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Hi everyone, The second photo perfectly represents my life this past month: utter chaos. Beautiful chaos, but chaos nonetheless, I have no complaints. We moved to the beach to an apartment with natural light, and I earned 4.0 for the fall term—huuuzzaaah! I’m going try get on here more often. With so much going on and then the holidays, I needed to shave off some responsibility. Working full-time, going to school full-time, and moving every few months can be exhausting. I moved five times in 2018: three times in Spain and twice in Italy. If anyone needs moving or packing tips, let me know. I think I’ve mastered the art. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Friday! Catch ya later ✌️
All of the things I’m in the process of using up 😬. Mainly samples, but a few full sized products. Full sized products: • @lamer illuminating eye gel— My first La Mer product (now there’s some nostalgia for you). I like it, but it’s on it’s last legs and waaaaaay past expiration. It may be time to take it off life support. I won’t be repurchasing this product, because although I think it did a decent job at brightening, it’s not worth the price. End. • @clarinsofficial Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster— Not to sound conceded, but I look damn good with a tan 💁‍♂️ (go ahead, hate me for it). Problem is, it requires a lot of upkeep and you’re really not supposed to exfoliant, or else it doesn’t last. So, I won’t be repurchasing. It’s expensive too. Turns out, I'm more of an Edward Cullen 🧛🏻‍♂️ Samples: • @caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum— Yes, yes, and yes. Already purchased a full bottle. • @lamer The Concentrate— I love this product, but it's super expensive! I think it's wonderful to have if you like to get professional peels, or regularly undergo facial treatments that cause redness and irritation, but I can’t justify the price since I don’t do any of that. • @clarinsofficial Super Restorative Day Cream and Eye Cream— I’m grouping these together for the sake of time. I love both! If I didn't have a huge laundry list of other products I wanted to try, I’d purchase them. The day cream has a consistency to die for, and the eye cream is nice and light but still moisturizing. They’re marketed toward people with dry skin, but I think they’d be great for most skin types. I’m oliy AF, and I still like them. • @clarinsofficial Extra Firming Mask— in the words of @arianagrande , ”thank u, next.” • @glamglow Gravity Mud Firming Treatment— I hate myself for loving this product, because I’m pretty sure the company kicks puppies, but the mask is Okay, that’s all folks ✌️ •• #skincare #skincarecommunity #skincareobsessed #theskincaredude
My #cybermonday purchases are here! Thank you @lookfantastic for not just throwing everything into a box this time. You’ve redeemed yourself. Okey-doke, let's start from the beginning: • The Brightening Heroes by @caudalie , which consists of the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum–the reason why I purchased this set, and I can already tell you that I love this serum; the Instant Foaming Cleanser with grape and sage—I haven’t heard much about it, but I’m excited to give it a shot; the Glycolic Peeling Mask, which everyone seems to love. I have high expectations for the entire set. • Sage Deodorant by @weledaaustralia , which smells fantastic and got great reviews. • The @getjackblack lip balms in basil lemon, natural mint, and cucumber lime. These are my OG balms, and they were on sale, so I had to re-up! • and my free promotional gifts, which includes a warming aromatic mask with natural clay, lavender, and rosemary; a night cream with evening primrose oil; and a day cream with marine collagen and more evening primrose. I dig it! Let's see what you got @monuskincare. •• Alright, that’s all I have for you today. Now I have to get back to editing my research proposal. Have a great Tuesday everyone! •• #skincare #skincarehaul #skincareproducts #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincareobsessed #theskincaredude
