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When you’re the 5th wheel on Valentine’s Day 😍#LuckyMe
Haven’t posted in a while... here’s a ‘younger’ me frolicking in SM captured by @backtoawake
Success!!!! Happy 70th Birthday Dad! Thanks to all our friends and family who helped make this surprise party so special!!!
When you're trying to sell a prop idea... . . . So lucky to work with and learn from @thesquareddivision ⚡️I love you guys
Happy 70th Birthday DaD! 🎈 I'll always look up to you with stars in my eyes. #BlurryButCute
Good friends never go out of style. #blurrysidecorner #PointParkAlumni
When you're so excited to see your bestie, but it's super sunny out and you're also Asian... ☀️🎎
The Final Show. Let's do this! #pieceofme
If you're not here in Vegas... tune in to join us as we count down to 2 0 1 8 ⚡️ #britneyxrockineve
And of course, to our cast. The best bunch of crazies you could ever ask for. The support, love & laughs is never ending and your talent is unparalleled. Each one of you has enhanced my life more than you will ever know. This is a life long bond that is sealed with so many memories. To @chasebenz_ & @kaylie_yee thank for leading us and keeping us connected. 4 years with 16 different energies swirling around & I could do 4 more years! Love you endlessly. Tonight is our celebration of the most incredible time in our lives! #pieceofme
Looking back on the past 4 years, so many thoughts and memories fill me up. The most important one being gratitude. Grateful for everyone behind the scenes who has made this journey possible. From the Creative Team, to Management, Production, Band, to our Crew, Wardrobe, PT, Security, our Cast, Planet Hollywood, the Axis team & of course Britney. To my family and friends who made it possible for me to attain this goal. It takes a village- and our village is my family. Never did I imagine this life to be as magical as it has been. I leave Piece of Me with a fuller heart and stars in my eyes ✨ @britneyspears @silenthouseproductions @thesquareddivision @melissamyrtle @fatima_noir @charmladonna @marcdelcore @mollycbwilliams @rosietish @mississippifefe @adrienermiller @marcosquared @soyonan @stevechet @tanisha1001 @blocla #pieceofme (& to @katiemurlas & @accentondance for the rides to and from the ✈️ on audition weekend)
1st show back year 3. Hair down and wool coats to keep us cool during act 1. These past 2 years have gone by way too fast ⚡️ #pieceofme
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