless marriage and seeks refuge through making others feel as bad as she does. And Karen... Well Karen is just a callous fuck. - - Like the others, Sally has tried to lose fat for years. But recently she has done some basic nutritional research. She discovered that bacon and eggs on toast from this establishment equates to fewer calories than the much revered avocado toast. She knows that micronutrients are important for overall health, but that energy balance defines fat loss, not individual foods. - - Sally’s personal liking of bacon and eggs in conjunction with acquired nutritional knowledge means that she can enjoy her informed choice. - - Eating food is not a fashion statement. It does not raise your profile to the upper echelons of social standing or importance. Any food one choose to eat is a source of energy which is to be enjoyed, not judged. Avocado, bacon or any food, choose in nutritional understanding and because you like it. Even if your joy is met with an ignorant frown. 🙂 - - #thefitnesschef #avocadotoast #healthybrunch #fatloss #nutritious #baconandeggs #caloriecounting #diettips #fitnessmotivation #dietstruggle #dieting #fatlosshelp #nutritiontips #fatlosscoach #losefat #micronutrients #sw
Despite our ‘health regimented’ intentions or following of undesirable orders, eventually we tend to end up doing what we want to do anyway. In this case, smothering peanut butter on toast to accommodate our love of a specific food and our need for energy. - - Limitation, exclusion and extreme conservatism are things you are told you need to do in order to improve your diet. Whilst this is true for fat loss in that decreased calorie consumption = more fat loss, when it comes to foods you adore, extreme restriction can be difficult. You’re told you cannot eat a certain food, but you enjoy it. You’re told you can only eat minuscule portions, but you want more. - - Let me tell you something. If deprived, you will eventually eat your desired portion of that food. And the longer you deprive yourself of it, the more likely you are to take excessive consumption of it to the realms of extortion. - - Sometimes progression is about accepting that you will eat your favourite calorie dense foods because naturally, you enjoy those foods. Taking this exactly for what it is can enable one to find peace. So much so that one will be able to think rationally about the relationship between palatable desire and their fitness goal. Thus, calm rationality and application of logic can enable one to strike an informed compromise. - - Whilst one’s body composition is entirely defined physiological responses to energy in vs energy out, it is one’s mind (and the decisions it makes) which start the process. - - Acceptance and nutritional awareness can therefore shift one’s mindset from from unnecessary anxious deprivation and misery to clear appreciation of one’s own necessity to consume enjoyed foods and improve health. If the mind is rational and clear, there’s a good chance that the rest of one’s nutritional journey will follow a similar path. Compromise can mediate many of life’s problems, including one’s enjoyment of food in relation to overall health. 🔥 - - #thefitnesschef #peanutbutter #portioncontrol #snack #peanutbutterlover #calories #nutbutter #caloriecounting #eatsmart #fitnessmotivation #fatloss #nutritionfacts #nutritioncoach #losefat #bingeeating #losebellyfat
Tag a TGI Fridays lover, hit save and keep everyone informed on their favourites. - - Counting calories from calorie dense meals need not be of paramount importance if regularity of such calorie dense meals is rare. Socializing and enjoying food you like should be the primal reason to frequent such eating establishments. Though it’s likely that excess calories will be consumed, one can do so in the confidence that it’s occurrence is not regular. Thus, it will have a minimal effect on one’s energy balance over the bigger picture. - - However, if one was to ‘eat out’ with regularity (once a week or more), excessive and extreme calorie consumption could inhibit one’s composition. This is mainly due to many menu items (not just in TGI Fridays) being calorie dense. As this graphic shows, one could accumulate up to 5000 calories from an appetizer, main course, dessert and 2/3 drinks. But it is awareness of these caloric values which allows one to either; make an alternative choice when eating out. Or to strategically adjust calorie intake over subsequent meals/days to accommodate excessive consumption. - - Enjoy friendships. Enjoy food. Enjoy TGI Fridays. But in order to enjoy progression of your goal, awareness of relationships between calorie dense foods and your overall energy balance is important. This allows you to be further empowered to prolong that progression. 🔥 - - #thefitnesschef #tgifridays #rackofribs #bbqribs #burger #dinnerout #desserts #calories #caloriedeficit #fatlosstips #caloriecounting #caloriecounter #dieting #treatmeal #eatsmart #fastfood #fatlosscoach #nutritionfacts #nutritiontips #ribs #cheeseburger #everythinginmoderation
