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Every blonde needs a brunette ❤️🙍🏻‍♀️👩🏼‍🦱She brings wild out in us girls 🤩🤫🤣🤪 My Gypsy girl, I Love your Spirit ❤️🧜🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️ . The beach and a Matt Anderson concert, was an awesome way to spend the weekend. For me it’s the little adventures that mean the most, taking the Exit before a great little beach and running to get our feet in the water. Sneaking a drink like we were teenagers, don’t worry we had an excellent DD 😍😘 headed to the venue and met up with friends and enjoyed some great 🎵 music. . I love concerts but unfortunately I am not able to enjoy all music in large arenas, I am deaf in my left ear. I always make sure I have a person on my right that can hear for me 👂 no joke! I have gotten better at lip reading as well. Makes it easy to watch IG videos on silent too 🤷🏼‍♀️ gotta look for the positives right?!?! 😊 My point of this was haha the venue we were at Saturday night, I could hear it all. The way it is set up and he had no extra electrical sounds, I was able to enjoy and make out all the guitars and instruments. It was glorious. Even though I couldn’t always make out the lyrics, I was dancing in my seat, I could feel the beat 🥁Thank You to my concert gang for an awesome time again! . Hope you all had a great one too! What did you guys do??? . Another coffee this morning now and gotta head to work!! Have a great one everybody 😍😘. . . . . . . #liveyourbestlife #goodvibes #deaf #hearingimpaired #goodmorning #beach #beachbabes #feetinsand #concert #friends #music #curlygirl #chronicallyill #crohns #goodtimes #liveit #happy
THE FUTURE IS CURLY 🙌 well for me 😆and some others that I know 😊 Curly and proud of it! Being ourselves and letting our hair be what our hair wants to be. . I ❤️ my new shirt and had been eyeing one for a while now and was so excited when reached out to me. If you would like to get one of these babies or one of there other awesome styles and save some $$ go to the link in my bio . Use the Code: JOANNCURLS . . It’s FRiDAY and I am a happy girl 😍 weekend of fun is coming at me. Coffee dates and a concert tomorrow night, sun is gonna shine and yeah it’s gonna be a good one. . . Have an awesome Friday and weekend everyone and remember to have fun! Play safe though 😍😘 . . . . . . #livemybestlife #positivevibes #positivity #powerofpositivity #thefutureiscurly #futureplans #chronicallyill #chronicallyawesome #crohnswarrior #curlyhair #curlygirl #curlygirlmethod #monatcurls #curlclub #monatcurlygirl #monatstyle #monatcurlyhair #monatcurlies
Happy Wednesday People 😍. My Day Off 🙌🤩. Just wanted to share my curl check this morning with you. I plan on washing my hair today so last night I was a rebel and slept with my hair down 🤭 I did, only my pillowcase for protection. It didn’t ruin my hair 🙌 now the back ain’t so pretty but it’s fixable. Haha love how my hair is able to be so much more manageable! This healthy, curly hair journey is rewarding in such little ways that make you feel so good. Healthy hair and progress! . Well I am gonna have a lazy morning here, coffee and YouTube is my plan then a massage. My 40’s are going to be about self care, something that is important but often gets put on the back burner, not anymore. My medical pays for massages so 🤷🏼‍♀️ why not enjoy and feel better. Self care is important and so are you! What do you do for self care? . Have a great one folks 😍😘. . . . . . #livemybestlife #selfcare #massage #curlcheck #morninghair #dayoffvibes #chronicallyill #chronicallyawesome #crohnsgirl #crohns #curlyhair #curlygirl #curly #curlclub #monatcurls #monatcurlies #monatcurlygirl #curlclub #monathair
I love my curls! Really I do and I don’t care if they aren’t all the same or to their full potential or not. . . This hair suits me, it’s a little proper with a lot of volume and life. I wear my hair proudly now and people seem to like it, and I don’t really mind if they don’t lol 🤭🤷🏼‍♀️. . . I let my hair do it’s thing and honestly we are the ones who notice if a curl is wonky or that frizz. Wear it all proudly because it is yours, your perfect crown of curls 😍 . Have a great Monday folks 😍😘 . . . . . #livemybestlife #positivevibes #positivity #happy #justkeepshowingup #chronicallyill #chronicallyawesome #chronicallychill #crohnsawareness #monatcurls #curlclub #monatcurlies #monatcurlygirl #curlyhair #curlygirl #curlylocks
