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Some people build walls, other people climb them. Walls are meant for climbing. #climbwalls

For every climber who joins Global Climbing Day at a participating climbing gym, we will donate $1 to the @KhumbuClimbingCenter (up to $100,000). Send to support, people. See link in bio, to find a participating gym. #climbwalls
Around the world today people are coming together at climbing gyms to share in free climbing, good vibes, pro-athlete led clinics and a bit of callus building. Be a part of it all. Check out for more - link in bio. #climbwalls
Today we’re celebrating the walls that unite us, not divide us by partnering with 200+ gyms globally for Global Climbing Day - click the link in bio to find a participating gym. #climbwalls
I don't know what's harder: climbing through 6 inches of moss or not using a TLC caption. Photo by @honngy
To craft the Bottle Source Collection, we recycled 160,000lbs of plastic bottles from the waste streams from parks into tees and totes. With each new Bottle Source item we make, we donate $1 to @GoParks to support sustainability projects. See the full collection, link in bio. Photo by @_drew_smith_
“The new Flight Trail Vest is light, has lots of great storage and looks savage. It has been brilliant to see this racing vest develop over the past few months using real insight from the athlete team.” @poleary87 at the @lavaredoultratrail race. Photo by @josemmi26
There are a lot of different ways around a wall, but straight up demands a pretty creative solution. @margojain finds her purpose and community through the off-beat artists who make it beautiful. Walls are meant for climbing. Join us in celebrating the walls that unite us, not divide us on 8.18.2018 for Global Climbing day, see link in bio. #ClimbWalls
Join us to celebrate the walls that unite us, not divide us on 08.18.2018 for Global Climbing Day. Over 150 gyms globally will be participating in the movement to promote inclusivity within the community by offering free climbing, gear giveaways & more. We’re donating $1 to the @khumbuclimbingcenter for every climber who joins us for Global Climbing Day at a participating gym up to $100,000. See link in bio for more information, to find your closest participating gym, & to register #climbwalls
See @alexhonnold , no strings attached, in FREE SOLO. From award-winning documentary filmmaker Chai Vasarhelyi (@mochinyc ) and world-renowned photographer and mountaineer @jimmy_chin , comes FREE SOLO, an intimate portrait of @alexhonnold , as he prepares to achieve his lifelong dream: climbing all 3,200 ft of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without a rope. Coming to theaters late September, check back in for locations and dates. #FreeSolo @natgeo
Crack-a-Jac. Photo of @jacopolarcher by @francoislebeau
Built for all. Built to last. Lifetime warranty on all packs. Find your perfect pack, see link in bio.
In case you missed the action at @psicocomp this past weekend - you can still check out the finals livestream on our Facebook page. Link in bio. “For me climbing has always been about managing risk which is a big reason I love this community event. #climbwalls ” Words and photo by @renan_ozturk
Psicobloc is a unique form of solo climbing over a deep body of water. This weekend, we’re sponsoring the 2018 @Psicocomp Masters in Utah Olympic Park where athletes will be climbing over 50 feet above water. We’ll be livestreaming the finals on Saturday, August 4 from our Facebook - check back in at 6-8:30 pm PDT. Photo by @jonvickersclimbs
Beachfront property. Photo by @willofmine
Inspired by NYC Street Style, check out our Alphabet City Collection in the link in our profile.
Foul weather friends. Stay committed and keep crackin’ jokes with our waterproof rain gear. See the full collection, link in bio. Photo by @willsaundersphoto
Last year, we committed $1M to bring communities together through climbing walls. Last week, the first in a series, we unveiled public climbing boulders with @trustforpublicland , meant to bringing climbing to communities across the country. Local youth from @elk_kids helped design this boulder in Montbello, Denver– and now they can climb it, too. Photo by @nschmiedl #ClimbWalls
More miles, more smiles. Increase your range with our lightweight hike gear. See the full collection, link in bio. Photo by @willsaundersphoto
Disability was never a word Maureen Beck ( ) related to. As a one-handed climber, she’s learned walls don’t really care what you are. Walls are meant for climbing. Join us in celebrating the walls that unite us, not divide us on 8.18.2018 for Global Climbing day, see link in bio. #ClimbWalls
Vulnerability is an essential ingredient to progress. As a designer, Ruth Beatty understands that creative risk allows for the evolution of ideas. See link in bio or visit our IGTV channel, to watch the full episode. Our four-part series, Mentors, examines the truths we find through exploration, and allows these stories to broaden how we define an explorer. Shot on location in Salt Lake City in the Clubhouse SLC home to the Ladies Literary Club, the oldest women's club in the West. Discover more stories of women pushing the boundaries of exploration at #SheMovesMountains
Where @sav.cummins grew up, there weren’t many rocks to climb. But she didn’t let Cincinnati’s terrain hold her back. Born adventurous, the climber set off to explore and photograph remote and rugged places—places both eerily empty and magnetic. Savannah’s time in the mountains may have just begun, but nothing she does—ice climbing, big wall climbing, bouldering —doesn’t look rad. Savannah sends projects no matter how much suffering they take, and when she’s not on the wall herself, she uses her camera to capture others achieving their objectives. #shemovesmountains Photo by @_claytonboyd_ and @_drew_smith_
Carry the classics. Lifetime warranty on all backpacks. Find the perfect pack, see link in bio.
@zachmiller38 doesn’t like sharing his desert. Photo by @aaroncolussi
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