The #ChevyMan #1971 #1972

Manzanita blue, Tahoe blue & white diamond brute quartz.
Broke out half of the ice today 🧐🤑😎
Lion k9 dog training
Completed! Snow or shine haha I live for the challenge. Making a standard tile look like an upgraded with the way I install them. 60 45degree cuts to get that 90 degree edge, staggering them with Symmetrical cuts on both ends and keeping a solid pattern throughout the entire job, giving it a look the customers would have never expected. But most importantly the longevity of my work, making sure each tile is glued and level. This isn’t work maaaan, this is my art. The small detail I do for my own satisfaction.
Like Nike I #JustDoIt demoXTile
Photobombed that bottle of water.. my 2nd session this month 😓
You’re mf welcome
8 of these bad boys
Took the day off to bond w my Rocá.. #LionK9DogTraining
For that mean green
Another big job. Plasterers from SoCal and then Northern California’s finest @generationpoolsinc
“Hey siri, call oogum”. *calling oogum maple leaf, gust of wind standing chick. #OogumBoogum #InMyFeelz
When you love your job, things like this don’t matter, It is what it is. This applies to other things outside of your job. 😏💡
Lil prayer w me all the time
Dump run w my two girls
Ready to head home!
Zeke & Rocá
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