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Dearest Samra aunty, There are always some people in life who you never meet but fall in love with instantly. You are one of those people for me 🌸 Your beautiful and vibrant personality is a like a ray of sunshine 🌄 Whatever it touches, it makes it lively and happy. The charming and enigmatic aura you carry is elegance personified 😍💕. And the witty sense of humor oooof! *drops dead laughing* Aunty, you are totally an incredible inspiration to look up to. A doting wife, strong mother, lovable sister and a lot more. A very happy birthday to the most gorgeous lady herself! 🎉🎈May Allah bless you with a whole lifetime full of happiness, surprises and all the beautiful things there are. With lots of love (and warm fuzzy virtual hugs) Fairooz. @maamaamir @sabaczar @ahadrazamir @azyteam #MaamaaMir #AhadRazaMir #happybirthday #loveyou
Eid Mubarak to all of my beautiful people over here! Eid is always such a blessed occasion, but this year it's a little more special for me. Here are two gorgeous people who seem to be missing in action these days, but I hope they are having a good Eid, and so are all of you. Thank you for all the good wishes. Love you all ❤ To those of you who are wondering, it's also my birthday :') #YakeenKaSafar #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #birthday #love
What was it that was between us? Was it attraction? Was it a complication? Or was it just a fallacy? Introducing Nourah and Abeer. #ComingSoon #Wattpad #BetweenUs
There are dreams. There is reality. And then there are some things that make you forget the difference between the two. #SajalAly #AhadRazaMir
Happiness isn't a constant in life, but nor is grief. We all have days when we hit the rock bottom and it feels like there is no way out. However, somehow miraculously we all get up. We find the light at the end of the tunnel and follow it. Trials and tribulations are a part and parcel of life. But they teach us to look forward to even the slightest possibilities and appreciate the good things in life. Yakeen Ka Safar taught us a lot more than that meets the eye. Amongst the wide range of lessons we learnt from this masterpiece of a show, positivity is something I think we all took with open arms. It shows the pain the characters go through. It also shows us that despite the tragedies in their lives, they learn to move on with a smile. That, I believe is a lesson worth remembering. . . . #YakeenKaSafar #yksforever #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #HiraMani #ShazKhan #Yks . . . @ahadrazamir @sajalaly @hiramaniofficial @shazli_khan
Hello again. Sajal and Ahad's recent pictures have been giving us some picturesque mojo vibes. Everybody has been coming up with such beautiful edits of the two that I lowkey felt intimidated about sharing this. But when has anything stopped me from posting my edits? So I'll just leave this here and maybe you can tell me what you think? Okay byeeee ~ #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #photography #photoshoot
It's usually the photographs that are aesthetic and not the photographer. But in some cases an exception can be made. #AhadRazaMir #aesthetic #photography
They tell you it's hard to find kind hearted men. It's hard to find men who are charming. It's hard to find someone who cares, who respects. What if I told you I found someone who possesses all these qualities? Would you believe me? I wouldn't either. But now I have no choice but to believe in magic ✨ . . . Too cheesy? Can't help it #SorryNotSorry #AhadRazaMir #IsHeEvenReal ?
And then there were these two.
Once upon a dream ✨ Fairytale aesthetic 2.0 #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #fairytales #aesthetic #OnceUponATime
Fairytales aren't just meant to be in books. Look around, there might be one waiting for you right around the corner. #ahadazamir #sajalaly #White #aesthetic #fairytales #docometrue #WhyDidIEvenTagThem P.s. Aap logo ko Ahad aur Sajal ka wasta hain don't repost. Ok bye. 🙏
{Asfi // Zubiya - O More Saiyyan} Heya everyone! So, if you guys know me I have these random bouts of weird desires sometimes. Similarly, I had one last night when I heard this song. The music was just so beautiful. Feel free to scrutinize my unusual choice of scene all you want. I honestly have no idea why I particualrly chose this one. It is terribly short I know, but I wanted to keep it that way as the focus was just on the music. You can also call this practice material for the future VMs I am planning to make. Anyhow, just leaving this here for you all to see. You guys be the judge 😌😅 @sajalaly @ahadrazamir #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #YakeenKaSafar #yks
Post partition Bengal. Amongst the hustle bustle of the busy streets of Calcutta, a Nawab family struggles to salvage their heritage. The pillar of their strength? Their eldest daughter who took the reigns in her hands. All hope is not lost, but they're unaware of the storm heading their way in disguise. The son of the landlord eyeing their property. Two cultures collide, and so do two people of distinctive nature. So different yet the same. With the reputation of their familes in their hands, they embark on a journey on two different paths. However they are to meet at some point and bring an uninformed catastrophe into their lives, also known as love. @ahadrazamir @mahirahkhan #AhadRazaMir #MahiraKhan #Concept #PosterEdit ft. The 1960s Calcutta
|| SWIPE TO SEE THE FULL VM || Hey you guys! Here's presenting the VM I made in my first attempt at the highly popular SVP software. I honestly was so frazzled when I started but eventually got a little hang of it. My Asfiya tales don't seem to come to an end. I've been particularly wanting to make a VM on this beautiful song because the lyrics are just so pure and heart-touching. {Also don't forget to watch the last half, it's personally my favorite part from this} I may not have been able to do complete justice to it, but hey, it was my first time using the software 🤗 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I had to render this thrice just to get it to fit on instagram *facepalm* Maybe I'll learn more in due time, till then enjoy my basic se bhi basic VM 🌚 Please leave your precious feedback behind and tell me what you think about it :) Byeeee ~ P.s. Sassi makes a guest appearance too! @ahadrazamir @sajalaly #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #YakeenKaSafar #Asfiya #YaadHai
Love is complicated. Or maybe it isn't. Depends on perspective and the kind of bond you share with each other. The way Asfand saved Zubiya that day, without questioning her or her decisions, it goes to show that their bond was indeed pure and free of doubt and scepticism. He loved her and he trusted her. He saved her, not just physically, but emotionally as well, from the raging mayhem she was drowing in within. Somewhere along, he also saved my faith, in men who can love altruistically and unconditionally. #YakeenKaSafar #Love #quotes #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #yks #yksforever #Asfiya #Asfandyar #Zubiya @ahadrazamir @sajalaly
I couldn't think of anybody that'd fit better with the lines of my story. Armaan and Samara are very close to my heart. And so are Ahad and Sajal. I never thought I'd actually write a full fledged story someday, and I that I'd fall in love with my own characters. But I did. And now they have a part of me. Those of you who read it, thank you, thank you so much. Your love and support means the world to me. @ahadrazamir @sajalaly @wattpad #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #Wattpad #YoureMyHome
Okay. Here is another Asfiya one-shot after long. I may or may not continue this, but I cannot thank you all enough for the amount of love you have showered on my Asfiya series. I never set out to write a full fledged fanfic, but as I started to write, I fell in love with writing on my two favorite people. However, now I believe they've reached a happy ending with which I'm satisfied. So thank you friends, for going through this journey with me. If you wish to read the whole series in a go, you can check out my wattpad page, linked in my bio. You will also find my other works there and I hope you will enjoy them and love them as much as you've loved this. P.s. This post is dedicated to all those mothers who try their level best to balance work and family life. Lets not try to criticise the way they work. Rather try to encourage them and support them, helping them flourish in both aspects. #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #YakeenKaSafar #fanfiction
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