Perhaps the BBC or channel 4 should take note of this study before they compare a potato to several sugar lumps again, provoking prime time fear across a nation. - - Additionally, perhaps some should consider the value of this study before rendering potato’s to the ‘high GI’ scrapheap of foods never to be consumed in the name of low-carb crusades - - This range of food represents only a small sample of foods available to us. But whilst this study did not tell us much about the nutritional quality of these foods, it’s aim was to measure satiety among a reasonable sample of subjects. Each consumed 240 calories worth of 38 different foods. - - With white bread being the base barometer at 100%, the rest of the foods were measured. Unsurprisingly, due to their lack of protein and fibre and easily digested sugars such as pastries, cakes and donuts satiated the least. Whilst protein dense foods consistently placed high up on the score sheet. But it was boiled potatoes which placed top, significantly higher than any other food. This is of course, just one study... - - Despite this, it’s results are useful for an individual seeking calorie control and satiety from their diet. Whilst calorie adherence is paramount to dictating fat loss/gain/maintenance, adherence to a calorie target (especially a calorie deficit) becomes easier to achieve if one is satiated. - - Foods lower in satiety and higher in calories (such as bakery products) should be included if enjoyed. But in order to prevent the need for more calories, one should probably be aware of the correlation between calories consumed and satiety achieved from consumption. Excessive calorie consumption then becomes less likely. - - Equally so, if fat loss is the goal, one should not consume food ‘just’ because it fills them up. Being aware of calorie balance is still required. - - This study indicates that we should probably base our diet on whole foods, whilst including non optimal, less satiating foods in moderation. 🙂 - - #thefitnesschef #diettips #nutritioncoach #satietyfoods #potatoes #fatloss #losefat #eatsmart #diet #protein #dieting #obesity #fillingfoods #dietplan #mealprep #weightloss #diethelp
Slimming world exists as a fat loss system. Whilst adherence to it’s ideals may result in improvements for some, for others it’s system is flawed to the point where no sustainable progress occurs. - - A calorie deficit is required to lose fat. But adherence to slimming world does not guarantee that calorie deficit. Because encouraging consumers to eat unregulated quantities of ‘free foods’ becomes problematic when there is no structured caloric control of those foods. ‘Free’ is to imply that it doesn’t count. But it does count - irrespective of that food’s overall quality. - - Designing an eating system in such a way denies the consumer factual nutritional values and thus the meaningful information required to make informed choices in relation to their goal. As a result, one may over-consume ‘free’ foods and unknowingly counteract the calorie deficit required to lose fat. - - SW success is judged by weekly measurement of total body weight (including water). Therefore, progress or failure could be defined by going to the toilet or drinking a bottle of water prior to the weigh in. Despite this, members are required to pay £20 per month for the privilege of this ‘assessment’, along with ‘educational’ discussions conducted by slimming world coaches. - - Slimming world’s core values and practices are unnecessarily complex. They also serve to potentially worsen one’s relationship with food. Fictional buzzwords and a ‘win or lose’ arena defy what is required for sustainable fat loss and positive food relationships . A gradual, tracked calorie deficit including factual appreciation of all foods offers a cheaper, better informed, logical solution. - - Some may have accidental success with slimming world. But if calories define fat loss, surely caloric values ought to be appreciated. For those who can’t afford £20 a month for an irrelevant measurement system, unskilled advice and yo-yo results, maybe it’s time to step back into the real world. 🙂 - - #thefitnesschef #fatloss #fatlossdiet #fatlosshelp #slimmingworld #sw #nutritioncoach #fatlosscoach #weightloss #caloriedeficit #caloriescount #caloriecounting #losefat #syns #nutritiontips #dieting #diettips #twix