Ok so I need to hid my scissors 😆 gave myself some bangs! . . Why??? I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♀️ I had a moment of weakness or what have you and cut em! I think I like them. I had fringe but they were weird by times and from thinning shears had a funny end, and like I said I had a moment and so they were gone. . I see a lot of people on here doing a unicorn cut. That looks interesting and good for in betweens. I am still gonna trust my gal Dorothy to do the major stuff and I guess fix what I f up 🤣 . . It’s Friday and I couldn’t be more happy to see it. Busy week with treatments, appointments and work, so this weekend is gonna be a laid back one that is for sure. The craziness of summer will be here soon enough and it will be full on camping with any chance I can get. Love to camp and yes I like to sleep in a 🏕 and love it! The kids really make it and seeing them from summer to summer makes you realize how fast times goes with them....and they aren’t even my babies but it kills me. Seeing them go on their bikes now with friends, no more needing to follow them. Sad but it’s a gift to be able to watch. Excited for this camping season! . . Have a great day everyone 😍😘❤️. . #liveyourbestlife #makememories #timeflieswhenyourhavingfun #summertime #summerfun #weekendvibes #tgif #happydance #curlygirlmethod #curlygirl #curlygirlsrock #monatcurlygirl #curlclub #monatcurls #monatcurlies #monathaircare
😆😆 ha this still makes me laugh 😂. . My goal is to make the next 40 the BEST! . . Now, to learn from all my mistakes, bad ideas and f*€k ups 🤭. We all make them , it’s whether we choose to learn from them or blame it on something else. Well I plan on learning,growing and glowing 😍. . These next 40...should be interesting 🙌 Have a great Wednesday everybody😍😘. . . . . . #livemybestlife #positivevibes #growthmindset #positivemindset #iam40 #40baby #lifelessons #chronicallyill #chronicallyawesome #chronicallyhopeful #40yearsofdreams
All hooked up then your vein decides to blow up 🤷🏼‍♀️ I could feel the burn and the fluid started to fill my tissue. Ice pack to the rescue and new vein found. The veins in my right arm are worn out and looks like my left is getting there. Oh the joys of illness. . . Enjoy the sun for me today and have a great Monday peeps 😍 juicing up for summer today 🙌🙌 Wonder Woman coming soon 😆🙌🤩 . . . . . . #livemybestlife #chronicallyill #curlyhair #monatcurls #curlclub #crohnsdisease #remicade #infusion #chronicallyawesome #chronicillness #crohnswarrior #ibdawareness #ibd #ibdwarrior #chronicillnessawareness #keepsmiling #positivevibes #whatdoesntkillmemakesmestronger
My Journey so far! . . Top left my First #curlygirl picture to start this journey. I really didn’t know what I was doing or needed but I knew I wanted curly hair! So where else do I go but here Instagram, with all the amazing curls and wavies, real gals with real results. The pioneers of the #curlygirlmethod need to be thanked as they have researched, tried every technique and the list could go on and on. I follow all curls but I pay close attention to anyone who I feel has hair similar to mine, porosity, curl pattern and do what has worked for them. . Top right, this was about 3-4 months in. I had figured out that I had needed #squishtocondish in my life and that had made a world of difference in the size of my clumps. I now had the Deva cut on the brain and knew that was going to be a biggie for me, and made plans for one. I had been trimming my own hair at this point, too many YouTube videos 😆 I had found out about finger coiling and the Denman brush and love them both! . . Bottom right, I am a happy girl in January. I had my Deva cut and clumps are forming. I was adding the bowl in for wet frizz, added wet plopping every time and less T-shirt plopping. I found the 80/20 method and that is what I still stick with. . . Now for the last picture, I finally feel like I am an expert at my own hair. That doesn’t mean it’s always perfect but it means I know what works best now for my hair. When a quick refresh isn’t going to do it, or if I want good hair for Saturday I am washing it Friday. With all the gals and guys I have been watching I am learning lots of hairdos I can run to if a bad curl day happens. I have to say though, a bad day with my curls is still better then what it had been 🤣 hair that couldn’t decide what it had wanted to do. I am enjoying the process, meeting some amazing people and actually having fun with my hair! . . Have a great Day everyone and remember to have fun! 😍😘 iTs FrIDaY! . . . . . #curlygirlmethod #curlygirl #curlclub #curlyhair #curl #curlyhaired #monatcurly #monathair #healthyhair #monatcurlygirl #monatcurl #monatcurlcream #monatcurls #monathair #monatcurlies #curlygirltransformation #chronicallyill #chronicallyawesome
