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HULK SMASH! 56 years ago this month a gray Hulk debuted in his own book, The Incredible Hulk #1 . (Due to a shading inconsistency in printing the first issue, Hulk became his now-iconic green in The Incredible Hulk #2 .) Among Stan’s influences in creating the character were Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. #hulk #hulksmash
80 years ago today, Stan’s favorite movie, The Adventures of Robin Hood, debuted. And four years ago he posed as the title character for an Arclight Cinemas campaign. How well do you think Stan nailed the Errol Flynn look? #robinhood
Black Panther is coming home! Who else is enjoying the movie on Amazon or iTunes today? (Photography by @mullyadii , toy by @beast_kingdom ). #blackpanther #marvel
Marvel got into the Star Wars game early; in fact, the first issue of the comic predated the movie's debut by a month. Later that year, in November 1977, The Marvel Comics Illustrated Version of Star Wars, adapted by Roy Thomas & Howard Chaykin, was released. And guess who provided the special introduction? Stan Lee. #maythe4thbewithyou #starwars #marvel
Congratulations to Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, the cast, and the whole crew on the stupendous success of #InfinityWar ! #Repost @marvel ・・・ A special thank you from Kevin Feige. #InfinityWar
If you could possess any of the six Infinity Stones, which would it be and why? #avengers #infinitywar #thanos
Black Widow first infiltrated the pages of Marvel Comics 54 years ago this month, in Tales of Suspense #52 . The name was an apt moniker in more ways than one, as Natasha Romanova was originally imagined with black hair. It wasn’t until 1970 that she was revamped as a red-head in The Amazing Spider-Man #86 . #blackwidow #marvel
Those preparing for #avengersinfinitywar by re-watching other MCU movies may require a caffeine boost, but this creation looks too awesome to drink! Crafted by @davor_banovac. #marvel #avengers #coffee
In honor of #EarthDay , here's a fun fact: Stan penned the lyrics to the opening theme song for the 1980s animated TV show DEFENDERS OF THE EARTH. Fear not if you missed a word or two in the video, for the whole text of the tune is below: . Defenders of the Earth, Defenders! Out of the sky, his rockets ignite, Jets into battle flying faster than light! Flash Gordon! Lord of the jungle, the hero who stalks, The beasts call him brother, the ghost who walks! Phantom! Defenders of the Earth, Defenders! Master of magic, spells and illusion, Enemies crumble in fear and confusion! Mandrake! Defenders of the Earth, Defenders! His strength is a legend, his skills conquer all, Armed with his power, we never will fall! Lothar! Defenders of the Earth, Defenders! With our new young heroes proving their worth, Four become eight, defending the Earth! Defenders of the Earth, Defenders! Defenders of the Earth!
Uatu first surfaced in the pages of Fantastic Four #13 55 years ago this month to watch over Earth. Hopefully, the Watchers have plenty of time on their hands, because as Stan tried to explain in his Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 cameo, he’s got so many more stories to tell them… #guardiansofthegalaxy #gotg2 #uatu
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#tbt to that time Stan met with Ringo Starr back in 2005. Ringo, is Stan doing this right? (Photo copyright Henry Diltz.) #marvel #thebeatles #ringostarr
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