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Now imagine these four immensely talented people in a crazy, maniacal wedding rom-com, with rib tickling dialogues and some cheesy romance. What more do we need except a full bag of popcorn, preferably caramel to add to the sweetness? #ACast . #AhadRazaMir #BilalAbbas #SajalAly #IqraAziz @ahadrazamir @sajalaly @iiqraaziz @bilalabbas_khan
There are feelings so strong, that all the words in the world would fall short to describe it. It's these moments where you forget whatever was, and whatever is to come and just live in the that moment, letting go of all the fear, inhibition and negativity that you ever harboured. Every fibre of your being is a witness to the longing, the pain, the emotional turmoil you've been through. The warmth in the embrace of a loved one, the calmness provided by their voice, their presence and their essence. Every happiness and every grief would become humbled in front of that one moment. The moment your wait comes to an end, when you reach where you were always meant to be. That one, precious moment. Worth a million years of prayers. . . . . . . . ⭐ Been a while since I've written a deep caption. Felt like writing one today. Just because... @ahadrazamir @sajalaly #yakeenkasafar #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #yks #WhereWeWereMeantToBe
[Swipe to see the full VM, also up on my youtube channel linked in bio] AZ || The Musical 🎼 A much in love, happily married couple stepping into the 6th year of their marriage. Their lives spiral into a havoc after an accident sends the wife into coma, leaving her husband and two kids completely shattered. Over the course of the next few years he tries his best to raise his kids without their mother and also find solace by writing letters to his wife on a daily basis, with the hopes that'll she'll wake up someday. Will he finally be able to let her go? Or does fate have a different plan for them? . . . . 🎵 A tribute to the maestro, AR Rahman, whose songs have redefined the music of the 90s . . . . P.s. I was going to write this story initially but then decided otherwise. Who knows, I actually might end up writing it someday afterall. @ahadrazamir @sajalaly #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #yakeenkasafar #yks #ARRahman #yksforever
A letter doodle-doo 😌 Here's a fun fact : While moving, I couldn't bring a lot of my things. Notes, books, even my favorite novels. But I just couldn't find it in my heart to leave behind all the artworks and letters I had penned down with so much of affection, so I managed to bring it with me, with a little speck of hope along ✨ @ahadrazamir #AhadRazaMir #happybirthdayahad #BirthdayBoy #Letters #DearAhad P.s. I realised I didn't even have a proper page here, borrowed one out of my lecture notebook 😭😂 But I guess it makes it look aesthetic? No?
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y B W O I ~ [And the celebrations kick in] @ahadrazamir #AhadRazaMir #BirthdayBoy
She fought for her beliefs so her destiny fought for her, bringing her to the place where she was always meant be. @sajalaly #Zubiya #yakeenkasafar #yks #yksforever #SajalAly #AhadRazaMir
O Yaara || Aditya x Zoya The last few episodes were so heartwrenchingly beautiful. Couldn't stop myself from vidding on them. #bepannaah #adiya #jenniferwinget #harshadchopda
Hania's reaction over here is exactly what mine was. That telepathy gave me heebie-jeebies. In a comical way of course 😂 I ended up laughing like a dork all throughout. @ahadrazamir @haniaheheofficial #AhadRazaMir #HaniaAmir #ParwaazHaiJunoon #promotions
Can we all just jointly agree that Samra aunty's flying kiss absolutely stole the show? 😍 Mothers are truly the most precious gift that Allah blessed us with. They make you feel like a star even when you're just still a seedling, but also reminds you to be humble and keep your feet grounded. She's been a star wife all along, but I've never seen such kind of joy twinkle in her eyes the way that I had seen that day when she stood up as Ahad thanked his mum. That was the love of a very proud mother, and it beats everything else in the world. To her, and all the mums, you all are a force to be reckoned with, with hearts as gentle as a petal but with the strength of a steel, who will do anything in her power to give her children every happiness there is. More power to you. ❤❤❤ @maamaamir @ahadrazamir @sabaczar #ahadrazamir #maamaamir #mother #love
The real heroes of war aren't the ones who fight at the border. They are the ones that stay back, and harbor pride as they bid farewell to their loved ones. They are the ones who go to bed with the unsurety of what calamity might befall their lives the next day, but yet, wake up every morning with renewed hope and stronger willpower. They wipe the tears away, and smile at their children, who fear that their father might never return. The real heroes, the ones with hearts of steel and courage that could move mountains. #SajalAly #AhadRazaMir @sajalaly @ahadrazamir #ParwaazHaiJunoon #GulERana
Heya guys! Just leaving this here in case you guys were beginning to assume I ran away, or stopped fangirling or something. Major missing these two on my screen :'( Also, when did I ever reach 3k?! 😭 Thank you all for the immense amount of love 💕 #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly #yks #yakeenkasafar @ahadrazamir @sajalaly
I've been wanting to do a VM on this show ever since I didn't even know this thing was called a VM. 11 years, and I still am equally in love as much as I was before. DMG maybe old, and most of you might also have forgotten about it, but it'll always be my OG favorite show and very very close to my heart. So on tbe occasion of Dill Mill Gayye's 11th anniversary, here's an Armaan Riddhima VM 🌸 Bear with me friends, mere bachpan ka sapna pura horaha hai 😭😂 How many of you are still not over DMG yet? *plays he bg score on loop* #DillMillGayye #DMG #11yearsofDMG
HellowMellow. I tried to be a little artsy there. You think it worked? No? Well...I'll try again then 😂😂 #SorryNotSorry #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly Ahad's photo creds : @_teamahad_ Always coming up with the cutest and rarest pics 😆
The word 'cute' has a lot of synonyms. ▪Adorable, ▪Lovable, ▪Sweet, ▪Lovely, ▪Endearing, ▪Appealing, ▪Delightful, ▪Dear, ▪Darling, ▪Charming, ▪Enchanting, ▪Attractive, ▪Pretty, ▪Winsome. My personal favorite? ▪Ahad. . . . [Inspired by one of my favorite books, Slammed, by Colleen Hoover] @ahadrazamir #AhadRazaMir
"Baba Ranchod Das kehte the beta kabil bano kabil. Kamiyabi toh saala jhak mar ke peeche bhagegi" - 3 idiots. Suits him well no? #AhadRazaMir @ahadrazamir
A tale of two cities. Two hearts. Far apart. They were lost, so were their souls. But the One who writes fates, had written something else for them, something much beyond their expectations. A spiritual romance. #AhadRazaMir #MahiraKhan #Concept
"Legends shall remain forever" An ode to the queen of Indian cinema who shall always reign our hearts. Ft. our very own @sajalaly to whom she meant so much 💕 #SajalAly #Sridevi #HawaHawai #QueenofHearts
Tum Mile || Ahad Raza Mir & Sajal Ali 💕 #AhadRazaMir #SajalAly
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