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Good morning: Anything that has to benefit the welfare of the people in our community/county, I'll promote. "Health is Wealth" There'll be a FREE MAGA HEALTH FAIR going on Saturday, August 25th, 2018 @ Redeemers Church of Christ ( aka Redeemer's Chapel) in Lanham. It is open to everyone. So, if you do not have any medical insurance please, make sure you stop by for your FREE Health Screening. Next year's event will include FREE LEGAL SERVICES... And, some of your ELECTED Officials/CANDIDATES will be there as well. HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE:
To be the first Sierra Leonean immigrant in the Americas to have built ( owned) your own church, it is something to be celebrated.. That's why I was absolutely honored to have been among the invitees to celebrate not only you, but also, your 14th year Church Anniversary, Rev. Dr. Abdul K. Sesay. The word proud, would be an understatement; we are extremely blessed to have in the community. You took a " Stand" not only to uplift yourself and family members but the community in which you found yourself.. I salute you. And, I will stand with you anyday. This is the kind of sucessful story we want to hear; not just " Dinner and dinner " all the time. We dance too much.. Our ancestors danced until the Whitemen took over Africa.. And now, we are going to be dancing in America until the Chinese take over Africa. We better wake up before it's too late..
While our Democratic Leaders are sitting on the sidelines or sitting wherever they are sitting; please allow me to introduce to you, our very own candidate for Governor of Maryland, Ben Jealous. The general election is in November 2018. And, I am asking each and everyone of my supporters, those that stood with me and those that voted for during the primaries, to stand with him come November 6th, 2018. This time around, you don't have to worry about the District in while you live. As long as you live in the state of Maryland and you are a valid registered voter, you can cast your vote for Ben Jealous... Please excuse me in advance, as of today, my page will be Ben Jealous's page...I love you all much for your understanding ❤❤😘😘😘
I am extremely honored to have received such an important recognition from my own people, the Liberian Community Association, during their 171 independence Day celebration last night.. For that, I am forever grateful. This recognition would not have been possible without the inspiration I have received from great men and women who came before me, for whom I have the deepest respect, and from whom I have derived the strength to challenge myself to do even better at each stage of my journey. I thank God for all of the many blessings heading my way..#ElectSiaFinoh #District24 ..
Last night at the swearing ceremony for the newly elected Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee. Gone are the days, where the members were considered " the big kahunas, the big dogs, the power brokers".They called them "party bosses" because, they called the political shots behind closed doors somewhere in the hallowed "smoke-filled" dark room, well, maybe; just imagine it. They stayed true to the values that the Democratic Party stood for. But in today's Democratic Central Committee, they bears absolutely no resemblance to their past predecessors. They have been reduced to just a mere symbol ( empty vessel )with no political power nor influence. The Democratic Party need to #staywoke ...#ElectSiaFinoh #PrinceGeorgiansLivesMatters #OurIssueMatters #YourVot
Well, they Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee Unity Rally tonight was about this man right here, candidate for Maryland Governor, Ben Jealous. They are rallying the Dems in Prince George's County to vote in unity for him.. But, you know how our people are, they will tell you in face " I will vote for you" until they get to polls and then vote for someone else.. Hopefully this time around, we will do as we say in public or Rep. Governor, Larry Hogan will win again.
Please meet one of our member, your newly elected Democratic Central Committee Member, former Mayor of Fairmount Heights, Dr Patricia Waiter. We are so proud of her and it was an honor having her on our team. She's going to do a wonderful job..
This is how I'm going to be walking into the Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee Unity Rally tonight😁. All rested up, fired up and ready to be in their faces.... I don't know what kind of a Unity Rally they are have but, we shall see... After all of the #FakeBallots #Electionmanipulation #voterigging . We have our own RussianGate right here Prince George's County.. Lord, please help us, the people ( 95%) on the ground...#ElectSiaFinoh .
Hey Jennifer Jones Bryant, it was nice seeing you this evening at Sister4Sister network, Inc..
