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🌎 #LocationIndependent since 2012 πŸŽ’ #CarryOn luggage only πŸ“ Mexico πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ πŸ”œ Thailand πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ 🌐 πŸ‘‡ How much did my life cost in 2016?

I saw this scene and very profoundly stated to myself, "Breathtaking, I shale take a photo." 😜🀣 #sopunny #glaciernps
It started raining during this portion of our #glaciernps visit. β˜”οΈ can ruin a trip, but with every πŸŒ₯ comes a silver lining, and in this case it's their role in these delicious sunbeams πŸŒ….
I had to set up my unstable tripod in the rushing river and wait 20 seconds per photo to eventually get this long exposure shot. Bizarre to feel so stressed in such a peaceful place. #glaciernps
I love this feeling. β›°πŸšπŸ’¨ #glaciernps
They say to make sure you take time to enjoy the little things. Don't forget to take time to enjoy the BIG things, too. β›°
This tree got front row seats to quite the concert. 🀘🏼🀘🏼🀘🏼
"The Wild is bold." -Muir 🌲🏞Welcome to Glacier National Park.🏞🌲
It has been 9 months since I've posted. Just haven't felt like it. I've spent most of those 9 months living in Bali. It has been the longest I've stayed in one place in the past 6 years. Now I'm off again, but missing the Bali beauty and everyone there...
It's a full day event if you want to volunteer on @bigimagination747 project, but it's so worth it, not only do you get paid in food, but you get to spend the day exploring a 747! All the cargo bays, walking onto the wings, seeing the massive fuel tanks and looking up into the landing gear is something you never get to experience ✈️
Welcome to the @bigimagination747 project. This year they brought the top half of a 747 to Burning Man. Next year they'll be bringing the whole thing...and it will move. The logistics of this project are absolutely mind-boggling...The plane is based in the Mojave Desert, so they have to gut it, take it apart, transport it in pieces up to Nevada and then reassemble it again so it's structurally sound. How structurally sound? Well, they are planning on turning the wings into dance floors...they are always accepting volunteers, so we made a detour in Bruce to go help for the day...
#vanlife views
The Heart Spring in Yellowstone captured with heart-shaped clouds above.
Finding a place to sleep for the night sometimes ends in the back corner of a parking lot. It's never a good nights sleep as the worry of getting "knocked" keeps you restless. However, sometimes the hunt ends at the end of an unpaved road as it did on this night. The sleep is peaceful, and surrounded by nature. Nights like these make every night in a sketchy parking lot worth it. #vanlife
Driving into Yellowstone from Idaho Falls 🌼
Finishing up the photos from Yellowstone...September has been a hectic month, so I haven't been posting many photos, but I'm finally settled in Bali so expect a steady stream 😊
Fun Fact: You can tell what time of year it is based on the colors around the edges of The Grand Prismatic Spring. One componentΒ of the vivid color is the runoff temperature gradient. In the summer, you see more oranges and reds, while the winter brings more dark greens.
"I walked out on a rock and made two steps at the same time, one forward, the other backward, for I had unawares, as it were, looked down into the depths or bowels of the earth into which the Yellow[stone] plunged as if to cool the infernal region that lay under all this wonderful country of lava and boiling springs." -A. Bart Henderson, Prospector, Diary, 1867 - Thank you @rachel_alford for helping me with some of your Yellowstone tips!
Playing around with long exposure in Yellowstone left me feeling silky smooth for some reason. - Thank you @carolynknightt for helping me with some of your Yellowstone tips!
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