In light of my keto based post yesterday, I thought it appropriate to share recipes which involve bread and rice. Because despite what some extreme carbophobic nutrition zealots preach, eating bread and rice is fine. - - Diets which exclude food groups not only do so unnecessarily, but also impair one’s ability to adhere to said diet. The key to success and adherence is being aware of regularity and portion size of the all that food one consumes. Including bread. Including broccoli. Including any food one enjoys. - - The idea behind eating is to give your anatomy the necessary energy required to exist. Given that you require energy each day, it’s probably a good idea that you enjoy your food. What is life without pizza, bread, cinnamon swirls or curry. That is a rhetorical question. - - That said, regularly consuming 2300 calories from takeaway curry’s can be problematic for one’s composition. So here are four lower calorie, 15 minute homemade curry ideas to try out.. 🔥 - - Thai green curry: - - Pre-heat pan before adding 10ml olive oil, 150 chicken breast, 100g thai green curry paste, fresh coriander, 2 tbsp 0% Greek yogurt, mixed peppers, 1/2 red onion. Cook for 15 mins. Serve with 125g cooked basmati rice. - - Prawn & Sweet Potato Balti: - - Pre-heat pan before adding 10ml olive oil, 150g cooked prawns, 2 tbsp balti curry paste, 1 tsp cumin, 100g tomato passata. Cook for 15 mins. Serve with 150g chopped, microwaved sweet potato. - - Chicken tikka masala: - - Pre-heat pan before adding 10ml olive oil, 150g chicken, 2 tbsp masala paste, 100g tomato passata, 1/2 red onion, 5 chopped cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, 1/2 red pepper. Serve with 125g cooked basmati rice. - - Lamb masala tear up naan: - - Pre-heat pan before adding 10ml olive oil and 200g diced lamb to pan. Add 3tbsp masala paste, spinach and 1/2 chopped red chili. Sear for 5 mins. Place large 175g garlic & coriander naan under grill for 2 minutes and serve together. - - #thefitnesschef #fatlossdiet #mealprep #curry #chickencurry #currylover #dinnerideas #fastfood #mealprepsunday #highprotein #carbs #nutritioncoach #fatlosshelp #tastyfood #recipeideas #dinnertime
By definition, the ketogenic diet is a fat loss diet whereby carbohydrate consumption is low and fat is high. This causes blood sugar levels to drop, which allows the body to break down fat for energy (as no carbs are present). - - Extremist keto advocates claim that drinking keto/bullet proof ‘coffee’ puts you into an efficient ‘fat burning state’, but this is simply because fat is being metabolized. The most irrational claim to come to fruition is that: “if in ketosis, one can still lose fat in a state of caloric surplus”. But these claims are based on cherry picked studies undertaken on rats. And therefore cannot be related to human beings. - - If we consult meta-analysis (studies done on studies) to produce a reliable, clear conclusion, we can see that fat loss cannot occur without a calorie deficit. Therefore by this universally proven theory, a 5 calorie coffee will support fat loss significantly more than a 480 calorie coffee. - - Here are two options for fat loss - 1: Consume 480 calorie coffee’s for breakfast whilst not eating - then avoid carbohydrates across all meals. Or 2: Enjoy regular coffee, eat balanced meals and controlling overall calorie intake via all foods you enjoy. The latter seems more logical. - - You can lose fat whilst following a ketogenic diet. But only if you are in a state a caloric deficit. The keto diet still relies on this caloric deficit to determine fat loss occurance. But the fat loss success of a simple caloric deficit does not rely on a keto based diet (funnily enough). - - If you enjoy the ketogenic diet, do it. But know that it’s grand claims, cherry picked evidence and slimey coffee does not inherently benefit fat loss anymore than a simple arrangement of balanced macronutrients which favour a sustainable, supportive energy balance. 🔥 - - P.s. When you need a spoon to drink coffee, you know it’s not coffee... - - #thefitnesschef #keto #ketodiet #fatloss #caloriedeficit #coffee #coffeelover #ketocoffee #fatlosscoach #calories #fatlosstips #losefat #burnfat #fatburning #coffeetime #dieting #blackcoffee #caloriecounting #ketoweightloss
