A lively place to meet, eat, drink, chat & repeat. Serving remarkable food with asian twist & extraordinary cocktails.🌻 - More fun @secret.gardenid

Some colors in a cloudy day surely will bright-up your mood 🤗 Let's get this mouth watering Es Kelapa Muda Pannacotta; silky coconut pannacotta, cocopandan granitta, white chocolate crumble, red ruby, sago pearls & coconut tuile. . . . #thegardenid
Be grateful for every milestone you've had achieved, nor big or small and celebrate it with your loved ones. . In frame Nice To Meat You Aus wagyu Mb 4-5 rib-eye bone in, perfectly served with potato guratan, grilled miso baby corn and trio sauce. . . . #thegardenid
Hello Gorgeous! Yes, we're talking to you and this beautiful dessert 😊 After all the flavorful dishes from our kitchen, get Hello Gorgeous that surely will cleanse your palate and ready for another round 😉 . In frame Hello Gorgeous Cheese cake, strawberry compote, chocolate crumble and salted caramel ice cream. . . . #thegardenid
All the goodness in one big plate; champignon mushroom, egg yolk, and cheese truffle on a thin pizza based.No wonder it called Pizza Madness. . . . #thegardenid
In the midst of the city life, let us take some time to slow down and back to nature. . . . #thegardenid
Did you meet our new favorite, Mega Meat Pizza yet? Meat lovers, come and get it fast! . . . #thegardenid
Sunday is to rejuve and get ready for Monday. . . . #thegardenid
To plan a garden is to believe in tomorrow. . . . #thegardenid
Let the weekend therapy begins! . In frame Sakura Blossom Gin sous vide raspberry & rosella, elder flower syrup, yuzu sake, pressed lemon and special flavor from the Garden 😉 . . . #thegardenid
It's dessert time!! Smashed My Cake is one of a kind! Chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream, chocolate cake, liquid klondike, warm valrhona sauce in one plate, what a treat for all sweettooth. . . . #thegardenid
Get refreshed and recharged with our signature Happy Ending, mix of all goodness of fresh fruits and honey just for you in this transition season. . . . #thegardenid
There is always room for dessert because it doesn't go to the stomach, it goes to the heart. . . . #thegardenid
Hey, you can handle whatever this week throws at you 👊 . In frame King Fish Coconut Sashimi Premium Japanese fish with Thai green chili and coconut cream . . . #thegardenid
Take time to relax and appreciate the simple pleasures that are so easily lost in the busy-ness of life. . . . #thegardenid
Have you ever tried our signature Heaven Smoked Salmon Sashimi with Wasabi Cream? Consist of smoked salmon wrapped in nori, served with wasabi cream and pistachio surely will give you a taste of heaven. . . . #thegardenid
It's a new day, it's a new beginning. Let us draw as many colors as we wanted to fill the empty page of 2019. . . . #thegardenid
Come over to our bar. Let us treat you with our house selected wine, cocktails and spirit to cheer you up. However, the celebration is still on right?! 😉 . . . #thegardenid
Bask in our warm ambience to start your new days on 2019. . . . #thegardenid
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