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All the best Friday vibes @thechristmassteps Happy weekend friends 🧡
It is really quite impossible to put into words just how gorgeous the @experimentalperfumeclub workshop was last Saturday. Much concentrated smelling of mysterious scents in brown glass bottles , thinking “I know that smell, now what is it? It reminds me of ...leather, moss, parma violets, magnolia flowers on a spring morning, wet grass ” until we had a notebook full of scribbles describing and naming each of the magical ingredients. And armed with our beginners knowledge & guided by the wonderful Emmanuelle ( Em to us) we went about combining the beautiful scents in different % to create our own personal fragrances. Each one different, each with its own story. Thank you SO much Em for coming to Bristol, it really was a privilege . And thank you to everyone who joined us. It was a pleasure to share the afternoon with you 🧡 ( I can’t stop sniffing my wrist, I love my perfume so 😂) #experimentalperfumeclub #theforgebristol
The perfect spot for a little contemplation. I do love a quiet moment at the @albatrosscafebristol . Especially gorgeous is that the mugs & plates they use are made by her Mum @jerichostudiopottery 😊 And this green is 👌🏼 #bristolindependent
The best kind of moment 🤗 One from @_twome macrame workshop last week ✨
Nice & orderly 👌🏼Everything in it’s place (almost) 📷 From the summer. Jewellery makers live/work studio space. Spain
Oops I’ve been a bit slow putting the October #playattheforge online. It’s there now 👆🏼( link in profile) . . . Make time to play. Work on your ideas, experiment, think big, make plans, dream a while. So often we don't find time to work on the things that really matter. PLAY is a {free} monthly gathering for creatives, freelancers & independent companies. Give yourself permission to step away from the day to day & to explore all those ideas that really matter. Bring your notebook, pencils, camera, latest make, props, mood boards, (& laptop if you have to!) Read a book, share stories & make new friends. Drink coffee & eat cake - this is a playgroup for creatives! @playattheforge
Getting ready for a busy week. It’s our second year hosting a private bar & workshop space for the filmmakers of the wonderful @encounterssff festival. A total joy to have this room filled with all that creative talent ✨ Here’s to another amazing Encounters festival ! #encountersfilmfestival
The craggy North Cornwall coastline - always good for the heart and a fine reminder to look up & out. Hope your Sunday is a good one 👌🏼
I spent about an hour wrestling with a massive beast of a tripod to get the perfect overhead shot. Shouting, swearing and sweating, trying to tame it’s unruly independent thinking legs. And then I took the shot with my phone instead 😣😂 The point being, we are open for Christmas work’s party’s. For the first time. It’s going to be cool. So if you’d like your works do here, email me (up there in profile 👆🏼) Also I spent £9 on snowberries and there was a bush right next door 🤭
One from July, before the summer took hold. Action shot ⚡️Film maker & artist @drewcox3 on set filming for Illustrator and maker @jonosandilands #playableprints
Inspired by the colour, the texture and the lettering. The wonky imperfection. Old buildings fill my creative cup - what fills yours?
This time last week I went to my first @yogabrunchclub - crazy really since it’s well over a year that Clem has been running this gorgeous event at the Forge. Intentionally trying to carve out a little more time and recognising that it’s ok to come first sometimes, especially as a parent in the middle of the summer hols! This is a picture of the very wonderful @henriettainman who made us the most delicious food that day. It couldn’t have been more perfect - really wholesome but totally indulgent at the same time 🧡
Who else is up at the crack of dawn trying to fit a days work in before the kids wake up ? 😂 Here’s to all the parents navigating the summer hols. How is it, are you winning?
The truth is it’s really hard to imagine ever going back to work - and we only had two weeks away! So reminding myself of all the lushness that has been and all that is to follow. I love this pic of all those concentrating faces listening to @bealubas (just off shot) at her workshop this July. And dear @kymgrimshaw on the spiral catching it all 😊 Ps I’ve put heaps of new events up online this week - making, photography, music, food. All the good stuff. And more to come. We’ve got some really special stuff planned👌🏼(Take a peak - link in profile, you know the score!)
An artist on every corner. We arrived home last night shaking the last of the sand from our pockets, sun kissed and happy. All the plants seem supersized and we’ve never had such a good crop of tomatoes and there’s still weeks of the summer hols ahead. Hears to a Sunday full of sunshine and creativity ! (We’ve kept work to a minimum whilst we’ve been away but I did manage to get some of our new Autumn / Winter events online - link in profile 👆🏼)
We found a back street basket maker. A tiny shop, she sat in the back surrounded by her wares & accompanied by her cats, making these beautiful simple objects (her, not the cats! )Hard to resist but who could choose? #basketmaking
These views #vejerdelafrontera
When your @airbnb is like a home from home ! A shelf with old instruments, cameras and art books. And a week of hanging with our dear friends & a giant bundle of kids. The best of times ☀️ Now off to Seville - any recommendations - food, art, makers. music ?
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