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Actress. Comic. Selfie-Artist.

Don’t need no lenses. I see the real from the fake 20/20. ( i wanted to be your least favorite rapper my bad for all the shit talkin ) 🤩
@thejademovie had a very happy birthday & I’m finally posting because i just got over the open bar hangover. #Presidential
I’ll give you a deal you can’t refuse.
I know so many of you have been asking “Heidi can i take you out on my private jet for Valentine’s Day” “Heidi can i pay your rent” all sorts of questions but I’ll be here on Valentine’s Day. So guys just come and bring all your chocolates & flowers & my rent money to the show @barlubitsch
“I want the credit if I’m losin or I’m winnin - real shit” @blackpanther album got me in the best mood #IWearTheCrownAllDay #WestCoast #CaliHeavy @lolnetwork
Bye @breaimprov i had a fuckin blast this weekend with @stevie__blue & @bryancallen was too busy takin pics with his 4,000 fans & @jahoff84 showed up to Cali too. Welcome homie.
YEAR#1 of #StandUp2TheStreets 🎂🥇 I love our show. Thank you @thecomedystore for allowing so much glitter, laugher, & skin sweat every month. @dunkwins took 122 amazing photos will be flooding your timeline forever whenever i feel like. 👑✨
Night 1 down & here all weekend @breaimprov with @bryancallen & @stevie__blue 🎟✨ swipe for showtimes
Working on the pre-nup cuz it’s true love. Real Talk @justinemachine1 you have been apart of my daily life for one full year and I’ve not only had some of the most unexpected fun in my whole career but learned some vulnerable personal shit cuz we out here raising a baby when we never meant to get pregnant. I love you. I love dance. I love comedy. I love glitter & fog machines. #BeyonceAndCardi #StandUp2TheStreets ™️ #YEAR1
STAND UP 2 THE STREETS TURNED 1 & WE LOVE YOU. This panel is a dream for public judgment i feel very honored. Still riding the high from last night and i will be reposting all the highlights. Thank you @anjelahjohnson @justinmartindale @dance9cyrus @pesantemikey you all are flawless. Special thanks to @justinemachine1 for always sharing the fog machine so we can save the community center together as one ✨🌟✨ #BlessUp
Ballin on a Budget & The House is Packed 💸✨#StandUp2TheStreets #1YeaAanniversary #Feb6th
1 WEEK AWAY TILL 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY @thecomedystore said we OVER HALFWAY SOLD OUT ya might wanna put $5💵 on it at the box office ASAP 🎂🥂💃🏼🕺🏽 🎟🎟🎟🎟🎟🎟🎟🎟🎟🎟
Had so much fun talking tonight. Thank you @thecomedyunion I love y’all 😘📸@iamfrankieblair
YOOOOOOOOO @jamar_neighbors is a fucking genius I had the best time at #DefinitelyAComedyJam (ar) holy shit i can’t wait to see how far God take your talented ass ✨
#BTW - this photo of me exists 🥛👀
Ugh sorry but just one more time @thegdcomedyjam @theroxy was so magical 🎼✨📸 @mattmisiscostudios
Possible millions of more pics to come because we danced @theroxy last night for a sold out @thegdcomedyjam with @thejademovie @bill_burr @sinbadbad @theovon @jondorenbos @talmeastory @joshadammeyers @jeremiahstandup @johnnyskourtis Holy Manifestation Jesus that was a fucking blast bitch.
When I’m not poppin off at the mouth I kinda look like a lady. That shit wild. 📸 @juliavalentine
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