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Now this I what I call a good day. ❤ Buttery raspberry thumbprint cookies, just waiting for Shabbat. The real question is: will I be able to wait that long? ✡ There's just no use in having good hiding places, if I'm simply hiding the goodies from myself! What's a girl to do? Rhetorical question, I know. 😊 FOR RECIPE, TAP LINK IN PROFILE . . . . . #raspberrythumbprints #kosher #jamthumbprints #shabbat #shabbatshalom #goodshabbos #jewishrecipes #jewishfood #kosherfood #thejewishkitchen #jewfood #kosherkitchen #bostonfoodie #jewishhome
Bravo, Michelle!!! 🎉 You're looking at the first thing going into my kids' Chanukah stockings this year. (Yes, we do stockings; long story for another post.) ✡ This is Michele Brener's gorgeous, fun, & endearing new book. I started following Michelle @hebrewlesson this year & find her to be one of the sweetest & most supportive creators in our community.❤ Plus, she just makes things fun with her cute quizzes. This book is truly beautiful & I can't wait to give it my kids. Thank you, Michelle!!! 📚 . . . . . #michellebrener #hebrewlesson #alefbet #jewishbooks #jewish #jewishlearning #jewishhome #thejewishkitchen #jewisheducation
Hands down, this is my favorite pumpkin recipe. I admit--I'm not a pumpkin pie fan, but this super-most loaf is more like a cake than a bread & it is a positively addicting. The smell alone can make me weak in the knees. That good. ❤ I always make 2 at a time & either freeze one or gift one. I'll actually be making them tomorrow--one for a work event at BU & one for my husband who heard about the work event & simply stood there until I promised that #2 was all his. 😊 FOR RECIPE, TAP LINK IN PROFILE . . #pumpkinbread #pumpkinloaf #pumpkinrecipes #ilovepumpkin #pumpkinsweets #falldesserts #thejewishkitchen #jewfoood #fallbaking #kosherrecipes #jewishrecipes #autumnspices #onthetable #bostonfoodie
All Roads Lead to Brooklyn 🗽 Cravings. I never really had them when I was pregnant, but boy do I crave, crave, crave my father's onion bagels. Especially on the weekends when half a dozen bagels could easily become breakfast, lunch, a dairy dinner, & a Sunday brunch. I know this isn't a major world crisis, but still... 😊 So what made his bagels so legendary? Perfectly crisp & crackly bottoms. Real onions baked on top (None of those black onion seeds!!! Ick!!!) A perfect chewy-to-softness-to-denseness ratio that a good, NY bagel has. I'm telling you, friends, this is just one of those things you know at first bite. ❤ You can read my blog post about this ongoing issue in my life (and how I've lamented over it in the numerous cities I've called home) or feel free to help a girl out & send me your recommendations for the best onion bagel on the east coast. As of now, @essabagel1stave has my vote. What's yours? ✡ FOR BLOG POST, TAP LINK IN PROFILE. . . . . #nybagels #brooklyngirl #ilovenyc #bagelgirl #bakersdozen #bagelsandlox #brooklynbakery #jewishbakery #jewishfood #jewishrecipes #kosherfood #thejewishkitchen #kosher
Kosher Chicken Chow Mein, Brooklyn Style 🍲 From 1999 - 2001, I lived in San Fransicso (awesome!!!) while my first dot com @womensforum was growing alongside so many other Internet businesses. I LOVED the Bay Area (still do) & one its many perks was the amazing fresh food representing so many different cultures. 🌁 I could write forever about the excellent meals & wines I (blissfully) consumed in a 2-year period. 😊 I was fortunate to have my parents visit often from Florida to share in these experiences. My mother, no stranger to Chinese food (NY Jew, after all), fell in love w/the culture & food of the area & talks about those days even now. Still, she always comes back to this recipe for Kosher Chicken Chow Mein. so I thought I'd share it with you. 🍽 For the record, the most exquisite Chinese food I have ever eaten (repeatedly) was at Shangahi 1930, brainchild of the brilliant George Chen @chinalivechen of @chinalivesf 🏅 Side note: to this day, I consider Shanghai 1930 to be the best dining experience I ever had in San Francisco, period, & I'm quite certain my business partners & I ate our way through the city as well as Napa Valley. I still dream about a Shanghai dish called Fsh on a Vine & I haven't had it in 17 years. Now that's devotion. ❤ . . . . . #chickenchowmein #kosherfood #choemein #kosherchinese #chinalivesf #chinalivechen #thejewishkitchen #boroughpark #kosherrecipes #jewfood