Who loves #conversesneakers ? . I know...these are just a pair of sneakers but these have been one of my favourite scores yet! These babies were $3 🤩 with the tags still on the inside. I near died when I found these while I was out thrift store shopping with my girlfriend! Yes they were dingy and crinkled from being buried under other sneakers but I am a laundry freak and I knew I could clean these suckers up. They look brand new from the store and I paid less then what the tax would have been on them 🙌🙌 sorry just needed to share my victory find 😆 . And sometimes it’s just nice to have a change, ya see my face all the time well here are me feet 🦶 Ladies 8’s. These feet have done gymnastics, danced ballet, tap, step and jazz. Played soccer, ran track, danced the night away, and the list could go on. Oh and yes I collect shoes, sneakers, boots and sandals. I have a closet room, no kids and extra space 🤷🏼‍♀️ why not?!? Hubby has a fishing/golf one 😆 . I like to rotate my stuff and make sure it all gets worn. I turn my hangers around every season, and as I wear it and put it back I put it in the opposite direction so I know I have worn it 💁🏼‍♀️ I like it organized. It is far from fancy and all matched right now, odd ikea pieces, but it functions and is neat n’ tidy! I would rather fill it with finds then spend money on built ins yet or newer ikea that hasn’t been moved a crap ton of times 😆 Anyways, enough rambling from me and have a great day everyone 😘😘😘 . . #thriftysistas @isitjustmeme . . . . . #livemybestlife #bestshoppingfind #deals #converse #thriftyfinds #thriftyfashion #thriftyshopping #sneakers #sneakerstyle #nevertoomanyshoes #nevertoomany #whiteconverse #shoes 👟 #sneaker #shopping
Well I think that is it folks! 🙃. 🥳 My Birthday celebrations are over, and now back to reality....I am 40! May was a great month and I enjoyed every bit of it. 🥳 Time with friends and family, my fav birthday 🎈 , the gifts were 🙌fab and just on point! Thanks everyone 💕😘From a Dance, kitchen party, bonfire and to an evening out and drinks in my favourite restaurant for the view, to walking the waterfront and having a Beavertail pastry, I have had a great birthday month. 🤣🥳🤗 ❤️ Monday is here again, and the leopard is put away for now. Have a great day everyone 😘😘😘 . . . . . . #livemybestlife #40andfabulous #40isthenew30 #40baby #monatcurls #curlclub #monatstyle #curlygirlmethod #curly #curlyhair #monatcurlygirl #monatcurlies #monatcurlcream #leopard #strappyshoes #chronicallyill #chronicallyawesome #butyoudontlooksick
Had a great day! 40, I don’t think is going to be that bad. Had a great morning with coffee and chatting, then to my pedicure and manicure, my beauty Belle was getting ready for prom, Grade 7 so off to see her next. Supper with friends, 2 more cakes and I am good 😆 I want to thank everyone for the messages, calls, and visits. I have had a great birthday and I think my 40’s will be the BEST decade yet!! . . . . . #birthday #birthdaygirl #birthdaycake #monatcurls #curlclub #livemybestlife #monatstyle #curlygirlmethod #curly #curlyhair #crown #chronicallyill #chronicallyawesome #haveagoodday
Well Good Morning!! And Lordy, Lordy I am waking up and being Forty! How is this possible??? I have a full day planned starting with a coffee date this morning, pedicure this afternoon, have to help my beauty Belle get ready for her first Prom, a bbq for supper and that is enough 🎂 oh maybe another cake 🥳🤣 . 🎂 It has been an eventful week of Birthday dates, messages and visits. 40 has been difficult for me to wrap my head around but with some great friends and after all the support I have had this week, I think I am gonna love it! You have learned about life, what you want, what you don’t want and what your going to put up with basically. This is going to be my decade...I am on it!! 😍😘🎂💕. . . . . . #birthday #birthdaygirl #birthdaycake #birthday 🎂 #40thbirthday #40yearsold #40 #crohnsfighter #chronicallyill #livemybestlife #positivevibes #messyhair #straightouttabed #butyoudontlooksick #curly #curlyhair #curlclub #curlygirlmethod #monatcurls #monatcurlygirl #monathair #monatcurlies #monatstyle
