Premium equipment storage solutions helping professionals and amateurs stay organised and protect important gear #TheLifeOfBasal

Our Cable Bag is constructed with ballistic nylon lining making it exceptionally tough. You can trust your cables will be in good hands when they’re inside this high quality product.
Drummers can so easily end up with gear everywhere! This is where Basal steps in to bring organisation to the chaos
There are too many complicated drumstick bags out there but the Basal Drumstick Bag is made to do its job really well and pack away without any also looks really classy 🕺🏽
Our waxed canvas drawstring pouch measures 12.5” tall x 3.75” diameter (320mm x 100mm) and is a great way to organise and protect your equipment
This is basically my uniform now… want in on it? Available at
Bring your Apollo Twin with you to the gig and leave your worries behind because the Basal ‘Blank 300’ will cradle it the whole way there and back again
As classy as it is convenient… This Christmas you could be zipping open a Filter Coffee Traveller of your own --- tag someone who has been bugging you for your Christmas list and they’ll get the hint 👇
The ‘Drum Basics’ is ready the entire gig, making it easy for you to grab a drum key or some mutes. It’s also just as it’s ready at the end of the gig to help you pack away all the essentials
The Cable Bag keeps your leads wrapped neatly and safely. Don’t let your important equipment settle for anything less. Express shipment will have this at your doorstep well in time to be placed under the Christmas tree 🎄😉
Nobody looks down on drumstick bags! Except drummers...they look down on them
Keep special equipment isolated super easily with the ‘Dual Pouch’
The perfect set of scales for your AeroPress or v60! It’ll measure your coffee beans precisely in ounces or grams and pack away neatly • Pequeño Digital Scale
A couple of Blank 300 cases carrying important cargo. Anyone out there use the Midi Fighter Twister / 3D or Apollo Twin? 🙌 Pack yours away like this legend does and when the gig is over, you’ll know it’s in good hands.
This is a good look for the Tama Rhythm Watch but, more importantly, a protective place, so it lasts
The ‘Blank-300’ is a versatile case you can repurpose depending on your changing needs...or you can just keep throwing more stuff in 😃
It’s your last chance to get the Drum Basics on sale! [Everything storewide is 20% off for just a few more hours] • BASAL.CO
Be prepared for your next getaway • Weekender
Anyone off visiting the family for the holiday? Next time pack all your coffee gear into the Filter Coffee Traveller and you can enjoy the same perfect cup you make at home instead of suffering through pop’s lukewarm, triple dark roast • Grab it this weekend for just US$29
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