I am never as happy as I am in the fall, when the weather is cool, the leaves are starting to turn & pumpkins & potted mums dot my neighbors' doorsteps. I just feel so invigorated this time of year, even though I know that winter (& snow) are just around the corner. 🍂 One of fall's greatest gifts is cooking with squash, pumpkins, & seasonal spices. This delicious butternut squash soup is my all-time favorite soup recipe & one I could live on all year 'round. 🥣 You can easily make this vegetarian by swapping the chicken stock out w/veg stock. Granny Smith apples give it a sweet & slightly tart flavor. To make it extra special, I cube leftover challah & toss w/melted butter, salt & pepper & then bake in the oven until golden (@ 10 min) so I have fresh & crispy croutons to serve on top. Delish. 🍏 For recipe, TAP LINK IN PROFILE . . . . . #butternutsquashsoup #squashsoup #butternutsquash #soupfordinner #thejewishkitchen #jewfood #jewishrecipes #onthetable #jewishfood #f52grams #bostonfoodie #kosherfood
KitchenAid Confessions 🍰 Is it just me, or are there others out there who've had a long-term relationship w/their standing mixer? 🍪 🥧🎂I started thinking about this & realized my mixer & I have been through more than most marriages & we're still going strong, LOL. ❤ To read my full blog, TAP LINK IN PROFILE. . . . . . #lovetobake #sweettooth #kosherdesserts #jewishrecipes #jewishfood #kosherfood #thejewishkitchen #bakingcookies #lovemykitchenaid #bostonfoodie
Simchat Torah Finger Foods ✡ This delicious eggplant dip on toasted French bread (or dark rye squares or crackers) is an easy choice for a Simchat Torah party, when buffet style serving & finger foods are the way to go. Focus on the music, dancing & celebrating the gift of Torah--instead of fussing over getting things to the table. After all, this is a party! 🎉 For recipe, TAP LINK IN PROFILE . . . . #eggplantdip #eggplantrecipes #tapenade #fingerfoods #simchattorah #jewishholidays #thejewishkitchen #kosher #kosherrecipes #jewfood
Shabbat Shalom ✡ What a week, my dear friends. If ever there was a need for Shabbos, today is the day. Are you as exhausted,. depressed, & disgusted by the events in the Judiciary Committee as I am? I honestly don't have words for this one. How do we raise daughters & sons in this crazy world? I jus't dont know. 😐 Wishing all of you a peaceful Shabbat & praying this brings us closer to empathizing with--rather than re-victimizing-victims of sexual assault. 🙏 . . . . . #ibelievechristineblaseyford #shabbat #shabbattable #shabbatshalom #goodshabbos #shabbatdinner #thejewishkitchen #jewfood
Perfect (Almost) Midnight Snack 🍰 Okay, we've all had those's waaay past dinner time and you've got to have a little something sweet. I think I've had this moment quite a few times in my life, but I digress, LOL. ❤ This is why I'm a fan of two or three-bite desserts I often bake double batches of my family's favorite treats (brownies, lemon bars, cookies, mini cheesecakes, etc.) & freeze batch 2. So are delicious right out of the freezer or w/minimal thawing. Pop your favorite on a beautiful plate (my grandmother's in this pic) & you've got a late night party. 🎉 For recipe, TAP LINK IN.PROFILE . . . . . #minicheesecake #midnightsnack #kosher #thejewishkitchen #kosherdesserts #jewishrecipes #jewishfood #kosherfood #jewishrecipes #foodstagram
Paris & the Potato 🇫🇷 In 1997 I went to Paris for the first time & fell stupidly, madly in love. With Paris. Its food. Its architecture. Its tiny specialty chocolate shops, chic boutiques, & wrought iron balconies that turned even the most simple building into a romantic, beautiful structure. 👗 And then there was the day I wandered into a neghborhood patisserie that sold tiny, aromtic gratins in the most beautiful miniature gratin dishes. Maybe 5 or 6 bites to the entire dish. I was blown away by the devotion to this effort for just a few perfect bites & then it dawned on me: that was the point--a few perfect bites. 🧀 I've tried to recreate the gratin I fell in love with 21 years ago. This is one feeds 6-8, but it was made with just you in mind. ❤ For recipe, TAP LINK IN PROFILE . . . . . #gratin #iloveparis #potatogratin #thejewishkitchen #kosher #sidedishes #jewishrecipes #jewfood #jewishhome #foodstagrm #onthetable
Sukkot Bounty ✡ These luscious fall fruits are perfect for a Sukkot celebration & literally scream bountiful, fall harvest. How can you not appreciate nature's gifts when biting nto a sweet, chewy fig or perfect honeycrisp apple? Impossible. 🍎 Over the past few days, the weather has begun to turn cooler in New England. Pumpkins are popping up on doorsteps, the High Holidays are over, the fall harvest, Sukkot, is here, & you can just feel the changes in the air. I love the predictability of it & yet the surprise of how it feels each time the seasons change. 🍂 . . . . . . #sukkot #succah #jewishhome #thejewishkitchen #jewfood #fallbounty #fallharvest #jewishholidays #kosher
