All inclusive boutique resort adults only #TheReef28

Wishing this donut was real size
Sunsets are our favorite moment of the day
Guests having fun, we love it!
Great spot to have breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Time to relax and enjoy this amazing day in our swimming pool
This will be the first amazing area that you will see when you enter the hotel. Don't you love it?
We’re officially open and waiting for you to visit us!
We're opening TOMORROW and we can't hold our excitement!!
Exquisite spring rolls, find them in our Thai restaurant ‘El asiático’
This is how amazing our buffet looks like
A mesmerizing view, mesmerizes mind
Two days away from the GRAND OPENING and we can't wait!!
Heaven seems a little bit closer at the beach | Photo: @lindzyleeannis || Bikini: @laboutiqueplaya
We’re days away from opening our brand new hotel!! During the sunset we like to relax and enjoy the view that our future guests will have when they visit us
In 3 days we will welcome you with our best and biggest smile! See you in our brand new hotel!
Coffee is happiness in a cup
4 días and The Reef 28 will be open for you to come and enjoy the best all inclusive in town!
Cocktail in one hand and we're ready to relax on our amazing rooftop
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