When you have a good hair day, you document it!👩🏼‍🦱 This was getting ready to head out for the evening with my girls for🍻🍷Trivia and Shampoo. . 🌀 I use to always straighten my hair just to re➿curl it whenever I was going out. I ❤️ that I don’t feel the need to do that anymore 🙌 I enjoy my curls and feel just as ‘dressed’ with them as I did with all the styling I used to do. I feel they suit my personality more...I am a bubbly gal, I need bubbly hair! . . 🌀 My hair is thankful, it tells me 😆and my time is saved by not going through all of that. I didn’t have to change my products 🙌 #monathaircare (checkout for a bunch of us curlys) I have actually emptied out a drawer of heat tools. Several curling irons and straighteners with a hot roller set to top it off and all professional. All from my step mama’ s salon and I took the good stuff 🤭😘😆. The girls at work were happy 😍 🌀 Have a great day everyone and I will stop rambling 😂 but just happy to be happy with my hair 🙋🏼‍♀️😊😍😘💕. . . . . . #curlyhair #curlyhairstyles #curly #curlygirlmethod #curly #monatcurlygirl #monatcurlyhair #monatcurls #monatcurlies #monat #chronicallyill #butyoudontlooksick #invisibleillness #crohnswarrior #crohnsfighter #leopardprint #shopconsignment #pinklips 👄 #jergensnaturalglow #senegencemascara #lipsense
What a wash day I had yesterday ❤️ Lizzy @lizzywaverly Thank You once again for your help! Watch those videos people!! . . Ok, so I washed my hair and as I did my conditioning in the shower I broke my hair up in sections and twisted making sure to coat each twist. Left that on for a bit then as I rinsed I made sure to keep my clumps, I do probably 10 sections. I rinsed upside down and when I was happy with what I saw I then placed them in a shower cap, trying to coil them again as I cover them. Wet plopped for 10 mins then removed cap and I rewet some areas again, using my bowl. I then plopped with my T-shirt coiling the curls on top of my head. Removed added my mousse and diffused. I freakin love it! . . Hope you all have a great Thursday 😍😘Girls night out tonight, and it’s getting close to my birthday bonfire weekend 🙌🎂🥳 can’t wait!! In 1 week from now, I will be 40!!!! 🤭🤭🤭🤭. . . . . . #waverlygang #waverlymethod #curlygirlmethod #curlygirlcommunity #curly #canadiancurlies #chronicallyfabulous #chronicillness #curly_hair #monatcurly #monatcurlies #monatofficial #monatcurlygirl #tipsandtricks #brighteyedandbushytailed
💕This is how my hair ended up yesterday. Very happy with how easy it was to do, a quick refresh and ready to go. . . I had tried a portion of the #waverlymethod and was very pleased with my wake up hair, after the pony was out and hair had settled. (Yesterday’s post) so when I just added a little bit of water to my hair, reactivating my products, diffused for a few minutes - she was done 🙌 . . I am all about having it simple in the morning for me. Being chronically ill is exhausting, even doing nothing 😆😴, and mornings are when I have my most pain and nausea, so finding these little trick and tips to save time in the morning for me is a blessing. . 🙏 Thank You #curlygirlcommunity for sharing so much! . . My day off here today and have company coming for a visit so must get ass up and moving🤣 they will see me with my ponytails I have in now 🤣😳 Have a great day everyone 😍😘. . BTW....should I cut my hair off??? I liked this pic because it looked like I had a bob cut🤭 . . . . . . #canadiancurlies #waverlymethod #waverlygang #hellosunshine #brighteyedandbushytailed #hello #curlygirlmethod #curlyhair #curly #healthy_hair_journey #curlybob #monatcurlygirl #monatcurlyhair #monatcurly #monatcurlies #chronicillness #chronicpain #chronicallyawesome #chronicallyfabulous #livelifetothefullest #wowlipswednesday