Ugh—my trimester at school is coming to an end, and I literally have nothing left to give. I pulled more late nighters, wrote more papers, put together more PowerPoint presentations, and created more graphic designs this week then I ever thought was humanly possible (for me at least). I always wait until the last minute 🤦‍♂️. So here’s an old picture of coffee that I took so you don’t forget about me! I’m a little pathetic right now. Wish me luck for the final push! Over and out! 👋🤯
Yes, yes, and yes 🥛 I tried to take a texture shot, but I kind of gave up. It’s a beautiful texture though. If you never tried a product with donkey milk, you’ll gag (in a good way). It’s a fantastically thick milky texture that’s almost like—dare I say it—Elmer’s glue. Okay, I know what you’re thinking... “Why on earth would I want to use a product that reminds you of glue?” It reminds me of glue because of its consistency. However, it’s not tacky, sticky, or greasy, and as you work it in, it sinks beautifully. It leaves my skin completely matte, and unlike a lot of expensive body lotions and creams that I’ve tried, moisturized and most importantly protected. Honestly, I give this product an A, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a moderately priced lotion. @olivolio_greece_official also makes a bunch of other products if you’re not into Cleopatra’s (not so secret) secret ingredient. Donkey milk bath anyone? •• #skincare #bodylotion #donkeymilk #donkeymilklotion #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincareluxury #healthyskin #theskincaredude
Sometimes all you need is pop of color and a little bit of spice 🌶🌈 •• 🥵 Hot peppers slow cooked in coconut oil. When they’re done, they’ll be super dark, and the oil will take on this beautifully subtle spicy toasted coconut flavor. I’ll store them in the fridge and use it throughout the week. •• Some foodie posts coming at ya all hot and bothered! 🤔 Wait... I think I used that wrong. I’m just going to stop talking now. More to come 🔜
OMGAAAAWD @maylindstromskin this Honey Mud Mask is everything! •• So, short story—since I’m so damn impatient, I made the mistake of using my 1% Paula’s Choice Retinol twice within a 3-day period (skipped a day) because I’m a big manly man, and thought I could handle it. I was wrong. Apparently using a .01% retinol for a few weeks doesn’t provide enough “easing in” for a 1%er. My face MFing hurts! 😱 I had a Kevin McCallister, Home Alone aftershave moment in the mirror last night. •• Anyhow, this lush, delicious smelling product saved my skin today! My face feels soothed, less irritated, and ready to take on the world! Hallelujur! Tonight, I’m throwing on a nice hyaluronic sheet mask and chilling out. Happy #texturetuesday everyone! •• #skincare #maylindstrom #thehoneymud #skincareproducts #skincarecommunity #facemask #honeymask #skincarenatural #skincareblogger #skincareluxury #luxuryskincare #healthyskin #theakincaredude
Monday's suck, but at least I have this beard oil 🥴. It’s my first one ever, and I’m digging it so hard. My beard feels soft, healthy, and is growing in fuller than it ever has, which is great because I don’t look completely homeless (just a little down on my luck). Man, I’m tired. #whatever , I need another cup of coffee. Have a WONDERFUL Monday everyone. Bah humbug. •• @sunnyislejbco #imnotangry #thatsjustmyface
This Friday is shaping up quite nicely. 💣 My Black Friday @paulaschoice purchases: * Hyaluronic Acid Booster, which turned out to be smaller than I imagined. I knew the size, but seeing it in person makes me sort of sad. * Pore Clarifying Charcoal Gel Mask I thought a gel mask with charcoal sounded interesting. New experiences are always fun. * 1% Retinol Treatment from their Clinical Line I already use the PC Ceramide-Enriched Firming Moisturizer, which is made with 0.1% retinol, but I wanted something stronger as an alternating treatment. * The Daily Replenishing Body Cream I love their body products, so I figured I’d give this a shot. * And their 10% AHA and 2% BHA body treatments/creams, which are backups of products I already own. I’ll talk about these in a later post, but I highly recommend them. •• I also got samples of the Radiance Renewal Mask and the Antioxidant Pore Purifier. They gave me a few sachets, but I’m excluding them because I think they’re stupid and wasteful. I know not everyone agrees with my feelings toward samples, but I simply don’t give a damn. •• So, do these products work? Will I break out in an uncontrollable rash? Will Zach stop Jessie from taking the caffeine pills because she’s “so excited”? There is more to come on As The World Turns... •• #skincare #skincarehaul #paulaschoice #skincarethread #skincarecommunity #skincareproducts #menwhoskincare #blackfridaysale #blackfridayhaul #skincarediary #skincarejourney #theskincaredude
