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I’ve become accustomed to distributing my time and energy to others and it’s rarely reciprocated. Very few times I ask for help, a shoulder to lean on or simply someone to listen because I hate being an inconvenience. Maybe their reluctancy to help is the result of how I portrayed myself; I’m always the strong one. But even the strongest need support and reassurance. I’ve adopted the coping mechanism of distancing myself when I’m going through things and this results in people complaining about my absence. Advice: Don’t exhaust yourself trying to please others. Self-love, self-care and peace of mind are your main priorities. You’re doing yourself a disservice by acting like this and it can turn you resentful of the very same people you bend over backwards for. It’s not healthy and once you acknowledge this, you can begin the journey of self-reflection. There is a reason as to why you are giving so much away and accepting so little in return. If the people around you don’t reciprocate your efforts, invest your energy into something with a better return, YOU!. Be vocal about the things that matter to you and how others make you feel. No matter what you do for people, if ingratitude is a part of their character, it’ll never be enough. Don’t lose pieces of yourself whilst helping others gather theirs. . . Written by @roxannesvibe Illustration by @sevelletheartist #thegoodquote #quote #inspirationalquotes 🌻
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