Premium cases to help you organise & protect your gear #TheLifeOfBasal

What’s your weapon of choice? 🥁 • Drumstick Bag
The Aero Filter Jar is now available on Amazon which means fast & free shipping in North America!! Wooo!!! Get your AeroPress filters the perfect storage container to keep them neat & dry amidst the rest of your coffee equipment • [Search ‘Aero Filter Jar’ in Amazon]
The Blank 300 makes it easy to keep your Apollo Twin in great condition
There’s no reason to have to shove your cables into some makeshift bag only for them to get tangled... wrap and store your cables neatly in the Basal ‘Cable Bag’ and keep things civilised
Here’s another peek at the ‘SPD Voyager’ • It’s available for pre-order now at a significantly discounted price AND it comes with the Mount Pouch! Tell your buddies! [link in bio]
Tour managers! Band managers! Sound engineers! Basal has designed a case to make your IEM management simple and remove the chance of lost In-Ears between shows • ‘IEM Manager’ Free Shipping Worldwide
Don’t leave your metronome rattling round your bag and expect it to last as long as it should • ‘Metronome - Boss’ US$32
Do you use a couple of power supplies for your metronome/drum machine/midi keyboard? • The ‘Dual Pouch’ will take care of them once you’ve packed up, leaving them nice and organised for next time
Get yourself prepared for your next job with help from Basal • WWW.BASAL.CO
Making coffee off the beaten path? The ‘Filter Coffee Traveller’ lets you store all your equipment in one convenient carry case. @limacoffeeroasters has some in stock for those in beautiful Colorado 🏔
The ‘Drum Basics’ provides just the right amount of space for the variety of tools & equipment each drummer relies on
There’s now a way for you to easily carry your drum machine and keep it protected between shows • SPD Voyager [link in bio]
The ‘Cable Bag’ is the answer to the simple request most of us musicians have for a convenient way to carry and organise our variety of cables/leads
Your #DJTechTools MidiFighter Twister is an important part of your rig so grab yourself a legit case to keep it in great condition • ‘BLANK 300’
A really nice bag for your really nice things • The Basal ‘Weekender’
Our tidy & compact drumstick bag • US$35 Ships Worldwide
The moments between setting up and packing down again • Cable Bag & Metronome Case
Musicians that take themselves seriously deserve serious gear • ‘BLANK 500’
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