Last night’s minimal routine •• - AHA Cleansing Lotion* by @naturerepublic_kr , which has quickly become one of my favorites. It’s a silky, mild exfoliating cleanser that washes off revealing bright, clean skin, without any unnecessary stripping - PHA Refining V. Ceramide* by @11huesday_global , which is still currently in the testing stages - The Active Botanical Serum by @vintnersdaughter I’m in love with this oil. Sure it’s expensive, but for me, it was worth every damn penny. My skin always looks visibly healthier the next morning—which is important when you’re spending a small fortune—and it smells fantastic. I use it sparingly and only in minimal routines; 4 or 5 drops is all I use. - The SOS Target* by @systemakvile , which I used on a blemish that set up shop on my temple. It’s almost gone thanks to this little lifesaver. - Kiwi Seed Eye Cream by @antipodesskincare , which is a moisturizing powerhouse. I love the creamy consistency, which I haven’t really gotten from other eye creams. It’s been a really nice change. •• I’m a big believer in keeping it simple. Why? 1. I have sensitive skin 2. I want the products that I’m using to do their thing without too much interference from one another 3. I want to assess each product individually, and its difficult (if not impossible) to accurately examine something when I’m throwing 15 other somethings on top 4. I’m lazy AF—now that’s a true story •• What are your thoughts? Do you prefer the sensual experience of a more extended routine, or are you a Simple-Sally like me? •• *Gifted 🎁 #skincareroutine #skincare #skincarecommunity #igbeauty #nighttimeroutine #skincareproducts #mensbeauty #mensbeautyblogger #theskincaredude
🐫🐪 Happy Wednesday, guys! Here are some hair care products that are getting me through this dreary hump day. Its been raining non-stop for what feels like the better part of a month. I normally like rain, but come on, give it a rest! I’m not leaving the house unless it’s to walk the pups. Hair mask, Netflix, and chill anybody? 🍷 •• *some products shown here have been gifted, and I MFing love them! 😍 •• #haircare #thehaircaredude #haircarecommunity #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #selfcare #humpday 🐫 #wednesdayweather #theskincaredude
Empty! The @paulaschoice Retinol Skin-Smoothing Body Treatment from their Resist line •• I’ve been obsessing over Paula’s Choice lately, and recently placed a big ol’ order during their 20% off Black Friday sale. Even though I loved this, I didn’t repurchase this item; however, I did get backups of their BHA and AHA moisturizers along with some other goodies, which I’m super excited about. •• So, I didn’t repurchase this for the sole reason that it did not last very long. The texture was beautiful; it was semi-hydrating (I recommend using this with a more hydrating lotion on top); non-irritating; and my skin looks better than ever. With that said, retinol takes a significant amount of time before you start seeing results (firmer, smoother skin). I purchased this item in Septemeber and used 2 times a week when I first bought it, and then proceed to use it even less. If I were to guesstimate, I may have gotten around 10 uses from it and, to be completely honest, I don’t think I’ve seen any retinol related results. However, I did use this product in conjunction (alternating days) with the Paula’s Choice acids. So which one is responsible for my smooth bottom? The world may never know (because I don’t plan on ever stopping to find out). To put it into perspective, I’m 6 ft. and 175 pounds, so I’m not a small guy. For this product to last as long as the others, which I use a lot more often, I would need to buy 2 or 3 of these 4oz moisturizers. At 31€ a pop, I’ll pass. I’m hoping that maybe in the near future they’ll make a larger size with a bit of a discount. We shall see… •• So talk to me—whats your favorite Paula’s Choice product? •• #paulaschoice #skincarecommunity #skincareregime #skincarereview #luxuryskincare #retinol #retinolcream #retinolmoisturizer #glowbabyglow #theskincaredude
