Heidi Heaslet

Comic. Selfie-Artist. I run a wildly successful dance show.

Tonight @thecomedystore I’ll maybe be wearing pants. No spoilers tho. See you there ✨
For sure woulda been on trial for witchcraft back in the day. Luckily Circle K has really eased up on their dancing in the isles policies.
Hahaha we all accidentally wore denim on denim head to toe in different shades and I truly couldn’t be more proud. #madeIT
Swipe for shows this weekend !! I’m at the @thecomedyunion & @hollywoodimprov for @thecomedykickback come thruuu i wanna see your faces❤️✨
HONESTLY HOW DO I WRITE A CAPTION FOR THIS!!! LETS GOOO @eentertainment @deadline 💯💯💯💯💯💯
Oh i forgot to post about how fun this show @threeweavers brewing co was. Thank you @trentbruce & everyone on line up had me 🤣🤣🤣Y’all should go to the next one.🍻
Unconventional & smart. Cuz I see y’all at the gym and I raise you champagne & tacos. #ThickSumma #ThisIsMyBikiniReady 🌮🍕🌯🍔🌭🍷🥂🍸🏝👙
Always know your strengths...& ur weaknesses 😆 🥪collab by myself & @ralphsgrocery 💦 @trualka
From a couple days ago but ... Dude. Like if I ever get full access to a glam squad?! Game Over. 👅😆 💄✨ @artist_monica
Nice for what? That’s a real 1. 🌹
My nephew speaks for all of us. “Um I need help” @avalovestacobell & @caseyblasman ya child is a prophet ✨🤣
“I don’t want ya punkass man I’m too tough” 😝
There’s good men out there y’all.
Obviously the stars aligned for the perfect business partner. A Very Happy Birthday @justinemachine1 also as an added note: please send her more crowns everyone.
“Internet Comedy” has hit an all time low. I am worried about y’all mental health. What type of tragedy is going on in the digital streets?! Like y’all really feel comfortable posting those trash fire videos ?? We know you. The fit tea stole y’all talent.
You Guys ever work with legend @tvsnickmurray ?! Yea you should, and you wish you did. We really love this Brit. #Hot 🇬🇧
Hey @justinemachine1 remember when we started a dance battle a year ago & have been laughing ever since?! Lolz 😝 #StandUp2TheStreets
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