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We believe in making. + workspace + events & workshops + photoshoots + live music + private hire Curated by @silkie.lloyd #theforgebristol

Sofar Sounds. Last Thursday. Paired back and perfect. Thank you to everyone for making such a magical evening - honoured that you brought Sofar to the Forge #sofarsounds
WORKSHOP // APPRENTICE FRAGRANCE CREATION with @experimentalperfumeclub ... “I have a desire to bring the wonders of fragrance to the world. Exciting, exacting, exploratory. Just how scent should be.” October 20th Ticket sales end October 7th ✨Link in profile Guests of Experimental Perfume Club are invited to get creative and hands-on with perfumery ingredients and learn how perfumes are made. Each workshop allows visitors to delve into the art of perfume creation and design their perfect bespoke blend, found nowhere else. Emmanuelle Moeglin, founder of Experimental Perfume Club is a classically trained nose with over 12 years’ experience working in the fragrance industry. “I began my journey at one of the world’s leading perfumery schools – the prestigious ISIPCA in Versailles – where I learnt the science and secrets of fragrance creation. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world, collaborating with some of the most esteemed perfumers in the world. Emmanuelle is a member of BSP (British Society of Perfumers), SFP (French Society of Perfumers) and IFRA UK (International Fragrance Association).
Plants, patina and imperfection - why is it so delicious ? One from a visit to the ridiculously wonderful @petershamnurseries last week - a space & story so beautifully imagined it was impossible not to fall in love. Sunday’s, garden centres. Am I showing my age ? 😂
Simple little stitches teaching patience and perseverance. But more importantly, that it’s the journey that matters most. #webelieveinmaking 📷 from when the wonderful @stitch_school came to teach their A - Z of Embroidery workshop. They are back again at the Forge early spring 2019 - see our events page for details ( I know it’s ages away but you gotta stay ahead of the game 😉) ........................................................ Stitch-School was co-founded in 2017 by Melanie Bowles and Aimee Betts whose aim is to provide professional and inspirational guidance to reconnect to the benefits of embroidery through embroidery kits,  workshops and community events around the large communal table embroidery called The Supper Cloth. Stitch-School's beautifully designed contemporary embroidery kits inspire the study of embroidery stitches with a playful approach for all ages to enjoy the art of needlework. The  first kit the A-Z of Embroidery was launched at The Barbican Make! Season of Contemporary Crafts and provides the foundation of embroidery stitches. Each letter of the alphabet has its own individual embroidery technique ready to practice. The alphabet is printed onto a linen sampler and accompanied with an instruction book illustrating each stitch.
One from July, before the summer took hold. Action shot ⚡️Film maker & artist @drewcox3 on set filming for Illustrator and maker @jonosandilands #playableprints
Inspired by the colour, the texture and the lettering. The wonky imperfection. Old buildings fill my creative cup - what fills yours?
This time last week I went to my first @yogabrunchclub - crazy really since it’s well over a year that Clem has been running this gorgeous event at the Forge. Intentionally trying to carve out a little more time and recognising that it’s ok to come first sometimes, especially as a parent in the middle of the summer hols! This is a picture of the very wonderful @henriettainman who made us the most delicious food that day. It couldn’t have been more perfect - really wholesome but totally indulgent at the same time 🧡
Who else is up at the crack of dawn trying to fit a days work in before the kids wake up ? 😂 Here’s to all the parents navigating the summer hols. How is it, are you winning?
The truth is it’s really hard to imagine ever going back to work - and we only had two weeks away! So reminding myself of all the lushness that has been and all that is to follow. I love this pic of all those concentrating faces listening to @bealubas (just off shot) at her workshop this July. And dear @kymgrimshaw on the spiral catching it all 😊 Ps I’ve put heaps of new events up online this week - making, photography, music, food. All the good stuff. And more to come. We’ve got some really special stuff planned👌🏼(Take a peak - link in profile, you know the score!)
An artist on every corner. We arrived home last night shaking the last of the sand from our pockets, sun kissed and happy. All the plants seem supersized and we’ve never had such a good crop of tomatoes and there’s still weeks of the summer hols ahead. Hears to a Sunday full of sunshine and creativity ! (We’ve kept work to a minimum whilst we’ve been away but I did manage to get some of our new Autumn / Winter events online - link in profile 👆🏼)
We found a back street basket maker. A tiny shop, she sat in the back surrounded by her wares & accompanied by her cats, making these beautiful simple objects (her, not the cats! )Hard to resist but who could choose? #basketmaking
These views #vejerdelafrontera
When your @airbnb is like a home from home ! A shelf with old instruments, cameras and art books. And a week of hanging with our dear friends & a giant bundle of kids. The best of times ☀️ Now off to Seville - any recommendations - food, art, makers. music ?
Making a picnic ... spoils from this week’s photoshoot. A trip to @viandas_spanish_deli always feels like a massive treat. With a little side of @pinkmansbakery and @lesfleursfloral - always keeping it local! Happy weekend 😊☀️
Who’s watching the footy then?!
Hiding from the heat in beautiful cool & airy spaces like Dela 💙 Incapable of thinking straight - how about you ?
A perfect day spent with the very wonderful @bealubas who hosted her food photography & styling workshop here on Saturday. The passion, dedication and total love she has for her craft was a joy to witness. People travelled from far & wide to join her for the day. She really is a true talent and I’m so so delighted that she chose to share her magic here 🧡
Oh @pirrip_press your shop front brightens up every morning ! Love the little plant too :)
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