Category is: Angry duck face realness 😗. I’m getting a little shaggy guys. Whatcha think—next stop man-bun? Maybe a grizzly beard? 🐻 •• Duuuuude, this PawPaw (@dr.pawpaw ) though! Unlike Frank’s RedHot Sauce, I put this sh*t on everything! I’m a Tabasco guy. •• It has petrolatum, olive oil, fermented pawpaw, and aloe, which is great for moisturizing and protecting lips, hair, sun burn, mosquito bites, irritated skin, small abrasions (for those of us that skin-pick), and pretty much anything else that needs a little extra TLC. Side note: if you’re acne prone, aside from your lips, don’t put it on your face. •• Anyway, I’m glad I tried it. Next time your doing a little shopping from a big-box reseller, check it out. It’s inexpensive and makes a great add on. 🎅 Stocking stuffers anyone? •• #skincare #skincareproducts #skincarecommunity #tuesday #skinhealth #healthyskin #skincaretips #pawpaw #drpawpaw #theskincaredude
My Sunday mornings are always spent in bed drinking coffee. So here’s a little Sunday afternoon routine 🥳 • @systemakvile micellar foam cleanser* I’m loving Akvile’s four-step skincare line. I’ve never been a huge fan of foam cleansers, because in my experience they’ve always been stripping, but this one is so gentle! Finally a foam cleanser that doesn’t feel like I’m washing my face with Dial. • a little masking sesh with the aura manuka honey mask by @antipodesskincare I love this mask. It leaves my skin bright and hydrated. There’s no frills, just nice, simple ingredients. • the zeitgeist splash toner by @myambuja * It’s still in the testing phase. I’m a little weird when it comes to toning (meaning I don’t do it), but we shall see. It smells amazing. • phloretin CF vitamin C serum by @skinceuticals —my only vitamin C. • antioxidant aging barrier by @11huesday_global * This is another item I just started using. • liftactiv supreme for the eyes and lashes I’m indifferent. I bought this in an effort to try to maintain my lashes after using a growth serum. I’ll have to circle back. • fluido protettivo by @borgheseroma my standard eye cream • moisturizer by @systemakvile * I’m a fan! It absorbs nicely, and my skin feels protected 👍 •• Have a great Sunday everyone! 🤗 If you’re brunching, have a mimosa for me! 🥂 •• *Gifted 🎁 #skincareroutine #skincare #skincareproducts #skincarecommunity #skincareregime #skincareluxury #sundayroutine #theskincaredude
Its that time of year again and I already have my heat on. You know what that means—dry, chapped, gnarly skin. I bought this product two years ago, and it's probably one of my favorites by @loccitane. It's the one-minute hand scrub with 15% shea oil. I love this stuff! Although it's just a simple sugar scrub, there's no product out there that leaves my hands as soft and smooth as this. For the longest time, I had the roughest hands from cooking in restaurants—not anymore. All that dead, callused skin is gone. Needless to say, it's a big winner for me 👍. I use it once a week in the winter. •• What are you favorite hand products? I'm looking the perfect bedtime cream. •• #skincare #handcare #exfoliant #exfoliate #loccitane #skincareproducts #skincarecommunity #luxuryskincare #skincareaddict #igskincare #skinhealth #roughhands #dryskin #dryskinproblems #dryskinsolution #dryskinrelief #theskincaredude