Wow, wow. After reading and listening to hundreds of messages( via calls, texts, social media)sent my way yesterday, I felt so loved.. My heart is still smiling from all of the love recieved. No matter how old we are or how old we get, we all want to be acknowledged on our special day by our friends and family..And yesterday was truly an amazing day.... I want each and everyone of you to know that your kind words and birthday wishes on my special day was truly appreciated and will never be taken lightly because yesterday would’t be the same without you all..I ❤ you all.. #SiaFinoh #WeAreAllOne #BeTrueToYourselfandYourCommunity #BeAChangeAgentInYourCommunity
George C. Fraser( Billionaire Network Guru) said, if you want to be successful in life/ or career, you must be in the circle of people that are greater, smarter, wealthier and more influential than you. Hanging with them is one thing, but the most important part, is to study and model( copy)their work ethics and incorporate that into your own life. That's what will produce success..... My Thanksgiving tour continues...Please meet my new found mentors🤗😁, from left to right: Ambassador of Ghana, H. E Dr. Barfuor Adjei-Barwuah, Ambassador of Nigeria, H.E. Hon. Justice Sylvanus Adiewere Nsofor, and Billionaire Newworking Guru & Founder of FraserNet, inc. George C. Fraser and one of Trump's African son, Alex-St. James 😂. "No one has the power to determine your future but You".....ElectSiaFinoh2020
A little late but, Happy 4th everyone...My family and I, are ever so grateful to those who fought for us to have the freedom we are enjoying today. On the road again to PowerNetworking Conference @Gaylord National Harbor..#NetworkingCounts . Show me your friends and I will show your Future...#ElectSiaFinoh2020 ..
O let us give thanks onto the Lord, for his good and his mercies endureth forever. The flu really knocked me down but, I am back up again.. I started my thanksgiving tour today.. I'll be visiting every church, every mosque, every single place that my team and visited during our campaign and thank them. Whether they supported us or not, whether they voted for us or not, as the leader of our team, I am still going to thank them. The people deserve that honor.. I am thanking everyone who played a vital ( whether big/small) role in journey..I humbly bow in appreciation to you ALL.. #ElectSiaFinoh2020 #Letustakecorruptionoutofprincegeorgescounty /MD
I wish to extend my heartiest congratulations to my opponents who won the primary election yesterday, Erek Barron, Jazz and Andrea Fletcher-Harrison. You all did a great job. I look forward to a future bilateral cooperation in making sure that our County comes first, our people also get the "piece of the pie". I will also like to thank All those that invested their efforts, funds and time in me( especially my volunteers).. I will treasure your selflessness forever.. I am profoundly grateful.. And, to my voters( supporters) who voted for me, I humbly bow in appreciation to you for your support. You see, I had a message and I was ( with the help of my team) successfully able to convinced 2,285 voters to believe in my message. For a new candidate with no experience, no funding, no political endorsement nor professional aid, my team and I did a hell of a great job.. I am going to be very active and visible within the community. So, look out for me at your next neighborhood meetings... Love you all and we'll be back in 2020.
First and foremost, I'll like to thank God for letting me cross the red sea. I also will like to express my profound gratitude to all of my supporters, especially my most incredible team members. They literally put me in front of there families.. I will be forever grateful...Now, the people of Prince George's County has spoken. They chose who they believe will best serve their interests. And, I gracefully accept the result and I am looking toward to the future to see how we can better serve our citizens. This is not the end of me but, a new beginning to a great and mighty things to come... Prince George's County is my home and I am not going anywhere. See you all in 2022. Love you All..
Our victory/ acceptance party is today at Redeemer's Chapel, 10001 Aerospace Rd Lanham MD 20706..#VoteSiaFinoh #June26
Today is about Thanksgiving... I want to thank ALL those that started this journey with me since March 1, 2017. I couldn't have done it without people like yourself in my life... I humbly bow in appreciation to you for your love and support... #VoteSiaFinoh #June26 ..
Tomorrow is the Big Day, June 26, 2018.... 21 years ago, "I had a dream" that I will one day run for public office in America. I'd no idea how it was going to happened. But I knew then, I wanted be part of my community where I found myself. Fast forward to March 1, 2017 when I declared my candidacy for State Delegates, District24. It was the greatest honor ever. And, I am still pinching myself in disbelief. For the mere fact that my name, Sia Finoh is on the ballot in America, it's something that I will forever be grateful for, it's something that I will forever pinched myself for.. Anything is possible in America, if only believe and work hard, is possible.. #VoteSiaFinoh #June 26..
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