Pam Chu

dancer. big sister. dreamer Bloc La

✌🏻 out Atlantic City!
Walking into Atlantic City with my ladies like~ #pieceofmetour
Let’s go PA!! #pieceofmetour
Show 2 holding it down with the ladies. Let’s go DC! #pieceofmetour
Kicking off tour with a hair flip. Who’s coming DC?! Show #1 #pieceofmetour
Headed out on tour tomorrow with the bombshell @britneyspears After 4+ years, I’m still as excited as I was on day 1. Bring it on Summer. @blocla #pieceofmetour
Puppy Love...the only way to rehearse! (Puppy courtesy of @michaelstein91 & @kaylie_yee )
Missing a big & a little ~ but this sister love is so strong. Always proud of my babes.
Happy Fathers Day Papa Chu- you forever hold our hearts!
It’s always a good idea to pair up with @morgannimal to pull off a last minute surprise... ⚡️ Congratulations @accentondance for 40 years of love, life lessons & the most incredible support system to so many. You’ve paved the path for our dreams & we’re so proud to be a part of your legacy. #AODalumni (also, thank you to everyone for learning off of our 13 min tutorial video 💫)
Happy Birthday to my person @dailydancerdiet !! How lucky I am to grow, explore & wonder with you. I marvel at your talents and your constant quest to learn, apply & share. You’re bold & kind ~ always fully committed in everything you do. I love All that you are and All that you stand for. You’re the best friend anyone could ask for!
Make your voice count... #RiseUpAndVote #CaliforniaPrimary
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