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We believe the spirit of exploration lives in everyone. When fear, routine or hesitation hold you back we say, go for it. #neverstopexploring

Warmth, evolved. Your favorite jacket is now insulated with 100% recycled polyester. Each jacket will remove at least 5 plastic bottles from the landfill. See the full Thermoball Eco Collection, see link in bio. #neverstopexploring
One of the joys of exploration is finding your own path. As the founder and CEO of @outdoorafro , @ruemapp has done exactly that. In our final installment of our Mentors series, we learn from Rue about her journey to celebrate and inspire African American connections and leadership in Nature. Our four-part series, Mentors, examines the truths we find through exploration, and allows these stories to broaden how we define an explorer. Shot on location in Salt Lake City in the Clubhouse SLC home to the Ladies Literary Club, the oldest women's club in the West. Discover more stories of women pushing the boundaries of exploration, see link in bio. #SheMovesMountains
Sakha is a region of highs, lows and little else. It’s home to Pik Pobeda, the highest mountain in Siberia, and where the lowest temperature in the Northern Hemisphere was recorded - a deadly -71.3C. It’s also the desolate and hostile landscape in which alpinists @tamaralunger and @iamsimonemoro found themselves in February 2018, preparing to attempt the first ever winter ascent of this 3003m frozen monolith. Hit the link in bio to discover #PobedaMovie , which chronicles their record-setting expedition in an environment that makes rescue impossible. #NeverStopExploring
With copper color ways and oversized baffles, our most iconic styles get a shiny new update. The Copper Collection is the most recent release within our limited print capsules, see link in bio. #neverstopexploring
The real gift is where it takes you. Explore our Holiday Gift Guide, see link in bio. Video of @shoeburt by @blakepaul #neverstopexploring
Innovative insulation for all-weather warm. Thermoball. Lightweight. Limitless. #neverstopexploring
Eyes on the prize. Photo of @colenavin by @oligagnonphoto #neverstopexploring
Our call for exploration in today’s @NYTimes : “We believe that exploration is at the heart of humanity. And we believe that every human deserves the right to explore their world, seek new experiences and gain new perspectives. In these divided times, we call on us all to use the spirit of exploration to bring us closer to one another. To connect to others who may not look like us, to seek out experiences that are different than ours, to have the courage to understand others’ values. For it is through this curiosity and courage that we grow and learn and gain empathy for others. And it is this spirit of exploration that we believe has the power to move us forward.” #neverstopexploring Photo by @sasha.turrentine
The real gift is where it takes you. Explore our Holiday Gift Guide, see link in bio. Video of @emilyaharrington and @dogcalledcat by @adrianballinger #neverstopexploring
Happy midterms. We’re participating in #timetovote and giving our The North Face family paid time off to hit the ballot box today, we hope you join us in getting out there to cast your votes. #votetheoutdoors Video by @renan_ozturk @shotsfromabove
Check out our latest collection of refurbished apparel from our partners at @renewalworkshop. Our renewed gear is inspected, washed and tuned up for your next adventure. It’s the same quality and performance with less impact on the earth. View the collection, see link in bio. #neverstopexploring
Burly baggage for packing more possibilities. Explore our Holiday Gift Guide, see link in bio. #neverstopexploring
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