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with it’s narrow streets + overhanging balconies, blocks of color + almost five hundred-year existence, the capital city of Havana (La Habana) boasts some of the most diverse styles of architecture in the world. • my favorite part was sneaking into open doors as we walked by to see treasures like this. • the insides were as beautiful as the outsides.
he once said, happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know. • journalist, novelist, + nobel prize winner. hemingway lived + wrote in Cuba for almost 30 years. it played such an important role in his life that he wrote 7 books there. the revolution caused him to leave in 1960 – a source of profound tragedy. within a year, he committed suicide. • my first night back i sat in my living room feeling disoriented. on my coffee table was a pile of antique books i’d collected. on the top was the book, papa hemmingway. i didnt even remember where i got it. i opened it, right to the chapter titled Havana, Cuba. his words have always spoken to me. this was an omen for sure. •
something started to happen in cuba. • time. literally. slowed. down. an hour became two. the days felt like twelve. i slept. actually slept. every night. all the way through. • i dreamed dreams + told their stories. i no longer heard my heart pounding in my chest. • being disconnected connected me to myself for the first time. in a long time. i could hear silence. from the inside out. • are we better off with all this technology? i’m really not sure anymore.
The first thing you notice in Cuba are the vintage, pre-revolutionary american cars. The country is literally a rolling car museum. Shortly after coming to power in 1959 Fidel Castro banned imports on both foreign cars + parts. One of the inevitable effects was the deep-freeze of Cuba's car scene. • story coming soon highlighting my favorites. they. were. everywhere.
can a space exist where there is universal social welfare? where all are equally educated, given free healthcare, a roof, food, + money? can a system which depends on an entire community be successful when it‘s controlled by a few? • i arrived in havana full of curiosity + ready to witness the power of less.
for the first time in more than 50 years the US is offering services to travel back in time. to a beautifully complicated place where the clock has stood still since the late 50’s. for ten days. in three cities. i took over three thousand photographs + recorded hours of footage trying to capture time travel. during the days ahead i’ll be looking back on this place frozen in time. what it felt like to completely disconnect. but reconnect. + i’ll try to unpack an experience that few will ever have in their lifetime. he vuelto a contarles una historia sobre Cuba...
jet-setting back in time. to another planet. completely off the grid. see you on the other side. ¡vamos a cuba!
nothing was louder than the lies he told himself. | #lessonschallenge #impvd
time exposes everything to everyone. especially for those who ignore sirens. | #lessonschallenge #impvd
keep flowers in her hair for the graveyard in her head. | #diadelosmuertos
a year ago i had my aura read. last night i sat with my eyes closed to see if things had changed. not only is my aura exactly the same, it’s louder. lavender orbs still hover over my throat + head + the red is now explosive. // im still an etherial, passionate, artistic, intuitive, driven, visionary. the more you speak the truth the closer you get to the center of your self. // accurate.
as a child i never imagined that all of the real monsters in the world would be humans.
it was when she said... i feel like a mirror reflecting back everyone’s perception of me... she was telling all our stories. go see this documentary. it will change you. | @miamatangi #mathangiarulpragasam #MIA
Today marks 2 years that I’ve been managing production for one of the top design schools in the world. I’ve learned 2 important lessons so far... you’ll always land where you’re supposed to be, exactly when you’re supposed to be there + that time goes by faster every year you get older. #risd
its the most. wonderful time. of the year. #happyhallowseve
Women who wear black have colorful lives.
No matter how many times a snake sheds it’s skin, it’s still a snake.
that space in between. neither here nor there. where one can never truly leave. and never quite return. a place where only a few ever arrive. and only a handful speak the same language. seeing you was the first time, in a long time, that someone could hear me from the inside out. i’ve missed you.
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