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Promise made, promise kept. In partnership with Marnell Small of "Diva Movement Association Inc"; the first batch of my campaign clothes was personal delivered to Mission of Love Charities in Capitol Heights, MD this morning. Mission of Love Charities is a nonprofits 501(C)(3) human services organization "whose mission is to empower, educate and advocate for low-income individuals and families in order to diminish poverty in our community".The next two batches of clothes will be going to countries outside the United States. When you invest in others, you invest in yourself. When you invest in your community, you invest in the world.. It's a great thing to give. God has never been cheap with me so, I will never be cheap of giving what God had blessed me with..
Now that the Veteran's Day holiday is winding down, the elections are over and " tis the season to give" I am looking for a credible local nonprofit organization( not including salvation army) right here in Prince George's County to donate every single clothes that I wore during my campaign season. These are just some of the dresses pictured here but, I have a lot more..I want an organization that is dedicated to the empowerment/improvement of the lives of the unprivilege women and children in our community. First came, first serve. Please recommend to me an organization in our community or inbox me..Sia M. Finoh
My partner in Civic Duty. You capture them when they are young. We voted. Whatever the outcome of the election is tonight, we must always remember that we are the people of this great land and the power in this great land is vested in our hands. Therefore, whatever politcal issue(s) are at the forefront of our concerns, we must all work TOGETHER to reclaim our constitutional liberties..Our "Union is not perfect but our “imperfect” union belongs to us all". It is up to all of us to work together as one unit and make it the best it can be now, and the future. It is great that so many of us are already" union active", but we need a whole lots of participation, for “In Our Unity, Lies Our Strength". I want to thank all those that answered to the call of duty( ran for public office).. I salute each and everyone of you.. See you all in community or next four years..Sia Finoh..
We all have the power to CHANGE the direction of this nation for the better...Tomorrow is "the" day...Vote against Trump by "VOTING DEMOCRATIC" tomorrow, Nov. 6th..
It's down to the wire.. It's tomorrow Nov. 6th . If you don't know who to vote for, " Vote Democratic" all the way down the ballot.. See you all at the poll tomorrow..
I never thought it would hit so close to home😢😢😢.. I am so incensed. I can't believed that my own son is among the many active-duty military personnel deployed to the Mexican border in preparation for the arrival of migrants Caravan (innocent people ) determined to cross over into United States to seek a better life. That's not what I sent my son in military for...But, I already told my own son that the same freedom and liberty his grandfather, his Dad and his beloved mother came to seek in the United states is, the freedom and liberty the migrants are seeking as well. If he touched one of them, he touched his entire family; because him and siblings are the only born- American in our family. Any immigrant that " VOTE" for anyone in the Republican party tomorrow, is a " big fool", a" goat for the matter of fact. I said...
One thing I found most inspiring during my campaign is women openly supporting and uplifting each other. Look, we already have so many obstacles standing in our way to gender equality, we do not need to create another by being our own stumbling block. With that being said, I will like to take this opportunity to thank all of the members of the " Original Royal Sister", especially Madam president, Fredica Momoh. I am absolutely honored to have received this great recognition from your organization.. With my hand over my heart, I humbly bow in appreciation to you and the rest of the members..#ElectSiaFinoh2022 #Blackwomenlead #Womenlead #OurIssueMatters #YourVoteYourVoice #PrinceGeorgiansLivesMatters #OurCountyMatters
My baby brother finds a wife😘. I got a sister. My very first sister-in-law...She's just as beautiful and intelligent as our late mother. I wished, our mom was alive to see her daughter-in-law; she would have been so proud of her..But, I'll love her like she has never been loved before. I'll spoil her like she has never been spoiled before. I love you both to pieces. May God bless you union. See you guys soon. #Traditionalwedding #younglove #Africalove #Blacklove #SierraLeone
It is a great, great, honor and privilege to been honored by women from my own birth country, Sierra Leone.. Words can never describe my gratitude to the Ladies of United Sierra Leone Sister's Inc, USA..The recognition, the honor could have come at a better time. I am absolutely honored to have been your "Woman of Substance ". I humbly bow in appreciation to you for love, your respect and support.. Madam President, please consider me a lifetime member..If there's anything I can do to support your mission, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you and God bless each and everyone of you..