Well hello Tuesday! Waking up a happy girl! .. . Normally I don’t post pics before my refresh but I had to!! Thank you Ms Lizzy @lizzywaverly for your method! I added a part of it to my routine and I am very pleased! . . Now I plan to do it all, but like we said - that is ok! It still helps! So, what did I add??? It was, twisting sections of hair before I plopped 💦 I made sure to coil my curls as I was doing this. My curls loved it! I literally just took my hair down 15 mins ago, brushed my teeth, added my lipgloss 🤭😆#letitsettle and I won’t need much of a refresh at all🙌🙌 . . For next time I will be adding the bowl the way she does. Check her out!! .. . I am so very happy with how my hair turned out and looks this morning. I will post my finished look in my stories 🤗 Have a great day everyone 😍😘 . . . . . #curlyhair #curl #curlyhairstyles #curls #embracethefrizz #curlygirlmethod #curls #curlrefresh #curlgirl #canadiancurlies #monatcurlygirl #monatcurls #monatcurlies #monathair #chronicillness #invisibleillness #butyoudontlooksick #crohns #blueeyesgirl #blueeyedblonde #goodmorning #hello #brighteyedandbushytailed #hellosunshine #waverlymethod #blondeandcurly
FRIDAY with Day 3 Curls 😊 . . Very happy with this Deva cut and the results I am getting. When I washed I wanted to add a little protein, just to give it a bit of balance. I still washed with my Advanced Hydration shampoo, but added my Replenishing Masque for 5 mins as my hair is sensitive to protein, rinsed then STC with my Advanced Hydration Conditioner. Wet plopped for 10 mins then got out the 🍲 bowl. Dunked the curls that needed a bit more 💦 water to rid me of my wet frizz. Once happy with them I gently gathered each curl and got some of the 💦 water out, wet plopped again for 5 mins. Removed shower cap, added some mousse to each section and diffused. I then at 80% dry added some more. . . I love the 80/20 method I seen Inge do, @ingecurls my hair hero ❤️😘🙌 and that is what has worked best for me. Another fav, Monica’s hair, @thatcurlygirlmonica , inspired me to go full on curly, I seen her post on our Monat Testimonial ❤️ page and I was in for this curly girl stuff! So With adding the things I have seen Inge, Monica and other curlys’ do, I feel I am getting this hair thing down. Heck I have girls asking me curly questions❤️I am happy with my crazy curls that aren’t perfect, can be different everyday but are so healthy! Thanks ladies for sharing what works for you and how you like to do it! . . I am running away for the weekend and can’t wait! Getting ready now!! 🥳Camping, kayak, campfires and I have a camper to sleep in ⛺️ no tent for me this weekend! I do love a tent but I will rough it in the camper and survive I am sure 🤣🛌 Have a great weekend Everyone!! 😍😘. . . . . . #curlygirlmethod #curl #curlygirl #curlyhair #curls #curllove #lovecurls #lovecurl #curlsforthegirls #curlfriends #curlycommunity #curlygirlcommunity #longweekend #positivevibes #positivity #babeyougotthis #favshirt #chronicallyill #chronicillness #chronicillnesswarrior #crohnsdisease #crohns #camping #adventures #cantwait #funtimes #monatcurlygirl #monatcurls #monatstyle
So I have tried this twice now and I happily go back to what I know. On the left, a professional line of cg approved products and on the right my regular product, which have all the right No’s and then some. . . I see a difference, do you see a difference?? Volume 🙌 and definition. See, I have never been one to try everything, I stuck to a professional brand that worked for me until it didn’t anymore and needed something else, now I don’t have to...You see why, results on the right and I have been using Monat for 3 yrs. all but 3 washes lmao seriously! 2 pictured here and one bad experience with hotel shampoo and desperate times 🤣 . The top left is after my first Deva cut and the bottom my second. They have made such a difference in the way my hair lays. The wonky curls are finding a home. Plus I was getting my hair cut to look right straight, used a razor on it and thinning shears in the middle (frizzy part) so the Deva cut helps to get rid of that extra texture it adds to hair. My stylist said by the next one I should have that all gone! Wahoo 👏she really is great and explains it all to me and answers all my silly questions. God love her! . Happy Tuesday folks! My coffee is calling me and I need it for sure today, I am up and going today...slept all yesterday 🤢😳Need to heal, our long weekend is coming and I have plans!! No time for sickness!! 😍😘 . . . . . . #veganglutenfree #curlygirl #curl #curlyhair #chronicallyill #chronicallyawesome #coffee #curlyhairstyles #devacut #devacuts #naturallybased #leapingbunnyapproved #curlygirlmethod #monathair #monatcurls #monatcurlygirl #monatcurlies #monatcurlyhair #monatcurlsrock
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