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This life shit isn’t easy. If you lose focus, the negativity can consume you. You end up sulking and self pitying. Wishing and praying for change. Waiting for things to get better. Has that worked out for you? Yeah, me neither. You can do all of that... or keep moving regardless of imperfect things are. Cop the latest bootstraps, lace ‘em tight and stare yourself in the mirror knowing that there’s one choice & one choice only. #BeStronger #ModernMonarchs #ACutAbove (📸: @channelmanny )
For a long, long time I’ve lost my mind to my hurt. Now I’m finding time to heal #PositiveVibes #MentalWellness #TheGawdIsBack #ImComing #ModernMonarchs (📸: @channelmanny )
Friday Freestyle Week 7: What Would Meek Do? - Pusha T. This concludes this summer’s Friday Freestyle series, I was going to go one more month but I’m ready to get back into songwriting. #BackToTheGrind #ModernMonarchs You pick the terrain And whether you want it to rain Or burning with sunlight bursting Tell me why you’re stuttering Confirming I’m the deterrent All this time you’ve been deferring Every opportunity to meet the Gawd in person Shit I didn’t know you had a clit And what is it that I do to the pussies, I lick Shots Yup I got glock rounds round the clock So I’m sharp and I always hit the target on the dot Humans usually disdain pain But I see you yearning for a hurting Like a pervert with propensity for strange things And I don’t know no mercy Guess the slang changed I say kill ‘em slow My control is gonna maintain Scoop, woopty woop That’s the battle cry Contrive a barricade and hide Or if you feeling brave inside Confront the Gawd, it’s on Always talking shit Tell me how you gon respond?
Friday Freestyles Week 6: Mezmorized - Wiz Khalifa. In honor of Wiz dropping his new project, I decided to hop on my favorite Wiz track to date. I’m sitting with ya Bitch and I’m switching swishers With her From your supply My guy, what’s wrong witcha? How you gon let this nigga Get witcha hoe and hold her down But she digging around for gold with a frown If it doesn’t satisfy what I provide then bye boo I don’t need you depleting all of my assets Nice ass, tits but their dime in a dozen I get a new bitch, quick, so it’s fitting I’m feeling zen My mental is on the opposite spectrum of being soft So no bitches You could never throw me off Even if you had my arm, hanging off the edge of the cliff I’m fly bitch Let go and still I’m floating above you, shit, hey Don’t go drinking the Red Bull, that’s a leg pull Cannot getup on my level Even if you sold to the devil Honest to god your Egos high, you needed to find earth She be like I changed, but the only, thang that swayed was the moniker The Gawd
Freestyle Fridays Week 5: Infinity - xxxtentacion. @xxxtentacion #RIP
Friday Freestyle Week 4: Old Friends x New Foes - Torey Lanez You’re telling me none of you lie That all of you guys are really the boss And all you be sharing the time Up at the top Oh my god is that you’re thinking it works? Never did I witness a race where 2 people coming first Uh Never watched a game where 2 teams win a championship Never met one bitch that chose 2 dudes for companionship They say MJ over Bron; Bron over Jordan Power be the kind of game that you play just to get the highest score in That shit be too real Learn how it do feel It becomes a new fu-el All of a sudden you’re frugal You ain’t tryna divide that Multiply that Add and only a tad if you do subtract A fraction Just a bit for your constituents To spread your influence Uh Lately I’ve been feeling so alone I don’t mind, shit I like it, I be standing on my own Not a soul could do it like me, no I don’t have a clone You pose no threat to me, i yawn You bore me be gone
Friday Freestyles Week 3: 44 More - Logic. Still a busy week but I damn sure wasn’t going to miss 2 weeks in a row! You can have the lyrics too. I saw the police They rolled up right in their vehicular Told me to hold up and stick em up Get them up Give on up Told ‘em them they must be liquored up They said I’m wanted I know that, the bitches be on it No Said you committing the murder We heard it and turned on the sirens, were driving And swerving Then skirt to the curb Now we’re over here working Jail is where you’ll be inserted Sorry, just doing our job Don’t apologize, so am I I decide if you live or die Think it’s time that I wield a sythe All black everything You and death can get a wedding ring And I’ll officiate the whole shebang I’ve been this cut throat, no Clint malarchek No presidential pardon nor second chances You get the glance it’s no dances, no pussy footing Shit I put my foot in my mouth I guess the secret is out I’m a killer now come and feel the Wrath impact your skin like a knife inside of the grip of OJ as he goes to slay on his wife, Nicole Simpson Sadistic and twisted You made this your business Invest in it you did Now returns are coming in
Friday Freestyles Week 2: With Me - Nav. Just simple vibes for you this week. #ImComing #ModernMonarchs
Friday Freestyles Week 1: I Do - Cardi B. Welcome, especially all the new comers to this new addition of Friday freestyles. I’ll leave you the lyrics. Left your woman on read cuz I felt like it Even if she took offense, I meant nothing by it Dapper, dapper I look fine, tell me if I lie I paid my dues now I do whatever I like I do Get the dividends in bigger increments and when you think of it, it isn’t by coincidence But, you be bigoted and minimize the winning It don’t hurt me for a second, not minute I don’t give a shit I can tell you want to go stick it in Both in my bitches And the atm with the card I spending with I do it so Decadent Elegant Eloquent Did I even, mention, effortless Are you a pessimist Because I think you see it all wrong Your feelings are delicate Tell that you think you tough If you mean ego It’s so strong I’m up here and you down there Yeah that line was ho hum But it still cut deep All I need is to hit you with a razor made straight from Occam I’m the Gawd #ImComing #ModernMonarch
Why be a king, when you can be a Gawd. Much love for the shirt @s.k.r.a.m #ModernMonarchs
Gawdz come in all shapes and sizes. #ModernMonarchs
She asked if I’m about to bust, said bitch I’ll show youuuuu. Thank you to @prema777 and @intellmakesmusic for having me. #BlackGoku #supersaiyangod #ImComing #modernmonarchs
Friday Freestyle: KOD- J.Cole. Forgive my absence, getting my shit together for a prosperous summer. Friday Freestyles returning June 1st? Should I? 🤔🤔🤔🤔. Drop a like if that’s what you’d like. Till next time ✌🏿and just to remind you in case you forgot #ImComing #ModernMonarchs @wrldundgnd @straight.bars
I’m a mothafuckin’ star bitch, didn’t you know? If you haven’t paid me any mind this year, next year you will. #ImComing #ModernMonarchs #RoadTo2018 (📸: @dandepalo )
Friday Freestyle: Gucci Gang - Lil Pump. Miss me? I’ll be laying low for the next several months working on the next set of tunes. All you need to know is that I’m coming with everything I got next year. When the writing process is done, Freestyle Fridays will make its return. In the meantime, I’ll drop a few of these every now and again. If you don’t believe me when I tell you, it’ll be more than my pleasure to show you. Wait till 2018. #ImComing #RoadTo2018 #ModernMonarchs
The takeover is imminent. Bear witness. Take notice. Take notes. #ImComing #ModernMonarchs 📸: @dandepalo
Dope photoshoot with my man @robbiejoseph