I had the opportunity to support my sis Angeline Peter Parrot's kitchen last night. Did you that there are nearly "twenty-seven million small businesses in the United States?  and the generate about 50 percent of our GDP". You see, we don't always have to have a 9 - 5( office) job to be considered successful. Our country depend greatly on small businesses.. So, start your small business; be your own boss, your employer: I wish I knew how to cook like my sis here, I'll be cooking for the 9 - 5 people..😂. But, oh well, I'll stay with politicking for now😂😂
The Black women( especially the African women) in the diaspora should hold hands, stand with and support our mothers, our sisters, our girls on the continent; regardless of thier countries or party( political) affiliations. When one is publicly disrespected, we are all disrespected. When one is touched, we are all touched...A mayor is the "chief executive( presiding) officer of his/her city ( Municipality/Freetown ); He/she speaks for both the government and the community as a whole. He/she oversee such local concerns as police, utilities, libraries, parks and road maintenance and everything that fall within his/her Municipality( Freetown)". When people are incompetent and don't know their job description, they overstepped their authority. I'm with you Madam Mayor. We got your back...
We met the voters today where they congregate. It's was a great day for voter registration...
Politicians should not just be local but be global.. Here with my very good friend, Aisha Bravboy; our Democratic nominee for Prince George's County District Attorney: I am personally asking all of my supporters to please vote her in. Election day is November 6th. Early voting starts October 25th to November 1st. We can not do without your support. We need you, we need your help come November. #VoteSiaFinoh2022 #OurIssueMatters #OurCountyMatters #YourVoteYourVoice .
What a "power handshake" with the Ghanaian president, H.E. Nana Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Last Friday at the173rd United Nations General Assembly: Launching of the " 2019 initiative - The Year of Return": I could not believe that one of the most respected African leaders in the world remembered me. What an humbling feeling. He said, "you made us so proud; you made Africa proud". I am still pinching myself in disbelief. When it is your time, when God's grace and favor is upon you, "you don't rush them, they rush you". Never, ever give up on yourself and your dream( s). I know how hard it can be to hold on sometimes but, with faith in yourself and God, it will surely come to pass.. #VoteSiaFinoh2022 #OurIssueMatters #OurCountyMatters #YourVoteYourVoice
Live from the Prince George's County Dem coordinating campaign office on Mercantile Ln, Largo MD. Please come out and support us elect ALL Dems in Maryland.. Early voting starts October 25th yo November 1st. Your support is highly appreciated... please visit
We came out few hours ago in support of their girl, Sada Dada( former candidate for Maryland House Delegates, District 26) at the African Community Service Award. We are so proud of you ; keep up the great work our behalf..Thank you African Community Service Award 2018 for the recognition. It was an honor being invited.. Great organization..And look who I met, Joi John. Our political guru on Africa Africa. It was honor meeting her..#WhenWomenSupportEachOtherWeALLWin #ElectSiaFinoh2022 #MDpolitics #PrinceGeorgiansLivesMatters #OurCountyMatters #YourVoteYourVoice #November6th #VoteBenJealous
Celebrating success. Celebrating an immigrant. Celebrating Charles Olawole's 20th year in America. Came with zero dollars and becoming , a successful businessman in Prince George's County.. We pride ourselves on being the most diverse county in the nation.. It was an absolute honor to among to be among your invitees. My daughter said, my tan is on point😁, I am loving it myself😁..#OneMaryland #OnePrinceGeorgesCounty #ElectSiaFinoh2022 #PrinceGeorgiansLivesMatters #OurCountyMatters #OurIssueMatters #YourVoteYourVoice
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