Easy Bakes Smiles 🍪 Shabbat Shalom & a big hello after a few days away for Yom Kippur! I hope all of you are well & gearing up for fall weather, Sukkot, & in ny house, this also means football. I have to admit--I've learned to live with it, even though I still will never fully understand the game. 😊 That said, I love to look for my husband & son on game nights (major TV time). This usually means nachos, turkey chili, (some kind of meat) & either cookies or brownies. 🍫 These flourless chocolate cookies are one of my go-to, all-time favorites because they're a cross between a cookie & a really fudgy brownie. Plus, whenever my cookies come out of the oven, I always press 5-6 extra chips right on top of the warm cookie to add more texture & chocolate (never enough chocolate, right?) ❤ These are truly addicting. While they're ideal for Passover (no flour), I make them all year 'round. Try them and see why! 🍪 For recipe, TAP LINK IN PROFILE . . . . . #flourlesscookies #flourless #flourlesscookies #dessertstagram #shabbatshalom #shabbattable #kosherdesserts #jewishrecipes #thejewishkitchen #jewishfood
Gnar Ghatima Tovah ✡ On Yom Kippur we take stock, atone for our wrongdoings & pray that we & our loved ones will be inscribed in the Book of Life for yet another year. It is a period of soul- searching that begins on Rosh Hashanah & culminates on Yom Kippur.✡ It is impossible not to be moved by the beautiful & awe-inspiring, ancient words of the Unetanah Tokef prayer, chanted on Rosh Hashanah which states that on Rosh Hashanah it is written *who shall live and who shall die..." in the coming year. On Rosh Hashanah this fate is inscribed & on Yom Kippur it is sealed in the Book of Life. ✡ The prayers, words, foods, music & traditions of my faith are interwoven into my heart & my life. I am grateful to all of you for the gift of your friendship & for allowing me to share these things with you. ❤ . . . . . #yomkippur #highholidays #highholydays #jewish #kosher #thejewishkitchen #roshhashanah #jewfood #jewishrecipes
My Go-To Break Fast Dish ✡ Yep, you've seen this from me once before, but my mom's baked blintzes are truly the perfect break fast dish for Yom Kippur. 🍽 Frozen cheese blintzes are baked in a sweet custard of eggs, sour cream, vanilla, & orange juice. They puff up to perfection with chewy, golden edges & soft creamy blintzes inside. Drooling as I write this!!!! 🍊 Make ahead & simply reheat I serve them with apple sauce, sour cream, & sliced strawberries, and then just wait for the oohs & aahs! ❤ For recipe, TAP LINK IN PROFILE . . . . . . #breakthefast #yomkippur #highholydays #highholidays #jewishrecipes #kosherrecipes #jewishhome #jewish #kosher #thejewishkitchen #blintzes
Get Your Punpkin On 🍊 Chocolate pumpkin brownies are perfect make ahead desserts for Break Fast. ✡ The bottom layer is a rich, fudgy brownie that gets topped with an easy-to-make pumpkin cheesecake batter. Swirling the pumpkin batter gently into the brownie with the tip of a knife creates a pretty marbling effect. 👩‍🍳 For recipe, TAP LINK IN PROFILE . . . . . #pumpkinbrownies #pumpkinrecipes #yomkippur #breakthefast #jewishfood #thejewishkitchen #kosher #highholidays #highholydays #jewishrecipes #kosherrecipes
If you've been following the news, you've no doubt heard about the 60+ fires that broke out in the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts yesterday in the towns of Andover, North Andover, & Lawrence due to a gas main break. 🔥 My family and I live in Andover. Thankfully, we are all safe. Our friends are safe. Our beloved synagogue is safe. But many in our community have lost their homes, are injured, and have been displaced and are in shelters. One young man tragically lost his life. 😢 Please keep them in your prayers. 🙏
Rolling into 5779 ✡ I'm trying to distract myself from the leftover jelly roll cake that's I served for rosh Hashanah last night. It's not such an easy thing to do when you have a sweet tooth like mine! 🍰 Jelly (or jam) rolls are perfect desserts for Jewish New Year celebrations where the emphasis is on wishing everyone a sweet year & looking forward to making positive changes in the months ahead. Yes, I suppose giving up sweets would be a good change, but then again, a world without dessert? I dont think so! ❤ Fore recipe, TAP LINK IN PROFILE. . . . . . #jamroll #jellyroll #shanatova #roshhashanah #highholidays #jewfood #highholydays #jewish #kosher #thejewishkitchen #kosherdesserts #jewishrecipes #jewishholidays
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