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Recently Assistant Food Editor @sheelafiorenzo made some homemade gravlax and it looks 🔥. (Image: @sheelafiorenzo )
This braised chicken dish puts the classic French combination of mustard, white wine, shallots, and cream to work in a slow cooker to create tender, saucy chicken ready to be served with some good bread to drag through the last drops of sauce on your plate. Recipe via the link in our bio. (Image: @joe.lingeman | Recipe: @cgallary | Styling: @ccbuckley.jpeg )
This blood orange olive oil cake is the dessert you bring to your parent's cookout and become the ⭐️ of the family. Recipe via the link in our bio. (Image: @brooklynsupper )
This bucatini with French breakfast radishes, bacon & greens is the perfect weeknight dinner for the summer. Recipe via the link in our bio. (Image: @kimberleyhasselbrink | Recipe: Rozanne Gold)
A simple pan sauce can elevate even the most basic meals. Here, a creamy Alfredo-style sauce with Pecorino cheese makes a sublime meal of linguine, asparagus, and shrimp. Recipe via the link in our bio. (Image: @brooklynsupper )
Double tap if it was a double cup of coffee kind of morning. ☕️
If you've seen a chocolate and Nutella crêpe cake in your Pinterest feed, let us be the first to tell you: they are not so difficult, and if you're ready to try, we have the best, most foolproof method for creating a crêpe cake that will stun your friends and make you beam with accomplishment. Recipe via the link in our bio. (Image: @laurenvolo )
Briny feta and tangy cream cheese combine to form one glorious homage to tomatoes in this 15-minute fresh tomato and feta tart. We highly suggest you give it a try this week. Recipe via the link in our bio. (Image: Brie Passano)
This spinach, white bean and taleggio pizza is the easy dinner that will make you feel like a master chef. Recipe via the link in our bio. (Image: @kimberleyhasselbrink )
Baby beets and carrots dressed with a yogurt ranch dressing = the desk lunch ALL of your co-workers will be envying. 👀 Recipe via the link in our bio. (Image: @brooklynsupper )
This super low-maintenance meal is made in one pan, requires minimal cleanup and takes only 30 minutes to make— aka a weeknight dinner win. 🙌🏼 Get the recipe for this skillet chicken via the link in our bio. (Image: @juliasalbumblog )
These spicy maple Dijon grilled Brussels sprouts might be simple to make, but they're far from plain. They're coated with a delicious glaze made with olive oil, maple syrup, Dijon mustard, garlic, cayenne, salt, and pepper and grilled until the leaves start to crinkle and the flavor seeps into every layer. Recipe via the link in our bio. (Image: @ambitiouskitchen )
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