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HellowMellow. I tried to be a little artsy there. You think it worked? No? Well...I'll try again then 😂😂 #SorryNotSorry #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly Ahad's photo creds : @_teamahad_ Always coming up with the cutest and rarest pics 😆
The word 'cute' has a lot of synonyms. ▪Adorable, ▪Lovable, ▪Sweet, ▪Lovely, ▪Endearing, ▪Appealing, ▪Delightful, ▪Dear, ▪Darling, ▪Charming, ▪Enchanting, ▪Attractive, ▪Pretty, ▪Winsome. My personal favorite? ▪Ahad. . . . [Inspired by one of my favorite books, Slammed, by Colleen Hoover] @ahadrazamir #AhadRazaMir
"Baba Ranchod Das kehte the beta kabil bano kabil. Kamiyabi toh saala jhak mar ke peeche bhagegi" - 3 idiots. Suits him well no? #AhadRazaMir @ahadrazamir
A tale of two cities. Two hearts. Far apart. They were lost, so were their souls. But the One who writes fates, had written something else for them, something much beyond their expectations. A spiritual romance. #AhadRazaMir #MahiraKhan #Concept
"Legends shall remain forever" An ode to the queen of Indian cinema who shall always reign our hearts. Ft. our very own @sajalaly to whom she meant so much 💕 #SajalAly #Sridevi #HawaHawai #QueenofHearts
Tum Mile || Ahad Raza Mir & Sajal Ali 💕 #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly
Drama Queen ft. Ajiya Who else can be this naughty but a cutie at the same time? 😏 @iiqraaziz #IqraAziz #FarhanSaeed #SunoChanda #Ajiya #DramaQueen
Behind every friendship, there's a story. Behind every story there are moments. And behind every moment, there are feelings, true to it's nature and irreplacable by any other. . . . #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #MaamaMir #AStoryToTell
Life is an adventure, so take it as it goes. Everything happens according to HIS plan, and indeed it's for the best. . . . #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #NewBeginnings
Hey partner 💫👫 . . . #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly
There's a reason two people are together. They give each other something nobody else can. They inspire each other, require each other. They walk on the path of success together, side by side, shoulder to shoulder. And become a mirror, reflecting each others happiness in a way nobody else can. . . . #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #aesthetic #PinkAndBlack
This morning when I woke up, a silent prayer left my lips, a prayer to see you both win. Normally I'd have to remind myself to pray for someone or something but when it comes to you guys, all the love and prayers flow in on it's own. My heart knows better I guess. Seeing you both win today, what I felt was a little bizarre to be explained. It was an amalgamation of emotions. Pride, excitement, success, all of it drenched in sheer happiness. When have you both actually become a part of all our lives I don't know, but today the fandom celebrated your win as if they were celebrating the success of someone very close and dear. I take immense joy in congratulating you for the night. It was YOUR night, all eyes were on you, all the praises were for you, and you proved that you totally, totally deserve it. Your hardwork, efforts and dedication emerged triumphant, and so did all the prayers and good wishes from your families and fans. All the awards cannot justify enough what you guys have achieved, an irreplacable place in people's hearts. A lot of us were also willing to give up on our sleep just to see you guys bring that award home. That's the kind of love and respect you earned and that is the true mark of a winner. But this is just the beginning. There's a long way ahead of you, a path full of success and achievments InshaAllah. May Allah SWT bless you with bountiful bliss and protect your infectious happiness always. Thank you for giving us a reason to celebrate today, and thank you for giving us Asfandyar, Zubiya and a show like YKS. All the very best for whatever's coming your way. Love, Fairooz. #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #congratulations #yakeenkasafar #yksforever #Asfandyar #Zubiya #Youdidit @sajalaly @ahadrazamir @maamaamir @sabaczar
Can't let this one go by without making a VM on one of my favorite wedding songs 💕 @ahadrazamir #AhadRazaMir #DinShagnaDa
The new Mezan commercial looks so delic- I mean pretty! *hehe* The wedding and celebration vibes legit got to me #AhadRazaMir #HareemFarooq #DevarBhabi
Can't even express how excited I am to see him perfom in one of Pakistan's finest music show. What can't this boy do? 💯 #AhadRazaMir #CokeStudio #Season11
Often, we tend to be hurt the most by the people closest to us. But what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. To Asfandyar and Zubiya, the gems who withstood all the difficult obstacles life put their way, but didn't let the adversity dampen their hope. To Asfandyar and Zubiya who taught us that you cannot let your past define you. You stand up, grow up and move ahead in life, accepting the trauma as a part and parcel of life. To Asfandyar and Zubiya, who will always be a symbol of strength for us. @ahadrazamir @sajalaly #YakeenKaSafar #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly
Ahad is a mood. #AhadRazaMir
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