One can be forgiven for assuming that chocolate covered raisins are ‘healthier’ than commercial chocolate bars. Forgiven because chocolate covered raisins contain fruit. And fruit proposes a health benefit in the form of micronutrients. - - One can also be forgiven for believing that any purchase from a ‘health shop’ will automatically support their ‘health’ goals. One may see a packet labeled ‘good stuff’ (as these chocolate raisins are) and assume they will be ‘good’ for their overall health, including weight. - - But the immediate problem is this. What is health? ‘Health’ is broad term that is difficult to apply to isolated nutritional choices/decisions. Health is ensuring consumption of sufficient nutrients whilst supporting energy balance across overall diet. Health does not have to come in a packet from a ‘health shop’. Especially if it trades excessive calorie/sugar density in return for a few micronutrients. - - If one enjoys chocolate raisins, one must consume them. But with regard to body composition, one needs to look more objectively at the food they consume. Then they may understand that sourcing most of their nutrients from lower calorie/sugar foods may be a better idea. - - Objectively in the sense that a small, snack sized 125g packet of chocolate raisins (a generous handful) accumulates to 540 calories and 70 sugar. In comparison to frowned upon chocolate based snacks (not sold in ‘health shops’), this equates to over double the calories and 2.5x the sugar of a snickers bar, and 5x the calories and sugar of a curly wurly bar. This is not a criticism or promotion of any food. But a call to appreciate actual nutritional values of food. - - Understanding and applying objective nutritional facts is the first step to properly understanding one’s nutritional health. Rather than succumbing to propaganda, careless marketing and assumption, one can apply a hard reality to their goal and form a diet based on science and progress instead. 🔥 - - #thefitnesschef #healthshop #chocolate #chocolateraisins #snackbox #snack #fatloss #caloriedeficit #flexibledieting #calories #sugar #raisins #nutritionfacts #fatlosscoach #eatsmart #snickers #fatlosstips
Tag a cookie loving mate, hit save and keep everyone informed on this assortment of shop based cookies. - - For some, consumption of any cookie produces the same nutritional belief regarding its worth. Therefore, instead of the true nutritional value, the name of the food dictates their nutritional decisions and subsequent emotions after consumption. - - However, as the graphic shows, each cookie can be very different in nutritional terms. Some have more calories, some have less. Some have more sugar, some have less. Some taste great, some only taste good. - - Many foods exist with a higher nutritional worth, but as long as one is aware, now and then, a cookie can supplement a worthy diet perfectly. 🔥 Which one is your favourite?🍪 - - #thefitnesschef #cookies #subway #snack #snacktime #calories #caloriecounting #caloriedeficit #flexibledieting #balanceddiet #nutritionfacts #nutritiontips #fatlosscoach #tastysnack #cookiesofinstagram #fatlosstips #fatlosshelp
Because according to Paul and Paula in the office; ‘potatoes cause obesity’, ‘cheese clogs arteries’, ‘one portion of mildly processed sausages automatically causes cancer’ and ‘ketchup is full of chemicals’... - - These statements above (along with the obligatory food shaming remarks) are symptomatic of the hysterical, dramatic dieting culture that we continue to perpetuate. Television documentaries, agenda driven social media influencers and Netflix are shaping our nutritional beliefs more than ever before. Sadly, they seem to have replaced evidence based science carried out in unbiased, controlled environments. - - People only know what they know. And sometimes what they know is exaggerated or inaccurate. They feel a sense of entitlement to inflict their beliefs upon others. But sometimes their beliefs are wrong. - - This graphic represents what one may experience when subjected to external opinions about the food they consume. If one was beginning a journey of nutritional improvement, they are less likely to be completely confident that their process is right. Therefore this opens the door for misinformed, extreme and manipulative comments to consume that individual. Or worse, to demotivate them enough to give up completely. - - This graphic also represents a small taste of opinions about food in 2018 - usually centred around idolisation and demonisation. Life and death judged on a single lunch at work. As well as demonstrating nutritional misinformation among ordinary people, the graphic represents the fruits of supposed nutrition guru’s as they chastise foods and food groups to manipulate their followers into their own agenda. - - If there’s one thing you take away from this post, it’s to carefully chose who you listen to. Learning how to separate vindictive noise from helpful advice is done through your own sourcing of reliable information and support. Once you have this, you can very easily remove the unhelpful noise from your life. 🙂 - - #thefitnesschef #lunchbox #nutritiontips #balanceddiet #eatsmart #fatlosshelp #nutritioncoach #evidencebasednutrition #diet #dieting #dinnerideas #sausages #potatoes #obesity #salad #healthyfood #sw
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