The Fosters

The official Instagram account for #TheFosters . Follow The Fosters spin-off, @GoodTrouble , for Callie & Mariana’s next chapter.

Mariana's always gone after what (or who) she wants. ________________ The Fosters spin-off @GoodTrouble is all new tonight at 8/7c on @Freeform.
Things between Callie & Jamie are heating up. ____________________ Don't miss an all new @GoodTrouble Tuesday at 8/7c on Freeform.
Jamie’s up for a little competition. ___________ Don’t miss a new episode of @GoodTrouble tonight at 8/7c on @Freeform.
We’re all channeling our inner plants. ____________ Stef & Lena get high on the latest episode of @GoodTrouble. Catch up now on @Hulu , and On Demand.
Our heart hurts. ___________ @GoodTrouble is now streaming on @Hulu , & On Demand.
“Who invited the mom[s]?” ______________ Catch up on @GoodTrouble now on @Hulu , & On Demand.
The moms got high?! ________________ Head to the @GoodTrouble Instagram for the full clip. Catch up now on @Hulu , & On Demand.
Get into more good trouble with us. @goodtrouble has just been renewed for for Season 2. #FreeformTCA
Fire trap?! ________________________________________ Stef & Lena return in tonight's ALL NEW episode of @GoodTrouble at 8/7c on @Freeform.
Hide the chamber pots. ___________ Here’s a new SNEAK PEEK from tomorrow’s @GoodTrouble. Don’t miss it at 8/7c on @Freeform.
“If their hair’s on fire, we just smile and say nothing.” 😂 _______________ Here’s a new @GoodTrouble SNEAK PEEK. Don’t miss Stef & Lena’s return tomorrow at 8/7c on @Freeform.
Spring cleaning came early. _____________ In a new @GoodTrouble SNEAK PEEK, Callie & Mariana prepare for the moms visit. Don’t miss their return Tuesday at 8/7c on @Freeform.
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