Mails here! 📬 @koreankiwibeauty sent me two new products by @11huesday_global , along with a bunch of samples that I’m really excited to try! Thanks guys! •• First up, we have the Antioxidant Aging Barrier serum. It contains EGF (epidermal growth factor), which is a protein that helps to repair, calm, and rejuvenate. In essence, it’s main function is to increase cell turnover, improve skin elasticity, and inhibit melanin production in effort to reduce the effects of hyperpigmentation. It also has peptides and salmon DNA 🧬... Salmon DNA?! Interesting... Apparently it’s big in the k-beauty world and people pay a fortune for it! Seriously, look it up—treatments are super expensive! It’s said to help with tissue repair and is anti-inflammatory. Hmm... 🌈 the more you know. •• Next up, we have the PHA Refining V. Ceramide, which is an exfoliating night cream used to control sebum production. It has gluconolactone (PHA)—the exfoliant; ceramide derived from yeast—the barrier protector; propolis extract—the soother; and squalane—the emollient and moisturizer. My oily skin is stoked! •• I also revived a travel size Deeply Control Balancing Toner (oil control) and the following samples: * Anti-Gravity V. Ceramide—anti-aging booster * Extra Clear Cream—moisturizing mousse with hydronic acid and niacinamide * Extra Moisturizer—moisturizer with a matte finish * and another PHA Refining V. Ceramide for traveling •• What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite @11huesday_global product? •• #skincare #skincareproducts #skincarecommunity #igskincare #skinhealth #skinfood #kbeauty #kbeautylover #skincareaddict #luxuryskincare #theskincaredude
What's cookin’ good lookin’?😏 Thank you @sunnyislejbco ! One of my favorite haircare brands reached out to me, and I couldn’t be more excited! I wasn’t expecting all of this—you guys are fantastic! I feel so spoiled! 🙇‍♂️ I’m obsessed with Jamaican black castor oil. I’ve been using Sunny Isle’s black castor oil as a nightly leave-in treatment for months now. My hair is starting to thin out a bit on top, and this has been a game changer. What I love about their black castor oil is that it’s super thick (more so than others). So, when I apply, it doesn’t move around or run down my face, and as long as I put it in a ½ to an hour before bed, I don’t get it all over my pillowcase (I can’t sleep with a shower cap—trust me I’ve tried). It absorbs super quickly and, the next morning washes out easily. Black castor oil has used in hair care products for… forever. It promotes hair growth (including eyebrows, lashes, and facial hair) and is excellent for treating dandruff, eczema, and breakage. Think of it as scalp superfood. Oh, and aside from the hair, it also has a bunch of healing properties (acne, stretch marks, arthritic pain… we’ll get into that later). •• So, this is what they sent me… • Intensive repair masque • Shampoo and conditioner from their extra dark line • Black castor oil from their extra dark line • Beard oil • 2-1 Hair and beard wash Regular pure butter (just black castor oil), butter with lavender oil, and butter with coconut oil • Edge control gel • and last, but certainly not least, pomade! Pomade that helps your hair grow? Are you kidding me!? I’m so exciteeddd, and I just can’t hideeee it!! …but not like in a Saved by the Bell—Jessie “I’m addicted to caffeine pills”—sorta way. I’m stoked!- •• #haircare #skincare #jamaicanblackcastoroil #blackcastoroil #hairgrowth #skincarecommunity #haircareproducts #haircarecommunity #castoroil #skincareproducts #igskincare #naturalhaircare
Yikes. Seriously @lookfantastic ? You guys are getting sloppy 🤨 — Hey everyone! Coming at you with a little order that just arrived. It's a bit of everything. I've really been into body care lately, and I needed some haircare products. This haul includes: • Fruit Fusion Coconut Water shampoo, conditioner, and hair masque by @sheamoisture • Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, and Dead Sea Salt body wash by @westlabsalts • Dead Sea Salt, Magnesium Flakes, and Himalayan Salt soaks by @westlabsalts@dr.pawpaw Original Balm inspired by @offdutydiary 🙇‍♂️ I can't remember if this was the one you said to get, but as I threw it in my cart, I thought of you. • the smallest pumice stone in the world 😒 by @hydrealondon — I’m not bitter at all. • DermaBlend Color Correcter for my dark circles by @vichy_it • and a free sample of @glamglowitaly Gravity Mud Firming Treatment 🤷‍♂️ — Really into the different salts though. Now I can't wait to take a bath! — What body products are you guys into right now? And how do you feel about incorporating salt into your routine? 🧐 . • . • . #skincare #skincarecommunity #skincarehaul #skincareproducts #igskincare #saltskincare #feelingsalty #pumicestoneforbabyfeet ? #rude #theskincaredude
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