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and here we see a wild gabbie in her natural habitat inside a turtleneck 🐢 - this cup is reminding me that my wallet was stolen with an unused starbucks gift and and you know what i hope they like lattes. apparently my identity was stolen a full day before my wallet was though, it’s actually a really interesting story. i’m posting the vlog about it tonight (sub to my vlog channel! ) but i might make it a full story time video bc it got really weird... what do you guys think? should i?
youtube is my (reason for) therapy 🥴 merch link in bio! speaking of yourtube, my video yesterday was so special and amazing to do. i tried something to help my blind friend @mollyburkeofficial see her loved ones and it... it actually was successful? go check it out!!
I HAVE SO MUCH EXCITING NEWS! 1) I HAVE MERCH, LINK IN BIO 2) IVE BEEN DOING VLOGMAS, and REALLY ENJOYING IT. check out my second channel! 3) MY VIDEO TOMORROW IS SO COOL! i tried to something that would hopefully allow my blind friend @mollyburkeofficial to see her loved ones 🤭 it’s really freaking interesting. 3pm PST!!
lost a brand deal for showing too much skin on instagram so i wanted to post a picture to celebrate how many fucks i give 🥳 proud of the body i worked for, but more importantly, PROUD TO BE A BADASS SEXY ASS WOMAN! 🖤 - @baldwinner thank you for embracing and capturing the female body in such a classy, beautiful, liberating way. you were the first photographer to ever make me feel comfortable in my skin. i love you and your work 🖤
ok so GET THIS. remember when i posted that video about all the psychic coincidences that WERE NOT COINCIDENCES? right after i posted that video, one of my favorite dancers @joshkillacky reached out to do a video with me. i said DUH OF COURSE and he said “ok i have this concept lmk what you think. what if we pretend like we just bought a house?” … ... and this was… the night… i started looking… … … for houses… *crickets* … SO YOU MEAN TO TELL. ME. THAT I START HOUSE HUNTING. AND THAT NIGHT SOMEONE PITCHES ME THAT RANDOM ASS CONCEPT OF BUYING A HOUSE? HUH?! - ANYWAY. i loved this dance because dance is fun for me and i dont take myself too seriously. @joshkillacky is one of the best dancers out there but isn’t afraid to be goofy, so that made this SUCH a fun collab for me! thanks for having me, josh!
me any time it drops below 70 degrees in california ☃️#isthissweaterweather sweater and boots by @lulus #lovelulus #ad - so excited for tomorrow’s video! i went an ENTIRE DAY using ZERO WASTE 🚮 ❌ (that means no toilet paper, packaging at grocery stores, eating out... NADA). it was a trash free adventure! 3pm PST 😁
i’ll always make ya breakfast in the morning 🍳🥓🥑 what’s your favorite breakfast food? - @baldwinner
i get bitches 🐶🖤 - i’m so genuinely in love with these @bamboounderwear bra and undie sets by my hot talented sexy intelligent boss ass bitch friend elisabeth 🖤 like because i’m obsessed w her i’d automatically be obsessed with her products but wow they’re actually SO SOFT AND COMFY (they’re made of BAMBOO) and the top is SO SUPPORTIVE which i was NOT expecting of a bralette! GO OFF BABY I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND YOUR AMBITION 👏🖤 ive tried all the styles and this one is my fav 😍
pretty 👄 sad 😢 - hey you know how i embarrass myself a lot? i meant to send this pic to the photographer from this shoot, and i sent it to the wrong person and didn’t realize for a full day. so i sent this pic to a guy that it was REALLY EFFING AWKWARD to send a picture of me crying to HAHAHAAHHAHAHA I HATE MY LIFE SOMETIMES. - IN OTHER NEWS! you’re not gonna wanna miss tomorrow’s video 😳🤫 i did a thing.
mommy when i grow up i wanna be an instagram baddie 👶🏼 - @baldwinner
look at these hoes talkin behind my back 🧡💕🤫 - did you catch my video yday? i already think i have to make a part two bc the madness hasn’t stopped 🤯 YOUR COMMENTS ARE ALSO FREAKING ME OUT! go check it out if you haven’t!
if you turn the volume all the way up you can hear all my brand deals disappearing 💸 - 📸: @baldwinner
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